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Sarah from Blue Susan Makes is joining us today for a fun spin on a personal favorite tool in my work room.

Discover and make pattern weights during National Sewing Month on The Sewing Loft #NationalSewingMonth #NSM13

Hi everyone, My name is Sarah and I blog at Blue Susan Makes where I post about the things I’m sewing and share a tip or two along the way.  I’m happy to be here as part of Heather’s celebration of National Sewing Month.  I have been sewing a lot with patterns lately, pattern testing and such, and today I wanted to share one of my favorite sewing tools…Pattern Weights.

My mom taught me when I was young that pattern weights were way easier to use than pins when cutting out a pattern. Especially when your pattern is made of tissue paper, which rips right through when you pin it.    We didn’t have any fancy weights so we would just grab a handful of kitchen knives and lay them all around.

Well instead of using a handful of knives thought it was time I made myself some real pattern weights. So I went to the hardware store and bought the biggest washers I could find. I think they cost me a little over .50 cents each.  They are about 2 1/2” wide and I think they are called 3/4” washers.

Though I do love their industrial look, I thought they needed a little pretty so I wrapped them in yarn and turned them into cute mini yarn wreaths.  I love yarn wreaths! I even tried to make a tiny argyle one.

They work out great!  Of course I’m going to need a few more than five 🙂

Once and a while I find that I need a little more weight so I just stack up two as needed.

Wouldn’t it be fun to package up a little stack of these for a fellow sewing friend?

They are really easy to make and it’s fun to play around with different colors of yarn.  Want to make some?  I’ll show you how.  It’s easy!  Start with 3 lengths of yarn about 45” long. Wrapping 3 at a time makes the wrapping go faster.  Stick the ends on the back of the washer with a dab of hot glue.  Wrap the yarn evenly and squish it together as you go. Finish it off with another dab of hot glue right where you started and trim.

If you make some, I’d love to see them. I need to make a few more and it would be fun to have a little inspiration.  Feel free to come visit me at Blue Susan Makes sometime. Thanks again Heather for letting me join in the fun!

 Happy Sewing!

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Stay tuned…. Jessica aka “The Sewing Rabbit” is visiting tomorrow with a tool not in my sewing drawer.  (and I think it is a MUST now that I know its special power!)


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  1. I’ve already bought the washers to do this, now I just need to cover them in something pretty.

  2. Brilliant!! And adorable! I’ll be stopping at Home Depot today!!

  3. i will be making these for myself. what a clever idea.

  4. liontigerbear83 says

    goodness I feel goofy… I was curious about what needed to be weighted…went to the site and had a good laugh at my own expense…guess I haven’t sewn in a long time… I forgot about having to hold the pattern in place (we always pinned it in place). Great and cute idea!

  5. Would Even work for cutting quilt peices

  6. Hello Sarah, I have been using weights for years, as my kids kept stealing my sewn weights for bean bag tossing. But I never thought of making as cute as you have done! Thank you Heather for bringing such wonderful guest bloggers with great ideas………..

  7. I make little fabric pouches and fill them with sand or lead shot. Heavy muslin works really well and holds up to the weight.

  8. lifeofchiari says

    I can’t wait to make my own sewing weights. What an ingenious idea. Thank you.

  9. I love these!! The bright colors and yarn are so happy!! I’ve linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip:

  10. These have been around for a long, long time…..They use to be made to keep curtains straight, they were sewn onto the corners at the bottom hem……Nothing new, just a re-make of old…..

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