Monthly Meme: Yoke’s on You

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Monthly Meme


Monthly Meme: Yoke | The Sewing Loft

YeeHaw y’all!  It’s TJ from Studio Mailbox here bringing you your monthly MEME, this time complete with a western theme.  C’mon my faithful sewers.  We know this is funny!!  We know that Y-O-L-K isn’t the only way to spell this word.  I was pretty pleased with myself when I thought up this goofy joke.  But I’ll let you in on a little secret (TSL insider information if you know what I’m saying)… for the life of me the word that I struggled with was “rustler!”  When I was making this I sat there second guessing myself and kept wanting to use “cattle herder” or “rodeo guy.”  Sew, so not cool.  Do you ever have those moments when you know you know something but just can’t think of it?



One of the biggest worries I have when making these fun little MEMEs is spelling something wrong.  Can you imagine the shame and embarrassment of that floating around?  But after this one I realize an added concern is using the wrong word all together!  GULP.  Oh well, if that ever happens I’ll just throw out a lasso and round up whatever is left of my pride and stomp off the stage with spurs jangling.  Ok – not really since the only western wear I have is a cowboy hat.  Maybe it’s time to expand and try a western shirt!  Leave me a link below if you know any cool patterns to try out… catch y’all again next month and thanks for having me.


  1. kathleen babbitt says:

    i LOVE YOUR JOKE! next time look in a thesaurus and that would make it easier on your brain!lol! first thing I read todayand it put a smile on my face. thanks for that also have a great day! kathleen

  2. Jeri Niksich says:

    I think the best western shirt to wear is your husbands for pajama’s. 🙂

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