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I am excited to have the Alison Glass with us today sharing a much loved tool in her work room.  The Q-Snap Frame.

Q-Snap Frame National Sewing Month | The Sewing Loft

National Sewing Month | The Sewing Loft

Hello! Happy Sewing Month! I am so glad to have the opportunity to participate in this series. Thanks Heather! My name is Alison Glass and I design fabric for Andover Fabrics. If you would like to see more of my work please visit my website, www.alisonglass.com, blog, and shop, where I sell embroidery and quilt patterns, art prints and cards, and small fabric bundles. There are a number of new, exciting things in the works, and also a lot of fabric arriving in shops this fall.

Q-Snap Frame



So, a favorite tool. That’s a good question. Upon reflection I realized that I don’t have a ton of special sewing tools. I love scissors and I guess have a small collection going, I’m into thimbles and of course use my rotary cutter almost daily. I like things that are both pretty and functional, and I guess that if I’m not using something I tend not to keep it. However, with the launch of my new embroidery patterns I decided to get serious about finding a hand stitching frame I really like and find easy to use. Enter Q-Snap!


If I’m being honest I am generally drawn to things with a more natural, less plastic look (which I know is fairly silly), but for me the way these frames work completely make up for the aesthetic. First, they come apart, so they are easy to store and travel with, and they come in a bunch of sizes and are pretty much mix and matchable. Also, they don’t pinch the fabric like a typical hoop does, which I love. The fabric doesn’t end up with those funny pulls and circle shapes, and you don’t end up with already embroidered places getting stretched by the hoop.


The Q-Snap frames start with four light weight tubes that connect together with four connector pieces to make the frame. The fabric is laid over the frame, then a second layer of four partially open tube clamps are fitted over each of the four sides with the fabric secured in the middle. The outer tubes can easily be rotated to adjust the tension evenly as the project progresses. It makes the hand stitching process easier to manage, and to me, a lot more enjoyable. I like to sit up to a table, resting the frame on the edge, which makes it possible to have both hands available for stitching, rather than hoop holding. The frames are intended for quilting as well as needlework.


The above photo is the Q-Snap in action! This project is a pretty large floral circle from one of my embroidery patterns. It was so much easier and faster with this frame. Finished project below!


Here’s a quick pic of the patterns. Three sets: Animals, Crafts, and Flowers, all base on my upcoming fabric line, Clover Sunshine, arriving in shops in the coming weeks.


If you’re looking for a hand stitching frame this is a great one! I highly recommend it. Thanks again Heather for having me!

Thank you Alison!  This Q-Snap tool really wasn’t on my radar as a must have.  I had only seen the big one in action and thought I had no use for it.  That was until I stumbled across the Q-Snap Frame 8”x8” in my local store last week, I knew I needed to take her home with me! It is super light weight and portable, two of my favorite things!  You really inspired me to step out and try something new!  Not to mention that I am totally CRUSHIN’ on the new designs!!  The playfulness of colors is just calling me.

Which is why I am super excited to share that 3 lucky winners will receive a fat quarter bundle of the new fabric line plus, 3 embroidery patterns… I  think it is a total score and wish I could enter already!


Up next is Jenelle from TrashN2Tees with a fun project to keep the kiddios inspired.  The Sewing Loft





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  1. Amanda Christensen says

    A friend gave me the medium-size Q-Snap frame for my birthday and I love it. It’s much easier to use than a traditional hoop and is lightweight and easy to hold. I love mine!

  2. Hello Alison, and thank you Heather for bringing Alison’s ideas to us that do not embroider. I have a 10 yr. old granddaughter who will be getting this for her B-day… She will be so jazzed…….

  3. ucanquilt2 - Cathy says

    I am just getting into hand embroidey this q snap fame looks awesome. Thanks

  4. Beautiful work! Love it!

  5. Wow! How nice. I really like the crafts embroidery designs.

  6. That frame sounds like a good option. Love the designs too!

  7. Hi,love these frames! Thanks for sharing today and for a great giveaway too!

  8. Christine Gant says

    The Q-Snap frame looks as if it would make my life much easier! I’m just itching to try it out.

  9. yep, Q-Snap are great, have a couple of sizes. don’t do much hand stitching anymore, but Alison’s patterns are really cute and i have a ton of thread so maybe…….

  10. I still do my embroidery on a traditional wood hoop. This frame looks like it would be fun to try.

  11. I’ve been wanting a Q-snap for a while. Guess I need to finally get one! Love embroidery!

  12. Studio Mailbox says

    I am SO getting a Q-snap! That is travel-tastic. I can’t wait to try it. TFS. Beautiful embroidery too.

  13. These look really cool and I think I need to go check them out.

  14. Judith Martinez says

    I have q snap frames in a couple of sizes and I LOVE them!! I need to get a couple more and I would love to have the big one for quilting!

  15. I’d never heard of Q-Snap before – thanks for the introduction!

  16. I have the 8 x 8 q snap frame and it is the only frame/hoop that I’ll use. I would love to have the bigger size too!

  17. Thanks for sharing Alison – what a great idea – it looks really easy to use.

  18. catsmeow77777 says

    Love the idea, had a larger one but think this one is a usable size! Love it, love embroidery!

  19. That looks so much easier than a traditional hoop!

  20. I have one of these but haven’t tried it yet. I guess I need to.

  21. I am going to have to get me one of those frames and I love the new patterns.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  22. I have a larger frame like this but I think that a small one for embroidery would be great.


  23. I was given a Q-snap frame over 20 yrs ago by my M-I-L & then I bought a slightly larger one. I like them so much for x-stitch & small quilting (they also make large quilting frames). These also help to keep your work clean around the edges. I was finally able to get one for my daughter at a small store in a small town, without having to order from the US. She was happy & I got mine back, lol.

  24. I think I need one of these!

  25. Debbie Rogowski says

    I have the Q-snap in I think 18×18″ and use it all the time, I hand quilt so it gives me a big area (block) to quilt before I move it. I’m now thinking of getting one a bit smaller too. So easy to use!!

  26. Rita S. says

    Just bought 3 sizes of Q-Snap. Glad to get a great review of them!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  27. Thanks for sharing information on the Q-Snap frame! I am just getting into hand embroidery and this looks so much nicer than a traditional hoop!

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