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Wow, I can hardly wait to finish up my Starry Night Sampler Quilt! Today, I’m gonna show you how I added free motion pebbles to my project on my regular sewing machine.

See how easy it is to create free motion pebbles to on your at home sewing machine in this video from The Sewing Loft.

For those of you that think you need to have a fancy machine to quilt your projects, I say no way. Check out my tips below.

Free Motion Pebbles Tips


  • Take your time and do the prep work. Meaning no wrinkles, loose threads and your sandwich is pinned.
  • Consider wearing gloves during quilting.
  • Set your machine on a large flat, sturdy surface.
  • Sit up straight and grab a pillow for support if you need it.
  • Roll your quilt for easy pass through inside the machine bed.
  • Set your machine on a large flat, sturdy surface.
  • Take your time and enjoy the process.

Now, I know that all those tips sound good but I think my quick video is better for you to really see the process.

Be sure to head over to Fairfield to see more of my quilting tips and learn how to create your sandwich before adding the free motion pebbles to your project.


Starry Night Quilt Sandwich Details

After this there is one more step in the Starry Night Quilt BOM series before we are done. Then it’s time to grab our favorite book and cozy up on the couch with our new quilt! Please be sure to come find me on social media and share a few pictures of your finished quilt using #StarryNightQuilt as a tag, I want to see your fabrics stitched together!

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  1. Patricia Landriault says:

    Tried to do free hand quilting but found it moved too fast for me to control. All l got was squiggly lines. No where near the lovely circles you are showing.

    • I think that free motion takes practice Patricia. I was nervous as all get out when I first tried it but over time, I’ve become more relaxed and comfortable. I think this is the key. Also, if your machine has speed control, consider slowing things down. That said, it is important to keep in mind that you are personally moving the material and not the feed dogs so, you need to have smooth movements. Take a few of your UFO blocks and practice. Turn them into mini quilts or mug rugs.

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