Clean Sewing Space – End 2016 Right

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It’s the last few days of 2016 and boy oh boy do I need to clean my sewing space! Like many out there, all of the holiday sewing and creative chaos really took it’s toll on my sewing studio. There are fabrics on the floor, scraps everywhere and the desk is a hot mess.

Start your year or next project off right with a clean sewing space. This easy plan of attack will make your next project a dream.

To be fair, I kinda want to just shut the door and walk away because I don’t know where to start first. So, I’m gonna tackle this project one step at a time.


Clean Sewing Space Plan


That means my fabrics need to be folded, the scraps need to be sorted and the paperwork needs to be filed!

My plan of attack includes-

  1. Folding my stash
  2. Sorting my scraps
  3. Donating & purging
  4. Paper Pattern storage

And most importantly- Cleaning My Machine!! 

Take a few minutes to keep a clean sewing space. Then after the ball drops on 2017, you will be ready to dive into your next project.


Once the basics are sorted out try to schedule time for these:

Plus, I think I’m gonna grab one of these for daily reminders. Normally, I would just have one for my everyday scheduling but I’m thinking one for my sewing might be fun.

This post helped me get my fabric stash under control.

Even if you can just complete a few on the list, your sewing space will thank you!!  Then once that ball drops you’ll be ready to go! Be sure to check out the Scrappy Girls Club group because I’ll be hosting so many fun things next year including live sewing events and exclusive patterns.

Love scraps? Join Heather from The Sewing Loft for daily inspiration!

I know that every year I find myself determined to pair down my stash and get organized but this year I’m gonna do it. So, if you’re in the same boat, let’s do it together! Let’s pledge to start 2017 off with a clean sewing space. This way, we can find everything in a flash and spend more time sewing!




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  1. Caroline Parr says

    It helps me to clear off one surface at a time. That way I can look at one clean space, no matter how tiny, and feel better about my progress. It doesn’t help that at this time of year my sewing room is full of Christmas bins waiting for de-decorating and eventual trip up to the attic!

  2. How big are the scraps that you guys save? I’m not a quilter, but I seem to hang on to almost every piece of fabric. I’m running out of room and don’t know what to do with these pieces of fabric too big to throw away.

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