30+ Tips for Making Quilts

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Have you been wanting to make your first quilt, but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you’ve dabbled with quilting here and there, but you’re not getting the results you want, and you’d like to refine your skills. No matter your experience level, we’ve rounded up enough tips and tutorials to suit your needs. Read on for over 30 of them!

30 Tips to Improve your quilting. The Sewing Loft

Tips for Making Quilts, Part 1: Planning, Cutting, & Piecing


Learn how to personalize your project with photos, artwork and more on The Sewing Loft.

1. First up, if you’re looking to add a really personal touch to your quilt, print a photo onto these printable fabric sheets and stitch it right into your quilt top!

Fussy Cut | The Sewing Loft

2. If you want to get the most “POP” out of your novelty printed fabrics, try fussy cutting so your favorite motifs will stay intact.

Do you know about The Quilt Index? Learn how to explore and use it for your projects.  The Sewing Loft

3. Need some inspiration for your next quilt? The Quilt Index is where it’s at!

Turn fabric scraps into yardage | The Sewing Loft

4. If you’ve got a lot of fabric scraps lying around, sew them together to make fabric yardage, blocks, or strips for your next quilt.

Chain piecing is the perfect way to streamline your sewing on large projects. Learn the basics at The Sewing Loft.

5. Save time while stitching with chain piecing, which is especially handy for patchwork!

Learn about English Paper Piecing and Hexie How to on The Sewing Loft

6. Instead of hiding away at your sewing machine, do your quilting on the couch while you watch TV with this tutorial on English Paper Piecing.

This little wooden stick can work magic in the sewing room! The Sewing Loft

7. Would you believe me if I told you that this little stick could save you time while you’re quilting? No more up and down to the ironing board – this pressing stick is here to stay!

Next up, a series of blocks from our Quick-as-a-Fox Quilt-Along! Adapt these to your next quilting project with a fresh new choice of fabrics & colors!

Learn how to make flying geese with ease. The Sewing Loft

8. Flying Geese block

Cranky 9 Patch Quilt Block is easy sewing

9. Cranky 9 Patch block

Learn how to make a dresden plate. A basic quilt block. The Sewing Loft

10. Dresden plate block

3-D Quilt Block Quick as a Fox The Sewing Loft

11. 3-D quilt block

Log Cabin Block - Quick like a Fox Quilt a Long on The Sewing Loft

12. Log Cabin block

Keep reading for more tutorials to help you quilt the day away!

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