Our Four-Legged Sewing Friends

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Our four-legged sewing friends are filled with curiosity and a seemingly endless fascination with the whirl of the sewing needle, hum of the motor, and foot peddle action. They are not only our best friends, but our pets have a way of making even sewing time extra special. I thought I’d take a fun look at our furry friends in our sewing spaces. (If animals could talk, ha!)

Check out how these four legged sewing buddies keep us in stitches while we sew.

Our Four Legged Sewing Friends In Action


Let’s check out how these four legged sewing buddies get into mischief, make us smile and keep us in stitches while we sew.

Check out how these four legged sewing buddies keep us in stitches while we sew.

four-legged sewing friends“Guardians of the Thread Holder Thingy”

four-legged sewing friends“America’s Next Top Umm…Model”?

four-legged sewing friends“Perrrrfect Pattern Weights”

four-legged sewing friends“Dress-up Buddies”

four-legged sewing friends“Our Favorite Quilt Warmers”

four-legged sewing friends“Break Time Masters”

See how our four legged sewing buddies keep us in check.

My little “Scrap Inspector”


Whether a cat lover, dog lover (or other pet entirely), it’s easy to see how our little companions make what we do in our creative spaces extra special.

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Be sure to check out these projects and make something extra special for your sewing buddy.

50+ Fun DIY pet projects to make your furry friend feel special! Most of these patterns are easy to sew for any skill level. The Sewing Loft





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  1. tammy plumley says

    Thank you for going out of your way to post the best projects! I can’t wait to get the sewing my sewing machine! I will be making American Girl Doll cloths and Toddler dresses. Thanks

  2. Lori Ramseyer says

    Our animal helpers….so cute. I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

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