Quick as a Fox Block 5- Hexagon Appliqué

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For the Quilt Along -Quick as a Fox Block 5 is a Hexagon Quilt Block.

applique hexagon quilt block

Hexagon Applique Block 5


Hexagon quilt blocks have been very popular this last year and it’s about time you learn how to make yourself one– without using any hand stitching at all!  You were worried for a minute weren’t you?  I have decided that Y seams are not what they are cracked up to be and seriously we need to learn how to simplify a few things when it comes to quilting and not be ‘so precise’ and worried about the proper technique.  So, for this hexagon quilt block, you will be cutting out the hexagons {still keeping with tradition} and then using a little bit of glue, you will be sewing them right down to the background block.

The tricky part of this block— you will learn how to make your own hexagon.  Don’t toss your fabric aside- it’s easy and you will thank me later.  This technique works for whatever size you will ever need.  So, hop on over to Craft Passion and learn how to make a hexagon template.

The first step will have you drawing a circle.  The block for the Quick as a Fox Quilt has 3″ hexagons.  As you can see there is extra space in the background area.  If you’d like to make your’s bigger….do it!  This is all about your quilt really in the end.  Not mine.  So, you could probably go to 4″.  You can cut a few out of paper to ‘audition’ the size and make sure it is something that you like.

This block will give you a good idea on making and using a template, but still giving you some freedom with the block and placement.

After you have your template- cut out the hexagons from your fabric.  You will need a total of 7 hexagons.

Cut your background block- 13″ X 13″

Fold in half and iron

Fold in half the other direction and iron

Using these center iron creases as registration place your middle hexagon directly centered

Place the other hexagons around the center block butting the edges of the hexagons right next to each other.   *if they don’t match exactly, overlap them a tiny bit.  This won’t be seen later and will relieve you of the perfection issue.

Using a glue stick, carefully lift up the edges of the hexagons and glue them in place.  *if you have a glue of preference, use it. You just need the pieces to stay while they are being sewn. Too many pins get in the way

Sew with a zig zag stitch.  You can decide if you’d like to use matching thread or a dark thread so it stands out.

Zig zag all the way around each hexagon.

hexagon quilt blockTrim the block to 12 1/2″ X 12 1/2″

You are finished with the hexagon block.

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To help us all connect and find inspiration from one another, there is a flickr photo gallery group-  Share your progress, choices, and finished blocks there.  If there is anything I know about quilters and sewists, it’s that we are very visual people.  So, please share it so we can all see it.



  1. Why isn’t blocks 3 and 4 activated for downloading on the site that says they can all be found there? Thanks for checking it out…….

  2. I had never thought of making hexagon flowers this way. I love doing English Paper Piecing, and I have a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt that is coming along slowly, but surely. I will try this and see how it goes!
    Thanks for the fun tutorials, Becky!

  3. I looked through your Flickr photo gallery, but I didn’t see any pics of the fox. Do you have any close-sups of that cute fox? Or better yet, an applique pattern for him?

  4. I will have to wait till I get to the city to buy a compass for this one!