NSM: Cutie Quilts with Debby Brown

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One of the biggest problems we face as quilters with a scrap stash is how to organize all those scraps! When you’ve got a bunch of leftover pieces of fabric from various projects, they’re going to be all different shapes and sizes. It can be hard to figure out how to store them in a way that makes it easy to find what you need and actually put them to use.

Lucky for us, Debby Brown of Debby Brown Quilts is here with a great storage solution – fabric cuties! Debby cuts her leftover fabrics into fat eighths (that’s a measurement of 9 inches by 22 inches), which she calls “cuties.” Then she saves them up until she gets enough for a quilt top! Here’s a collection of cuties, ready and waiting to be used:

National Sewing Month 2015 is all about fabric scraps and I'm celebrating with The Sewing Loft. Today, Debby from Debby Brown Quilts is sharing how she saves space and stores her fabric.

Debby is a quilting pro, and her blog is full of inspiration! But don’t start feeling too intimidated – even the pros make mistakes! Debby’s super-power proves it. She says, “My sewing super-power: I can un-stitch machine quilting stitches faster than a speeding bullet. I’ve had years and years of practice at this.” We appreciate Debby’s honesty, and her visit here to share her cuties with us!

Learn Free Motion Quilting Techniques with Debby Brown on Craftsy.

You can read more about how Debby uses her cuties to make a series of quilt tops on her blog. She’ll link you to several quilt patterns that are fat-eighth friendly, so you can start stashing & using your own “cutie” collection! And if you’re in need of some thread to work on that quilt, check out Debby’s line from WonderFil  or her lines, curves & loops class on craftsy while you’re at it. Her use of rulers make quick work of such small details. It is truly amazing!

Stay tuned, we’ve got more National Sewing Month scrap-happy fun coming soon!

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