13 Inspirational Crochet Ideas for you to Make

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These are not your great grannies crochet. Crochet today is modern, beautiful, a true piece of artwork. It can be worn, used to decorate our homes, and used to give us a touch of nostalgia for our grandmothers yet looks fresh, and new. I hope the ideas that are shown here inspire you to include crochet in your lives. I know I will be on the lookout for it now.

One look at these inspiring crochet ideas and you'll be hooked! This handy hobby is gaining popularity in the crafting world.


13 Inspirational Crochet Ideas



1. Granny Square Pillows

I love how bright and cheerful these pillows are.

2. Crocheted Stool Cover

That is how you turn a stool from ordinary to extraordinary.


3. Crocheted Mermaid Tail

What little girl or big girl for that matter wouldn’t want one of these fabulous blankets.

4. Crocheted Shoes

I would love to run around town in these beautiful shoes.

5. Granny Square Dress 

A very fashion forward take on the granny square. I love the way this looks.

6. Crocheted Pendant Lamp

This stunning piece would strike up conversation at any dinner party.

7. Crochet and Resin Table

This beautiful table would look at home with any style decor.

8. Floral Afghan

This is not your Grannies afghan.

One look at these inspiring crochet ideas and you'll be hooked! This handy hobby is gaining popularity in the crafting world.

9. Modern Crochet Necklace

Make a statement with one of these fantastic crochet necklaces.

10. Crocheted Bike Seat

Riding a bike would always be fun with a seat cover like this one.

11. Cute Lampshade

This would be darling in a little girls room.

12. Floor Poufs

These floor poufs would cheer up the decor in any room.

13. Crocheted Fence

I would love to have a fence as beautiful as this one. What curb appeal!

As you can see crochet has really come a long way since our grandmothers made granny square quilts. These pictures have been very inspiring and I am excited to start incorporating a little more modern crochet into my life now.

Inspirational Crochet Ideas are easy to achieve with this class.

Want to learn the basics but aren’t sure where to start? Check out Kim Werker’s class on Craftsy and get started knocking the Grannie squares out of the park!





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