Washi Tape as a Sewing Tool

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Washi Tape is more than just a pretty package for me.  I use this stuff for everything! From taping receipts inside a notebook, to closing my daughter’s lunch bag. I love it!!  But today, I’m going to share a few more reasons to keep this stuff in your studio!

Washi Tape as a Sewing Tool

Learn how to use Washi Tape in the sewing room. It is more than just a pretty package. Easy sewing tip by The Sewing Loft #sewing #sewingtip

Honestly, washi tape is one of my favorite crafty tools.  It is a must have in my conference bag and can always be found rolling around in the car.  I love that it comes in so many different patterns and colors. (Be warned, it can be addicting.)

But wait, theres more! That’s right, I think there’s more to this tape than pretty packaging.

Washi Tape the Sewing Tool

Washi Tape is more than just a pretty package. It can help keep your hem line straight. Easy sewing tip by The Sewing Loft #sewing #sewingtip

  1. It is an easy way to keep your deep hems straight. Just measure your finished hem depth from your needle and tape. (think curtains!)
  2. Use it to mark your mannequin. (It’s prettier than Chartpak tape.) The temporary tape comes in all different widths and will wrap around your dress form with ease.  Just remove when done!
  3. Mark a new hemline instead of using pins.  (This is perfect for kids- totally ouch proof!)
  4. Keep small appliqué pieces in place without pins.
  5. Mark your quilting rulers.
  6. Line up 1″ squares for super tiny patchwork quilting.
  7. Tape your printable pdf patterns together.
  8. Keep small hard to pin things in place.
  9. Having trouble seeing the 1/4″ seam mark on your throat plate? Mark it with washi tape.
  10. Use on leather or vinyl fabrics instead of straight pins.
  11. Personalize your machine! You could change it up for each season.

Did you know that you can sew through washi tape? Yup, you can. This thin tape is perfect to be added to any type of mixed media art form. (total bonus!)

It is seriously one of my favorite tools in real life.  I seem to always find myself surfing etsy for fun new patterns and prints and Lebox Boutique seems to have what I need.  Giving a special shout to them for letting me use that beautiful photo with the crazy assortment of prints!

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Holy Cow, I never would have thought to use these everyday items could double as nonconventional sewing tools but WOW, I think they can really be helpful.




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  1. Ok I ordered some tape I can’t wait to get it.

  2. It’s on sale right now at Joann Fabrics.

  3. Such great tips Heather!

  4. isewmuch says

    Heather, Never heard of theis tape Where do you get it

  5. Thanks so much for the ideas..I didn’t know about Washi tape and now will use it with my Embroidery Machine and other sewing.

  6. Washi tape seems to be a must for any craft room, and I must admit it sort of doubles as a decoration but I have no idea what to use it for! These ideas are fab! now I have an excuse to buy some.