Sweet On You Mystery Quilt Along

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If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that my deep dive into the world of scraps has taken me to some very colorful places these days and with spring just around the corner, I thought it would be time to start something new. So, I’ve partnered with the folks at Shannon Fabrics to celebrate National Quilting Month with a mystery quilt along.  Each week, I’ll be sharing a new block in my Sweet On You quilt pattern.

Let me show you how to look at your scraps in a whole new way by layering texture with pattern. Join me on the mystery Sweet On You quilt along adventure.

Sweet On You Details:

  • The Schedule: 
    • One block image, supply list and cutting instructions will released each Monday in tonal shades so that you can select from your fabric stash.
    • I will publish sewing instructions and additional tips on Wednesday.
    • Friday is for fun! Each week, I’ll be hosting a Giveaway! Prizes include soft bundles of Cuddle™ fabric from Shannon Fabrics for you to layer into your quilt.
  • Finished Quilt Size: 68″ x 85″
  • Layout: Horizontal Strip
  • Number of Blocks: 6 blocks total including the center unit of Pineapple Smoothie
  • Background Fabric: Requires 4 1/2 yards of total background fabric
  • ENTER YOUR EMAIL to receive emails of blocks, including the Pineapple Smoothie block
  • HASHTAG: #SweetOnYouQAL

I suggest you get started on the right foot by sorted out tidying up your stash. Consider sorting fabrics by color order and prints by size, here is a great article to help get you started.

Keep your fabric stash ready for use with these easy tips. 10 useful tips to help organize fabric scraps in your studio space. Pictures included! The Sewing Loft

Now, as the Sweet On You mystery unfolds, you will see the quilt design come to life and the layout take shape.  With each step, I will be layering in texture with Cuddle™ from Shannon Fabrics and as a result, you will see the light bounce around on the fabric. This soft fabric is so luxurious and comes in a variety of colors, prints and designs.  Throughout the years I have used it on many projects and just love the way it holds up wash after wash. It can be purchased here on line or at your local quilt shop.

For anyone not familiar with Cuddle™ or worried about sewing with a non-woven fabric, I suggest starting with these tips to ensure success at the sewing machine.

Sewing with Cuddle Tips and Tricks by The Sewing Loft #sewing #sewingtips

I’m going to say upfront that my quilt is very colorful with a complete mashup of scraps from my stash and I just love the way it turned out. The cheery and bright bursts of color mixed with the soft texture of Cuddle™ makes my heart melt.

Let me show you how to look at your scraps in a whole new way by layering texture with pattern. Join me on the mystery Sweet On You quilt along adventure.

Sweet On You Mystery Quilt Along

Itching to get started on the Sweet On You mystery quilt and don’t want to wait until Monday? ENTER YOUR EMAIL here so you can get started on the Pineapple Smoothie block today. 

Block 1– Sweet Hearts: Cutting Details | Sewing Instructions | Row Layout

Block 2- Twisted Tulip: Cutting Details | Sewing Instructions | Row Layout

Block 3- Pineapple Smoothie: Cutting Details | Row Layout

Block 4- Sweet Heart: Cutting Details | Sewing Instructions | Row Layout

Block 5- Checkerboard: Cutting Details | Sewing Instructions | Row Layout

Block 6- Darling Dresden: Cutting Details | Sewing Instructions | Row Layout

Sashing – Sashing Row Details

Borders/Final Layout –  Border Details


ps- Special shout out to Shannon Fabrics for their constant support, amazing fabrics and continued sponsorship. Without partners like them, series like this would not be possible.

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  1. Tory Lundy says

    Excited to get started.

  2. Cant wait to see where this is going, also have a lot of cuddle scraps I have never known what to do with

    • Thanks for the note Sherry. Cuddle is so fun to work with and you can do so much with it. I love to intermix it with my cotton fabrics.

  3. I’m excited to get started also.

  4. Patricia Simon says

    I really don’t like the scrappy look, could you let me know how much yardage, colors needed so I can purchase enough of different colors please? I am really excited to see what the quilt will look like since we will only find out block by block it I understood correctly. Thank you!!

    • Hello Patricia,
      This quilt is designed to be scrappy. There is no written instruction breakdown for solid yardage. One way to work around this is color in the blocks as you like and then determine the yardage before starting.

  5. cindy seiple says

    I will need to purchase fabric.

  6. I’m excited to get started too.

  7. This web site truly has all the information and facts
    I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  8. Just came across this while browsing this week. I love it! Will start to catch up and get it done. Please email me with any new quilt-alongs.

  9. Am I missing something or is there instructions for the borders?

  10. Mary Bell says

    Are you going to post the boarder instructions?