Pucker Free Circular Hem

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Whether you want to sew yourself a circular skirt, a round tablecloth, or a Christmas tree skirt, a circular piece of fabric can create a bigger challenge than its rectangular counterparts when it comes to hemming. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips up our sleeve to take the guesswork out of sewing a circular hem!

Circular Hem Skirt

How to Sew a Circular Hem


  • Sew a basting seam ¼ inch in from the raw edge of the entire piece of fabric. This will help you stabilize your hem and make it easier to keep the hem even as you go around. Keep your thread tight for this – if it slightly gathers your fabric, that’s actually going to help you out in the next steps.

  • If your basting seam doesn’t gather your fabric, pull on the threads a little bit to gather it by hand. The point in doing this is that the circumference of the fabric is actually a little bit bigger on the raw edge than it will be in the position of your final hem, so you want to gather the fabric slightly on the raw edges to make it match the circumference of the hemmed position.

  • Fold the fabric under (toward the wrong side) all along this basting stitch line, and press it in place.

  • Fold the fabric on itself again, pressing and pinning in place. This fold should measure the final size of your desired hem.

  • Sew a straight stitch around the fabric, keeping your stitches close to the folded edge of the fabric.



Circular Hem Skirt

Now that you know how to keep your circular hem pucker free what will you make?  For me, the first thing that comes to mind is a new Christmas tree skirt!



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  1. Hi Heather. Can you explain what a “thread gauge” is please.

  2. Thanks for rolled hem info. It really helped me.

  3. Bonnie shaul says:

    I’m always having issues with round hem, this will definitely help. I’m going to save it


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