Pineapple Smoothie Block Sew Along

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my pineapple smoothie block a few weeks back. It was one of those distraction scrap projects that I had no business working on. You know the deal, the kind that you don’t have time for but just can’t help yourself, that was this project for me.

Learn sewing basics while making a cute Pineapple Smoothie block. No matter what your skill level, The Sewing Loft will show you how in this mini series.
Learn sewing basics while making a cute Pineapple Smoothie block. No matter what your skill level, The Sewing Loft will show you how in this mini series.

Since there was such a great response, I thought it would be fun to share it with you. That means, it’s time for a mini series sew along!

Pineapple Smoothie Block

Even if you’ve never quilted before, I know you can do this! Each bite size chunk will be delivered straight to you. That means, no more clicking over or worrying about missing step becuase I’m coming to you.  That’s right, I’ll walk you through it every step of the way.

Throughout the series, I’ll share easy tips to help improve your skills and achieve the perfect mini.

Lessons include:

  • Picking the Perfect Fabrics
  • Cutting Instructions & Tips
  • Half Square Triangles
  • Piecing
  • Final Project Details

To get started just sign up here and I’ll have the first step delivered straight to your inbox. Then we’ll be stitching away in no time!

Very few supplies required to create our block and most you should have on hand. Plus, we’ll be tackling the block in bite size chunks so, it will be easy to follow along no matter what your sewing skill level.

I think sewing is better with friends, so be sure to share this with your favorite sewing buddy!

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  1. I never got the sign up email ????

  2. My confirmation email did not arrive!

    • Hello Ann,
      I just checked with my mail carrier – it looks like your first email arrived on June 4th and was opened with additional lessons following. Fingers crossed you have had a chance to stitch up your Pineapple Smoothie by now.

  3. I got three but none allowed me to see the Pineapple block alone download it

  4. Mary Reigel says

    Hi Heather!

    Is the sew along included in the regular membership emails? If so, I must have missed the first emails about it. How can I get caught up?

    Thanks! Mary

  5. I clicked on the Pineapple smoothie block, it did not take me to the pattern. How do I get the pattern and instructions? It said it was free on the email.

    • Hello Diana,
      Thanks for your note. The pattern is free and is sent directly to your email. Keep your eyes peeled becuase it’s coming to your inbox.

  6. Shirley Schulte says

    When I clicked on the message for the pattern & instructions, I didn’t get them. AllI got was what the lessons would be. Know I got cutting instructions & nothing on how to put it together. How does this work anyway?

    • Hello Shirley,
      Thank you for the note. The Pineapple Smoothie pattern is sent in bite size drops straight to your email. This way, you can tackle it in small chunks of time.

  7. Jeannine Plourde says

    I did not receive or maybe could not find my smoothie email. Could you please resend. I’m almost finished with the rest of the rows. Thank You!