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Instead of stopping mid project to refill your bobbin consider a bobbin winding machine. Learn the pro's, con's and easy tips.

Bobbin Winding Machine –


  1. A small mechanism used wind thread onto a bobbin that is separate from a sewing machine. 

Most home sewing machines come with a built in bobbin winder feature, however, some home sewing enthusiasts prefer to have a separate bobbin winding machine.  The portable bobbin winder enables the sewer to wind extra bobbins without having to stop and un-thread their sewing machines first before utilizing the machine’s bobbin winding feature (see the manufacturer’s instructions that coincide with your machine).  Portable bobbin winders are inexpensive and saves time when working on a project. 

Let’s see it in action.

Bobbin Winder Stats:

  • Who:  All home sewing enthusiasts need to utilize their machine’s built-in winding feature or purchase a separate portable bobbin winder machine.  See manufacturers instructions on how to utilize your machine’s built in bobbin winder on your machine.
  • What: Bobbin winders whether portable or built-in are needed to wind thread evenly around a bobbin. Both can come with thread guides and thread cutters.
  • Where to find:  You can purchase an inexpensive portable bobbin winder during your next visit to your local quilting shop or here on-line
  • When To Use: Bobbin winders, whether built into the machine or a portable machine, help to wind the thread on the bobbin and help to distribute the bobbin thread evenly so that it will be compatible with the tension of the top sewing machine thread.

Fun Facts:

  • Many portable bobbin winders come with an electric cord and can also run on batteries.
  • The only type of thread that can’t be wound onto a bobbin is elastic thread.
  • The bobbin thread completes the bottom part of the sewing machine stitch. Having thread wound with the wrong tension can result in thread jams, thrown off stitches, and other sewing machine problems.

Click the photos below to learn more ways to use bobbins in your everyday sewing. 
Sewing Terms |The bobbin case is a key component to every sewing machine. This round cylinder houses the lower thread bobbin and ties together with the upper strands. The Sewing LoftKeep your machine in working order with these simple steps. The Sewing Loft

The bobbin is a key component to every sewing machine. It is a round cylinder that houses the lower thread and ties together with the upper strands. The Sewing LoftTame your loose bobbin threads with these creative bobbin storage solutions. They are sure to help keep your threads detangled and drawers clean. The Sewing Loft

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