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This post contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love.Stay productive in your creative space with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

When you spend as much time in your sewing room as I do, having a space that is functional is really important. For me this means having organizational tools that make my sewing experience a pleasant one. Here’s a list of 5 of my “must have” items for any sewing room.

Simple Sewing Room Ideas


Keep your sewing room organized and pretty with these simple tips from The Sewing Loft.

Create a productive environment with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

1. Tape measure along the edge of work table

When you visit the fabric store, have you ever admired how quickly and easily employees are able to measure and cut your fabric? Those little metal rulers attached to the base of the tables makes measuring a breeze. My favorite workaround is to attach a measuring tape along the edge of a work table. A long table is not necessary, only one with a straight edge. No more fumbling around with a wiggly measuring tape. Check out the table I found during my 127 sale journey. Clearly, this trick is nothing new but it sure works like a charm!

Create a productive environment with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

2.  Command hooks to hang quilts, minis and more.

One of my favorite ways to display my quilts in my sewing room is with Command Hooks. They are so simple to use and super easy to remove. They also come in different sizes and are super strong. You can purchase them online, in craft stores, super stores and even some grocery stores.

Stay productive in your creative space with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

3.  Folded Fabric

If you hang out on Pinterest at all, you’ve probably already seen “swoon worthy” pics of beautiful sewing rooms with perfectly stacked, color coordinated fabric and I should just tell you that it’s really simple to create beautifully folded stacks of fabric. My secret tool is a comic board. These perfectly-sized pieces of cardboard are cheap and make a great folding tool for those unruly pieces of fabric. You can order them online or in your local comic book or craft store. Want another secret? I take them to my local office supply store and have them cut them down even further. These smaller cuts making folding my fat quarters a breeze! (keep your eyes peeled a video is coming.)

Create a productive environment with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

4. Add crown molding to a basic book shelf.

This isn’t an organization tool, but I love how it makes my room look, so it’s a keeper. As I mentioned, creating a functional space doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create a built-in look with your basic book shelves just by add crown molding. I love the way it adds character to my sewing space.

Create a productive environment with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

5.  Desk Grommet hole cut out for sewing machine cords.

Let’s face it, cords are messy and if you have a 4 legged sewing friend like me, it’s best to keep them tucked away. So, when we put together my desk, I had Mr. TSL add an extra grommet hole for my sewing machine. It works like a charm!

Stay productive in your creative space with these simple sewing room ideas. The Sewing Loft

One other thing I LOVE for keeping wires out of my way are this simple hooks. I have them screwed up into the underside of my desk and all of the wires are tucked out of my way. (And yes, that’s washi tape holding them together!)

I’d love to hear how you keep your sewing room neat and functional. Be sure to leave me a comment below with your favorite tip.

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  1. Janis Patten says

    I love all your ideas. No matter what I do, my sewing room leaves a mess that I have to reorganize when I have finished a project. Oh well. It’s my happy place.

    • I think a constant state of chaos is a good sign. It means that you are digging in and enjoying the process. Well, at least that’s what I tell my husband!

  2. Mary Carr says

    I have several machine “stations” in my sewing space and was forever chasing my scissors and thread snips. I now have a set of scissors hanging on the wall near each machine. I used a half round piece of wood molding to which I screwed in different sized brass cup hooks. A couple of eye hooks on the top edge let me hang the molding on the wall. I can tailor a set of appropriate scissors to each machine (things like embroidery snips or tailor point scissors etc). Additionally on my cutting table I have another setup with all of my various rotary cutters and finally on the wall near my cutting table I have a larger section that hangs all of my various rulers. For these I use inexpensive shower hooks to hang the individual rulers from the cup hooks.

    • Great idea Mary! My rulers are hard to keep organized. I might need to try your tip.

      • I saw somewhere an expensive ruler holder, It reminded me of the old belt holders of long ago! A ‘hook’ that hangs on the clothes rod with a 1/2 circle belt hanger at the opposite end. Sure wish I had that old belt hanger from many years ago. I’ll find one yet!

  3. anneweaver1974 says

    Great ideas! I especially like the hole for the cords! I’ve got a Craft Gossip post scheduled for tomorrow morning that features your post: http://sewing.craftgossip.com/?p=87749 –anne

  4. Instead of comic boards, I use a clipboard abandoned from my daughter’s middle school years. I tuck the beginning of the yardage under the clip to get me started and then I wrap and slip the board out when finished. It produces a very similar width of folded fabric.

    • That is an awesome tip and how lucky are you to have clipboards at your disposable. Seriously, I would need to truckload! I’ll bet your stash is nice and neat with everything easy to find.

  5. Lorrilee Gorman says

    I use the comic boards too, they are $9.99 for 100 at my comic store. I also cut them down to size for my fat quarters 🙂 The best thing about them is they are acid free unlike other “cardboard”.

    • Where do you order your boards from. I live in Texas. The reason I tell you where I live is because I ordered something one time and the postage was twice what my item was. So I try to be careful when ordering.

      • Hello Ava, I have ordered them directly from Amazon and I believe my shipping was included in Prime.
        If you do not have Amazon Prime, I would look around at local shops and see if they have a curbside pickup. Most of the big box stores carry them. Walmart, Joann’s, Hobby Lobby, etc.

  6. Ronda Lynn Halvorsen-Ferns says

    Thanks so much Heather! Love the crown molding idea… I also get cardboard bolts leftover from the fabric store and YES I had my first dumpster dive experience fetching them!!!!

  7. Judie Harron says

    I read your tip about fastening a tape measure along the side of a table. I have tall storage cabinets in my sewing room and the first thing I did was fasten a measuring tape vertically inside the door. Anytime I grab a scrap of fabric I can easily use the measuring tape before putting it back or using it in my next project…very handy tip! Thanks sew much..

  8. Michelle Powar says

    You have Gteayt Ideas. I love them. I have the garage as my sewing room. It is coming together. I have a long arm and I am so ready to get started. Thanks again.

  9. Pam McDonald says

    I just started using the comic boards. LOL now that quilters are using them, they will probably go up in price. Nice tips, thanks 🙂

  10. Becky Wisner says

    How do you do the back of a quilt when you use the command hooks?
    I love all your ideas!
    Thank you, Becky

  11. Great ideas, thank you. I love that picture on No. 4, the bird and it looks like buttons. Only the corner of picture is showing. Did you buy that or make it? Can you show full picture of that picture? Thanks, I love it!

    • Thanks so much for your note Mary. That framed picture is of my logo. The bird in the nest is part of the button tree. You can see it on any page of my site.

  12. My room is so small and always looks like a tornado hit it. LOL I try to keep it organized, but it gets away from me. Thanks for the tips!

  13. patricia S welsh says

    I like most of your tips. For a quilter and seamstress for 40 years, it is nice to see new ideas. I have used several. I have my own way of doing things as most people do. I am not too old to learn new ideas so thank you for the updated ideas for us old folks.

  14. I hope you can get me to sew as well as organize. Your boards on Pinterest are so exciting!

  15. Pat Salvant says

    Although I love the display of fabrics for all to see, I would NEVER do this. I owned a retail interior design studio for years, I kept fabric samples hanging, and fabric swatch books stacked on upper and middle shelves above the hanging fabrics. There was lighting from 2 sources. Natural daylight from a window and Fluorescent bulbs. Within less than 1 year there was obvious fading on the fabrics, the top swatches and edges of fabrics in books, as well as upholstered sofas for sale. My fabrics are safely stored in multiple chests and drawers are sorted by colors. Not every one knows how fast fabrics fade from light sources, but I do. Years ago you could see he edges of drapery hems that were on he backside of lined draperies completely had changed color depending on the colors of original dyes some faster than others. Even carpet behind vertical blinds at sliding doors will fade. Just thought I would share.