Serger Sewing – Work In Progress

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Last week I shared this image on Facebook and Instgram.  It was ‘Game On’ or ‘Go Time’ in my world of serger sewing.

Knit Fabric + Serger = Go Time!


Seger Sewing | The Sewing Loft

My goal was to serge through my pile of knits and create a bunch of goodies before the girls got home from school.  Well, I am happy to report that sewing on my serger was a success…. Well, almost!  I finished 2 shirts and 2 skirts.  Plus, I had a bonus project of bleaching and dying fabric.


Serger Sewing work in progress | The Sewing Loft

Do you ever have that happen? My machine was humming along and everything was great.  Then that pink fabric hit me like a ton of bricks and derailed the train! In the end, I think it was worth it. And if the rain ever stops and the sun shows back up, I will share a few photos and the easy how to.  Let this be a lesson, if you don’t LOVE your fabric, change it! There are always options.

The Sewing Loft


Don’t forget that I love seeing what your working on too.  Please feel free to share on the Facebook page or in the flickr group!


  1. Sheila Smith says:

    Congratulations, Joni! That is so awesome! (Now, I need to go buy my ball point double needles.)

  2. I can’t wait to see what you create. I just bought the same serger and LOVE it, though I haven’t gotten a lot of time w/ it yet. I’m in love w/ your orange fabric. Did you dye that yourself or where did you buy it? What are you going to do w/ it??

    • Thread it up and put the pedal to the metal! The orange fabric is tie dyed. It’s really fun and my daughter is super excited about it!

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