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Since I live in knits during the summer and had so much fun last summer participating in Nancy’s 30 Minute Doll Cloths Blog Tour, I was thrilled when she invited me to celebrate her latest adventure!  Nancy has just released a new book, Sew Knits with Confidence and four new knit patterns.  To help kick start the launch in style, several bloggers were invited for a visit.  You guessed it, today is my day! (ps- there is a special bonus at the end so keep reading.)

Sew Knits with Confidence


Sew Knits with Confidence Blog Tour | The Sewing Loft

 The book is jam packed with easy tips, tricks and techniques to help take the ‘scary’ out of knit sewing.  Nancy walks you through basics, talks about special trims and shares fun projects.  Several of the easy projects are perfect for revamping your wardrobe.  This book is a goodie for sure!

Personally, I’m a skirt girl in the summer. So, when iSpied the Monterey Knit Collection, I knew right away I wanted to make the skirt.  The sewing instructions were easy to follow and included simple tips to keep you on track. This skirt came together in a FLASH with the help of my trusty serger!

Monterey Knit Collection Skirt The Sewing Loft

I’m excited to share that Nancy Zieman wants you to sew knits with confidence and the publisher has provided me with an extra copy of the book and all 4 patterns.  So, that means it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!  Just leave a comment below sharing something you would like to learn about sewing with knits or share a special tip with our sewing circle.  One lucky winner will be selected at random on Monday, April 29th, 2013.  Please be sure to include a way for me to reach you in your comment.

Sew knits with confidence giveaway | The Sewing Loft 

Even though I am the tail end of the Sewing Knits with Confidence blog tour, I hope you circle back to Nancy’s blog and see everyone’s interpretation of these easy to make patterns.


Please note this giveaway is now closed.  Lucky comment #106 by Joni is the winner. I can not wait to see what you stitch together. Please check your inbox.

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ps- don’t forget to leave me a comment for your chance to win the amazing prize package.


  1. I would like to learn to sew knits without stretching them out.

  2. Your skirt is so cute! I would love to become more comfortable with sewing knits because I love to wear them. I tried to sew a knit top last year and had lots of troubles with it and it scared me off for a while. I am trying again and doing better but would love Nancy’s book and patterns to work with. Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. Love the return to sewing knits! I love dresses and excited to start sewing with new confidence!!!

  4. love would to tackle the cute pink skirt!

  5. Brenda Melahn says

    Hey Heather! I have done some sewing with old tee shirts, results were okay — I’ve purchased a boat load (okay — about 7 yards of various prints) of knits and have kept postponing using it – I have watched every You-tube video, Sewing with Nancy, and read all the blogs. I think I just need to jump in — having a “book” to sit right beside me, might be the kick!

  6. Toni Leli says

    While working with knits, I hate it when my sewing machine “eats” the fabric. I’ve had to pull so hard I’ve gotten a hole in my hem! Why does this happen? Thanks for a chance to win.

    • Is your needle a ballpoint or a universal needle? You really need one of them to sew on knits. Try going to a smaller needle size. When I had a problem sewing on ‘doll-face’ fabric, and my machine didn’t have a straight-stitch throat plate (single small hole) to change to, I put a sheet of paper under the fabrics & that stopped the machine pulling the fabrics down into the bobbin area. When I was done sewing, I tore the paper away. Hope this helps.

  7. I am so impressed with your awesome blog and all the fantastic content. My knit question is: how do you keep hems-armholes-necklines, from rolling/twisting in a knit garment?
    And a nifty tip: use a scratchy velcro square,self stick, extra hold sticky,on the bottom of your magnetic pin holder, attach extra loopy ones to ironing board,sewing table and wherever you use pin holder and you can carry it with you as you sew!

  8. kris rogers says

    oh my–what a cute skirt. I would jump for joy if I could get my hands on those patterns! and scream a little

  9. love the look of the skirt. love to sew on knits. love nancy.

  10. Ginger Mehaffey says

    How do you keep from stretching the fabric when sewing the seams using knits?

  11. Great patterns! My biggest challenge is stabilizing edges so they don’t stretch when working with them. Any tips for that would be nice:)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Love the skirt!
    I’ve been eyeing on the release of her new book, looks like a great one!

  13. Christine says

    A long time ago I tried to sew something with knits and it rolled so much used so many pins to keep it flat it was disgusting actually. The other problem I had was that the edge was rufflely when I wanted it flat.

  14. I need help sewing knits. I am sure Nancy’s book would give me the knowledge I need! Also, I like her patterns!

  15. Susan Petersen says

    I love knits! I would like to learn more professional techniques because I am self-taught.

  16. Carrie C. says

    I love sewing knits! they are usually quick to do and need minimal pressing. When sewing with knits, I generally use my serger. Anytime I do not use my serger, I use the wobble stitch. It’s a very narrow zigzag stitch and will stretch just enough to allow your knit to move but not so much that it will pull your fabric out of shape. If this is not a programmed stitch on your machine – try reducing your zig zag stitch to a 0.5 width and 2.5 length.

  17. The pink skirt is adorable! I’d like to try the waistband technique used for it, but haven’t had the courage to — mostly because it’s been pants I’ve sewn, and I can’t seem to let go of the security of the known technique!

  18. Thanks for this opportunity. I enjoy sewing with knits and am always on the look-out for tips and hints to use when sewing with them. I am sure Nancy’s book and patterns will be helpful. I am a big fan of Nancy Z.

  19. I’ve got the fabric to sew 3 knit dresses for my daughter, I am soo nervous about getting started. I just started back sewing after 30 years. Hope I don’t mess my beautiful fabric up. One of my knits is a chevron & another one has a one way design, I would love to know how to cut it out correctly so I can match the design???? (and still have the “stretchy” part of the knit going right for the design)

  20. Jan Ringer says

    Very cute summer outfit. Fits great too.

  21. Sewing knits just intimidates me. I would love to win so that I can tackle all the cute knit projects I see out there. Thanks for the opportunity!=)

  22. Jean Maumenee says

    I love your new patterns and your new book. Best reference to sewing with knits.

  23. This looks like a terrific book….Nancy does it again. 🙂

  24. I would love to learn how to do nice hems on knits.

  25. Nancy Starr says

    Lovely Heather – the skirt is very flattering on you. I really like the color – makes me think of spring flowers. Nancy’s books and patterns have helped me tremendously to be a more efficient and creative sewer over the years. It would be a thrill to win the book and patterns so I can sew knits like a pro too!

    Thanks so much!
    k9sandcoasters (at) gmail (dot) com

  26. I really want to learn how to hem a multi-colored knit especially around sleeves. How do you make your thread not stand out?

  27. I’ve been a big fan of Nancy’s for many years, love her shows, tips, techniques, books, patterns! I would love to learn to sew all things knits, skirts, tops, dresses, and I think this would be a great way to learn and do it the right way! Love the patterns!! Thank you!

  28. Christine Lybbert says

    I LOVE Nancy and her work. Her sewing books (from a long time ago) were some the first I owned to help me with the little techniques and tips. Knits are a mystery to me and I would love to make them perfect.

  29. You look amazing, Heather! I definitely need to learn more tips and tricks for sewing with knit, so I hope I win!

  30. Lynn Poulin says

    I would love to learn the best way of stabilizing knit seams so they don’t get droopy-looking. Great looking skirt!

  31. I need to learn more about the qualities of different knits – what type of knit works for what project. It seems like the best patterns are available online, but I’m never sure what to order if I can’t touch the fabric. ITY? Jersey? French terry?

  32. Colleen Bell says

    Oh, you made the skirt look gorgeous!! I just love it and my 3 college girls will too. They also love knit skirts in the summer.

  33. Mama Lusco says

    I love knits because they are so forgiving. My favorite binding right now is fold-over elastic!

  34. Patty Sack says

    I love knits! I really want to make everything in the Monterey Knit collection and then the dress! I think this whole pattern collection would make a great easy wardrobe. I love sewing knits on my serger as they go together so fast and everything has a finished edge even though you don’t need it with knits.

  35. Your skirt turned out very nice! This looks like a wonderful book and great patterns. Thanks for giving us the chance to win them!

    jennlea324 {at} {dot} com

  36. I would like to practice making better looking hems on my knit shirts!

  37. Jaye Gause says

    Cute skirt, hard to pick which pattern I’d do first, looking forward to completely assembling an outfit with my serger.

  38. I SEW SEW need this! My last attempt at sewing with knits was when I was 8 years old and tried to make a T shirt for my doll. I ended up in years and my mom had to finish it. Haven’t touch a knit fabric to sew since then and that was -ahem- 30+ years ago!

  39. Michelle Norris says

    Love the pink skirt! I have always been afraid to sew with knits, Maybe if I win the book I will learn to sew knits with confidence also!

  40. I love sewing with knits and would love to learn more about reinforcing stretch prone areas (when/when not) needed and working better with rib knit. 🙂

  41. Love this pattern. Have always favored this style skirt since I am a “pear” shape. Can’t wait to try as goals for this year include learning more on serger. Thanks for great ideas.

  42. I’d love to learn how to not get puckers.

  43. I am just getting back into apparel sewing and have started playing with knits. This book and these patterns are just what I need to help me along 🙂 I could create a whole wardrobe with these 4 patterns! How awesome would that be?

  44. Lindsey McCullough says

    I’ve never actually sewn with knits yet, but I love the patterns and material I find! I always want to try it, but am worried that I’ll just ruin the material because I don’t have any good guides to follow for knits.

  45. Savannagal says

    I need to learn how to adjust my machine or my sewing so that I do not get a lettuce edge when I don’t want one. I haven’t sewn any thin knit material, but I did have this problem on a fleecy jacket I tried to make. It looked awful and I didn’t finish it.

  46. Sharon Krulitz says

    Love your outfit. Knits are so great, easy care.

  47. I would love to learn how to sew with knits! I haven’t tried them yet and I wanted to learn how to make clothes for myself. What a great book this is!

  48. It would be great to have that pattern of the skirt and top. I’d like to be able to sew knits without stretching them out of shape.

  49. would love to sew knits without the headaches… hope I win.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Your skirt looks great! I’d love to have a go.

  51. Really cute skirt, looks good on you! (Wish I had the legs to carry it off!) I’d probably do the pants from that pattern. . . Nancy’s never steered me wrong yet; thanks for the chance to win!

  52. Lisa Barber says

    I would like to learn how to sew with knit fabric. There are so many things to learn. Nancy’s book would be a great learning tool. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  53. Jeannine Holmes says

    I hope this could take the fear out sewing knits. I have tried but it did not turn out well.

  54. Kathy Zachry says

    Love your skirt! This pattern looks like it can be adapted so many different ways.

  55. Love Nancy, all the blogs and all the wonderful ideas. I have only just discovered Nancy I live in Australia I would love the book and patterns.

  56. I like your skirt. I would like to learn everything about sewing knits, they stretch yuk. lol
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  57. Nice skirt! I am quite a newbie at sewing and I haven’t tried knits yet, but I would love to… Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Pat Bailey says

    Would love to try knits again. Anyone remember Stretch & Sew? Maybe this time I’ll get it right using Nancy’s book.

  59. LindaC in AZ says

    I would like to learn the best way to make a buttonhole in knits without it stretching out of shape. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  60. Your skirt looks lovely. I would like to improve the hems on my knit garments, they are always a bit wobbly going over seams.

  61. Sandra Chavez says

    I would like to learn how to cut out fabrics from knit fabrics more easily; also to ensure that the grain is correct. Thanks and I love how your skirt looks.

  62. cute skirt! will be great for mix and match for summer. I love sewing with knits, so forgiving in fit!

  63. Brenda J Wood says

    I would love to win some of these patterns. So hard to get them in Canada…
    I need to up date my old ideas about knits–(from the 70’s!) so now you know I am OLD!!!

  64. Brenda J Wood says

    Would love to try some new ideas with knits..I haven’t worked with them for years..–from fear mostly!!

  65. I’d like to be able to sew knits without rippled seams.

  66. I would love to know more about how knits behave and how to size knit styles well.

  67. I love knits but have problems with hems. Excited to see how Nancy handles those.

  68. I haven’t sewn with knit yet – I definitely need some confidence by learning the basics!

  69. Ronda Halvorsen-Ferns says

    Nice job on the skirt Heather! I just got my Babylock Evolution and ordered the Sante Fe pattern can’t wait to get started! Also wanted to thank you for your great tutorials the have definitely increased my sewing confidence!

  70. Love your skirt! 🙂 I’d like to learn about the different stretches in knits & what the different knits should be used for. I’ve sewn some t-shirts for my son successfully, but would love to learn more. 🙂

  71. Please, please, I’d like to win!

  72. I am just getting back into sewing and bought some knit to make a top and skirt. Never thought about it being different. So, I need to know everything! lol

  73. Love your skirt

  74. Judy Nolan says

    Your skirt turned out very nicely, and looks oh-so-comfy! Thanks for providing a giveaway.

  75. Every pattern looks wonderful, but I’m especially drawn to the Santa Fe Dress. Sure would love to win the giveaway, but best wishes to all. 🙂

  76. Erin Twirl says

    I really like this skirt and it looks great on you! I can’t wait to get my hands on these patterns and the book. I already like to sew knits, but having more knowledge is never wrong!

  77. Elaine healy says

    I love the fact that we’re using knits with more applications,not just a flat fabric. The possibilities are now endless. Knits are easy fabrics to live with ,no ironing and great travelwear!

  78. I would love to learn to take the pucker effect out that shows up in the seams sometimes!

  79. I love your skirt – I really should learn more about sewing with knits and this seems like a great way to start!

  80. Cora Mae Lengeman says

    I have always wanted to make my own knit shirts, skirts and pants because I am so short and rather busty so it is hard to find knits that fit in stores! I have been afraid to try sewing with knots for fear that I will ruin the nice fabric I purchased. This book and the patterns are something that might help me get started! Aaaahhhhh – to wear a T shirt that fits is a dream of mine!

  81. Cora Mae Lengeman says

    I would love to learn how to sew with knits. My one and only try ended with ruin material and tears running down my face! I really need to learn how to work with knit fabric as it can best comfortable to wear but it is – for me- so hard and scary to sew with.

    If I am lucky enough to win, please contact me via email. I have no website.

  82. I love the projects and the descriptions of the book and the patterns. I am stymied by knits because I am so new to this, having sewn many years ago, and recently returned to it. Knits were not so common or complex before. I would love the book and patterns.

  83. melissa q. says

    I’m in a huge sewing with knits phase right now. I love how swiftly it all comes together. My challenge is actually in the prep of fabric before-hand. I find it difficult to get the fabric lined up and straight for the cutting.

  84. I used to sew knits when I was younger. I learned that the needle was so important. You have to use a ball point needle. I would love to start sewing knits again and this book and the patterns would be awesome as I am sure things have changed. Thanks for the chance to win.

  85. I’m super scared of knits and my serger! I’m the perfect candidate for this book!! Would love to win! Thanks!

  86. Great skirt. I would love to learn how to sew knits. Nancy and you make it look so easy!
    Thanks for the chance!

  87. wow–I love your skirt—I need to make several of this pattern..thanks for the chance to win.

  88. Nancy Owens says

    Isn’t it great how Nancy has made sewing with anything possible! Your skirt looks cool and comfortable for a hot summer to come. Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize.

  89. I LOVE your skirt!

  90. Jane O'Connell says

    I love knits. I have purchased lovely knits but have never cut into them…too scared!

  91. Gwendolyn says

    I’d love to get some patterns for sewing with knits…I live in knit skirts for most of the year, but they can be hard to find…it’d be great to make my own!

  92. Ginny Carter says

    Just learning to sew knits and am loving working with my sergers.

  93. Heather Parcher says

    I just started goofing around with knits…. made a few skirts last weekend from a skirt I already own. Not too bad, but would love some additional tips and tricks! I really want to try some cute shirts, but I am not sure how to attack an arm hole. Skirts seem much less daunting.

  94. Patsy Smith says

    I would love to be able to sew knits so there is no puckering in the seams. I would also like to learn to use elastic in attaching knit ruffles. I love “Sewing With Nancy!”

  95. I would love to learn how to stabilize knits in the seams and hems. Thanks for highlighting these new patterns.

  96. Sheila Smith says

    I really, really want to give sewing with knits a try. I’ve been reading and watching videos, but have yet to actually do it. I did recently get a walking foot and plan to use it to sew on the knit fabric. Now, to find some knit fabric that I really like. I’ve looked through 3 stores so far. I haven’t found hardly any knit fabric. Do you have to buy yours online? Any suggestions?

  97. Your skirt look great. My sewing with knits tip is to definitely use your rotery cutter and mat. It is so much easier than cutting with your scissors. You can use smaller rotery cutters to go around the curves. Thank you for your inspiration. knithappy at

  98. I really don’t have a lot of experience with sewing with knit fabric, so I would love to learn the basics and go from there.

  99. Thanks for the wonderful prize! Just practicing!


  101. I would love to learn more about sewing with knits. I have made some clothing for my daughter, but would love to get a little more comfortable with it. I have gotten a double needle and also a walking foot, but have not tried them out yet.

  102. Diane Crane says

    I would LOVE to learn to work with knits confidently! I have new twin baby granddaughters and I would love to learn to make them clothing using knits.

  103. Elizabeth P. says

    I would love to win this book! I have been sewing for awhile now, but I’m just getting into sewing more with knits. I’m planning on making some knit tops for myself this summer and aloso some skirts! I’d like to learn how to cut the knit fabric so it is on the grain and also how to match up stripes!

  104. A long time ago I sewed with knits a lot. Haven’t done it for years and could use a refresher course on it. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book. Love your blog and have watched Nancy on pbs for years and now from her site.

  105. I’d love to win this! I really want to know how to sew with knits the right/best way.

  106. Jessi Einspahr says

    I am lousy at sewing knits. This would be an amazing teaching tool.

  107. I need to learn to stop stretching as I sew!!

  108. It would be so awsome to gain confidence when sewing knits!

  109. I am just about at the point of starting to sew my own clothes after many, many years. Sewing with Knits is scary for me. Maybe, if I won the book, my confidence would soar !!!

    I think I will start with the basic t-shirt … it can’t be that hard, can it?

  110. Wow what a fantastic opportunity! Knits scare me so I would love Nancy to help me conquer my fears.

  111. Christina H. says

    I have never sewn knit fabric. I have some in my fabric stash though!

  112. Brenda Gibson says

    I have sewing with knits fear. This book would be a great help to me since I love knits.

  113. Ugh! If I could take on a maxi I would love it!

  114. I would love to learn how to sew knits without stretching. My fear of it is the only reason I don’t sew at all with knits. And I know it limits me quite a bit.

  115. Lissi Miller says

    Something I would like to learn about sewing with knits is sewing with knits period! haha 🙂 I’m new to the whole sewing circle thing and would love to stitch something up! I live on tips and tricks from people who know what they’re doing and would be excited if I got the chance to use these from expert Nancy Zieman. 🙂

  116. Love your site! Love Nancy too! Keep up the good work.

  117. Jennifer Thompson says

    I’ve never tried to sew knits, but maybe with this I could learn, thanks!

  118. I love sewing with knits; however, I would like to know how to make them look more professional. I hate it when I finish something and then never wear it.

  119. Renee A Davis says

    Would love to learn to sew with knits…I have been sewing for 40+ years & have not attempted to make even a simple knit top…I have been afraid to attempt it. Would be thrilled to learn!!

    Thanks, Renee

  120. I would love to learn the correct way to sew knits, as sometimes I would find a fabric I just fall in love with, and guess what, it is a knit. Darn, I pass it up. But if I would be able to learn all the ins and outs of sewing with knits I could purchase that lovely patterened fabric…….

  121. Sewing with Knits!!! I have no confidence in this area!

  122. I lovingly touch the knits at our local Joann’s, but then move on to easier fabrics. I haven’t sewn with knits since my high school days a few…um….decades ago 🙂 It’d be fun to relearn!

  123. I recently sewed up a knit dress and had the darnest time in keeping everything together. I was unable to wrap my head around the whole process especially the zipper. I have some of Nancy’s books and they are written preciously so I can the it. This book would be a life saver for me.

    thanks for the giveaway –

  124. Elizabeth W says

    I really like the skirt in the bottom left, it looks so comfy and really suits the model!

    I guess I’d like to learn how to pick knits that are inexpensive but also wash and wear well. My biggest issue is that often times they pill up quickly or are expensive enough it’s nearly more cost-efficient to purchase a quality one online.

  125. I would love to use knits for sewing clothing. I like to sew clothing in addition to my quilting, but I’ve only used cottons until now (I hope I win).

  126. Jeri Niksich says

    I love to sew and with teaching myself to quilt I’ve gotten away from my clothing sewing, this would give me the push to get back to making myself some clothes too. I’m tall 5′ 10″ so it’s difficult to find pants, shirts or dresses/skirts that are long enough for me.

  127. Annette Holbrook says

    I’m a real knit lover and as a sewing beginner, I would welcome the opportunity to know more about how to sew with knts! 🙂

  128. I love that the book and patterns give instructions for regular machines as well as sergers, since I don’t own a serger. I would love to win this collection, and hope I’m not too late. Your skirt looks great!

  129. Regina Roza says

    I own a serger and knits have always been a bit daunting to me…this book I’m sure would help immensely and I would love to add it to my sewing library! 🙂

  130. kim the girl says

    I have done some work with knits (before I knew it was supposed to be super scary!) and I would the say the problem I had was the variety of knits available and knowing how to sew each variation is tricky! So that’s what I would want to know more about, the varieties and the best sewing machine and serger settings for working with them!

  131. I knew next to nothing about sewing with knits…though I’ve got several lovely pieces of yardage, just waiting to be sewn into something pretty. I finally decided that I need to get over being nervous and just dive in! So this blog tour has come at a great time for me, and I’m picking up some great info. 🙂

  132. Marilyn Snow says

    I love the ease of wearing knits! Thanks for the chance to win!

  133. I would love to win a copy of the book. It looks great!

  134. I would love to sew with knits, i am a novice clothes maker, i have never sewn with knits and would love to learn.

  135. Vickie Aguilar says

    I Would Love To StaRt Off Slow By Learning How To Make Skirts & Pillows. But I Would Really Love How To Learn To Sew 40s And 50s Dresses. They Are Expensive At The Stores, So I Would Love To Make My Own Unique dresses

  136. Would love to get a copy of this book, Looks like lots of fun.

  137. I love knits! I’d love a chance to win the book and patterns!

  138. Sewing with knits gives me the jitters. Special needle, special handling, all that stretching! I’d love to get over the fear and enjoy this fabric to make beautiful things!

  139. As someone who just started sewing, I’d love to learn to work with knits in general, but especially to make clothing for my toddler.

  140. Danelle W says

    I would love to actually sew something for myself for a change!

  141. I grew up Sewing with Nancy, I would love a copy of her new book — I am scared of knits, it’s time I get over it!!

  142. Sherry Lowe says

    Very exciting. I could certainly use help with knits. Thank You!

  143. Nicola Bane says

    I love sewing with knits but I would like to know more about the different types of knits and what works best for different garments and style

  144. Would love a skirt pattern!

  145. Wow – these are great pieces and I would love to win!

  146. Love that dress – looks like just what I need for my nephew’s June wedding in Sultry Florida!

  147. Jennifer @ Ellison Lane says

    Well you know that I totally need help with garment sewing and knits are on my to-learn list so this would be fab! Thanks for the chance to win Heather. 🙂

  148. Gjeometry says

    I am all over this book and would love to win it! Big fan of Nancy Zieman’s sewing tips and have also just received a pattern for yoga pants and tops that I need to sew with knits!!

  149. I love knit clothing. What else can you wear that is a comfortable as pj’s but looks dressy!

  150. WendyKienbusch says

    I love Nancy Zieman and work with knits all the time. I would love to learn new tips.

  151. I would love to win the patterns. I ordered my book in advance (and it came autographed) but did not get the patterns to go along with the book. If I am the lucky winner you can have another draw and give away the book to another lucky person.

  152. margaret levy says

    love nancy’s patterns…so many options

  153. Many years ago I used to sew a lot of knit t-shirts for myself. I used a double needle to stitch the hems. Worked like a charm.

    I’d like to get back to making knit dresses and t-shirts and would love to win the giveaway to refresh my memory on how to sew with knits.

  154. I’d love to win! I want to know how to sew with knits the right way.

  155. i’d love to win and learn some new skills=thanks!

  156. I would love to win this. I would be interested in any tips and patterns for sewing with knits.

  157. Debra Biutland says

    What a great giveaway! I I have some jersey knit just waiting for some inspiration!

  158. Donna Thackston says

    I love wearing knits and sure would love to be able to make some wonderful (and professional looking) knits to wear!

  159. Sophia Hall says

    I love to wear knits—never need ironing, wash easy, always look great; but dont sew knits and really need to learn how.

  160. Wow!!! You are very popular with this give-away, I suppose I can only try.
    From an Aussie,

  161. Valerie Brown says

    I have better luck sewing knits on my serger than I do on my machine. I recently made the Sunny Days tank — Patty Young for BabyLock —

    Since this was my first knit project, I even ordered fabric from the Heaven and Helsinki line to get this right. (That’s what’s pictured on the pattern.)

    I did great on the ruffled edge which looked so much better with the wooly nylon thread. When I went to my machine to sew on the straps… Oh boy! That’s when the machine and I had several conversations — needless to say, the machine won all of these. And I practiced my unsewing techniques several times. I even used a new ball point needle. I finally ended up putting a piece of tear away stabilizer under the seam to get the strap sewn on. Whew! …. Talk about frustrating.

    I really want to learn to sew knits, since my 6 granddaughters love it. Me — not so much when it comes to sewing it. Oh well…. this will get better with experience, I’m sure.

    I really enjoyed seeing your pink skirt. I know I can do it, I just have to have patience.

  162. this is not for the prize; I have a problem identifying the knit fabric at my local franchise fabric shop to use with the appropriate pattern. They are either too stable or too stretchy and thin.

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