Reinforcing with Bar Tacks

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Do you ever use your bar tacks to stabilize your pockets?


Simple Bar Tacks


Add Strength to pockets with Bar Tacks | The Sewing Loft


This simple stitch is most commonly found on jeans.  Go ahead, go look in your closet and check it out.  The bar tack is such a powerhouse of a stitch that there is a machine dedicated to creating them in all denim factories.

And just by changing your thread color, this reinforcement stitch can add a pop of color to your pocket.  Consider adding them in a few places on your pockets for extra security.

ps- Bar tacks are also perfect for attaching belt loops.

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  1. Is this just a zig zag stitch? Or is there a stitch function on most machines actually called bar tack?

    • Yes, the zig zag stitch is the same but the spacing is set to 0. It can also be found under your buttonhole stitches.