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Sewing has always been part of my world and it may sound silly but I know it’s clearly in my DNA.  I have so many childhood memories of special time spent sewing with my Grandmother, Great Aunt and Mother.  These amazing women in my life all shared their gift with me, their love of sewing. From Saturday morning snuggles while Grandma darned Pop Pop’s socks to rainy summer days at the lake learning how to sew a scarf, they all made an impression.

In their own way, they each shared their love of sewing with me.  They taught me how to read a pattern, carefully hold scissors, and reminded me to always put the pins back in the tin. It was always fun when we were sewing together and never felt like learning.

Learning to sew used to be a time honored tradition passed down from generation to generation but these days everyone has a different story. These are amazing!

I think that’s why I love the new I Sew for Fun line from Nancy Zieman’s team. Not only does it offer a wide range of tools specifically designed with little ones in mind but it reminds us to keep the focus on fun when sewing with children. Just look at Nancy sewing with her grandchildren here.

Watch Nancy Zieman sew with her grandchildren in this I Sew for Fun video.

This method of learning keeps the focus on fun and less on the mechanics of the process. It allows children to explore the creative process through hands on making and the learning does not stop there.

The Flying Sewing Machine by Nancy Zieman

It all starts with the Flying Sewing Machine. This little story time book is the perfect introduction to sewing. The whimsical drawings are so endearing and visually guide you through the story.

Sewing for fun is what Nancy Zieman's new line is all about. The I sew for fun line of tools and designs are perfect for school age children.

There is a whole line of tools designed with little fingers and safety in mind. I just adore the heart shape theme but the one piece that really stands out is the retractable seam ripper. This special seam ripper is design to safely store the sharp point when not in use.

I sew for fun line of tools and designs from Nancy Zieman

There is a full line up of fun projects for you to sew with your children including in the hoop embroidery designs and the design your own Click, Print & Stitch designs.

Sewing for fun


Kids Design The Sewing LoftLady A loves to sew. Follow her adventures on The Sewing Loft.

So the next time you sit down to sew with little ones remember, it’s not about straight seams or even seam allowance, it’s all about the experience.

Click here to see the full I Sew for Fun line and keep your eyes peeled for them in stores.





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  1. Great ideas

  2. Sandra Spencer says

    The tools are great for kids.

  3. Karen Payton says

    I do believe sewing/ crafting can run in your DNA! I have wonderful memories of me & my grandma sewing together. I’m so blessed my daughter loves to sew/craft with me. This is a great line of products I do hope it helps keep the art of sewing alive.

  4. Gina Milano says

    Who taught me to sew? My Mother. I used to play with her scraps and make things for my dolls. A favorite sewing memory with my Grandchildren was sewing slumber parties. I would pre-cut pillowcases and embroider the children’s names on the cuff. At the party, the children would pick out which fabric they wanted for their pillowcase. Sewing machines were set up and THEY would sew them. That night, they would sleep on their new pillowcase. Boys are fascinated by the mechanical aspects of sewing; watching the needle go up and down and connect with the bobbin. Most girls just sit down at the sewing machine and ‘assume’ it works and are more concerned with the product than the process.

  5. I watched the shows while they were on Sewing With Nancy, but it was such an emotional time (I miss her very much) that I had forgotten how many intriguing projects were included. Thanks for refreshing my memory and giving me new options while I am trying to teach my little friends how to sew.

  6. My mother taught me to sew by allowing me to watch for many years and then one day she sat me down at the machine and let me repair some towels. Simple zig-zag mending but I was hooked! I look forward to working with my grandkids when they get old enough.

  7. My mother taught me to sew, as she made so many of my clothes for school and special occasions. I wish I had learned her patience at the sewing machine! That didn’t come until much later, when I was making quilts. Now I can understand how she could take something apart and sew it over and over again, until she was satisfied. I learned more from her than simply sewing stitches.

  8. My elderly neighbor taught me to love sewing!

  9. Bonnie Gray says

    Love that this is being promoted to a new generation.

  10. My mother sewed in a factory 9 hours a day. But she always had time to help me learn how to sew at home. I remember making an apron as my first project on our old treadle machine. Now, I enjoy teaching my granddaughter the joy of something created by hand. She is hooked!

  11. I like the color of the tools for new sewers. Boys will refuse to work with pink items. But us girls will ignore the color of the tool if it does the job we need done. Lol

  12. Would love to have this for my 3 granddaughters to teach them to sew, what fun we would have!

  13. Mary Sue Owens says

    I wish I could say my mother taught me to sew, but she did not have patience (her words).
    But her dad did have patience and taught me just enough to make me look forward to homemaking in school. That was a disaster but not wanting to fail motivated me to keep at it and time and trial proved beneficial. My daughter did not want to learn to sew until she got married…each trip to GA includes further practice and now that Baby Girl is here she is fully motivated.

  14. Susan Sorrells says

    I love hearing who inspired people to sew. It sounds like you and the special women in your life made many happy memories.

  15. I’m excited to teach my youngest granddaughter how to sew. I absolutely LOVE all the thought Nancy put into each of these sewing tools to keep little fingers safe and hopefully teach them a lifetime knowledge of being safe when sewing too. I think the safety presser foot is my favorite because I was afraid to start teaching her to sew for fear her tiny fingers would get a needle through them. And that can happen in a split second so it was one reason I haven’t started yet. Now with this, I’ll be able to.

  16. Great overview of things to come for our children.


  17. I was taught by my Paternal Grand Mother , I must confess her teachings were not as fun 🙈 later on my aun Silvia re-taught me with the “hands on aproach “ and it stuck with me, I am hoping I get to teach my neices next time I see them.

  18. A great line of products made to be used my young sewers.

  19. Very cool will be very help full…

  20. This looks like so much fun for sewing with my daughter!!!! We love it!

  21. I’ve been teaching my grandson to sew for awhile, and now at 5 he can sew his own pj pants. He’s anxious to help me teach his 3 year old sister to sew and he would love to have his own special sewing tools,

  22. Though my mom often made matching clothes for me and my older sister, once all 5 children came along, she never really had the time to teach me. However, when I was in 6th grade, our Girl Scout troop learned how to sew from a local store so we could earn our badge. I can still remember my first project was an a-line ‘shift’ in large carrot fabric! What a fun memory!

  23. Linda Edwards says

    I just started teaching my oldest granddaughter last weekend and look forward to teaching the other two.

  24. Mehera Ortiz says

    My mother taught me to sew when I was younger and now My children love to help my mom or myself sew.

  25. Looking forward to teaching my granddaughter to sew.

  26. Shirley Clark says

    My mama taught my brother and me to hand sew as a kid. She also taught us hand embroidery. Then after I was the only one at home, she helped me to make doll clothes by hand. Eventually it led to using the sewing machine. I still love to sew! I’m teaching my little granddaughter.

  27. Elana Goldberg says

    I teach sewing to children and all the tips, products and suggestions are so welcome. Thank you so much.

  28. sandy Lowery says

    What a fabulous book. I learned to sew in my grade eight Home Ec class…so glad I did,

  29. These look so cool! Thank for the post.

  30. Angela J Short says

    Cool notions and books. Have a great day!

  31. My mother and grandmother taught me a bit, but I really learned in Girl Scouts. The teacher had a home ec degree, and she taught us the proper way of doing everything.

  32. Linda Edwards says

    As always, Nancy had great ideas.

  33. I wish I had memories with sewing with grandparents or my mother.

    These tools are wonderful for little ones. I need to clean up my sewing space and want to share with my two granddaughters.


  35. Hi ~ Once upon a time, I had a little tool that would hold a button in place so it woudn’t shift or wiggle around while I sewed bit back onto my garment. It was metal and you squeezed it to open it. It had 2 little teeth you made sure went into the button hole. And the button was held tight. Does such a thing exist any more? I was young and never imagined something like that wouldn’t be around forever. Having the button held in place sure frees up my hands to do a nicer job.

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