Ombre Dip Dye Effect on Fabric

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Yesterday we chatted about dip dyeing our fabrics to achieve a new look and today I want to show you how to create a simple ombre dip dye effect with your fabric dye.  The technique is crazy simple and can be finished in an afternoon.

Learn how to create a simple ombre dip dye effect with fabric dye. The Sewing Loft

Ombre Dip Dye


This project is for stitchers of all levels.

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Supplies:supplies needed to dye fabric. The Sewing Loft

  • fabric dyes
  • fabric or a garment to dye
  • a large bucket (one for every fabric you plan to dye)
  • a wooden or plastic stirring spoon or paint stirring stick
  • protective clothing
  • a sink or hose for rinsing



Basic Instructions:

  1. Prepare your item for dyeing by washing it to remove any chemicals left from the manufacturing process.  Mark fabric tiers with a pin for easy reference.
  2. Prepare dye as per instructions on packaging and stir.  Dip the 1st tier into bucket and let sit for approximately 5-10 minutes or until desired color is achieved. Repeat process by submerging fabric to next tier mark and reduce the soak time.
  3. For last tier of fabric, I added additional water to dilute dye and submerged all fabric in bucket.  This layer will soak for the least amount of time.  Give fabric a quick swirl around before pulling out of dye.
  4. Rinse fabric in sink until water runs clear.  Process as per dye packaging instructions.Create a simple ombre dip dye effect with fabric dye. The Sewing Loft

Your finished fabric will have an ombre effect from light to dark in one long color gradient shift.

Tip: To make 2 pieces of fabric the same. Fold your fabric in half and stitch sides together.

Quick Tip on how to make the Ombre dip dye effect. The Sewing Loft

I loved this ombre dip dye effect so much that after washing my fabric, I decided to create an easy A-line skirt for the summer.  Too bad, I was too excited and clipped my lining in the wrong place.  Luckily, I just placed an order yesterday for more lining. I’ll keep you posted on this project but I think I’m gonna love leaving the metallic zipper completely exposed.

Create a simple ombre dip dye effect with fabric dye. The Sewing Loft

What would you create with your new fabric?

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  1. That’s going to be a beautiful skirt!!! I’m afraid I have no sewing time until school gets out (3 weeks, I can make it, right?) but I’m thinking an ombre tablecloth would be pretty neat. I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for later this morning that links to your tutorial:

    • Anne, we are on the count down until the last day of school and I am stitching up a storm everyday. I feel like once summer hits I will have no time. Fingers crossed the girls will want to do sewing projects with me!
      I LOVE the idea of an ombre table cloth. Please send me a few pictures when you make it. Get the kids involved, mine are loving this series!