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Some of you may have heard the news but late last week I shared a little secret, I’m hosting a sewing retreat this fall called Sew Scrappy Retreat!

Grab your scraps and come join us for a weekend getaway filled with creativity, new friends, and plenty of new projects to keep your machine stitching for days! Sew Scrappy Retreat Tickets are now on Sale!

Before I dive into the details, let me share some of the backstory. For years I have attended sewing retreats with best sewing bud…. my mom. Since we live so far apart, we’ve used the retreats as an excuse for a getaway weekend to sew, meet new friends and just have fun. The kind of weekends where no one worries about laundry, cooking dinner or deadlines. Nope instead, we just focus on having fun. We toss our hair up in messy buns, slice into our fabric stash and stitch the night away while chatting up a storm. Seriously, the best!

Each time we leave, we instantly start longing for the next one, wondering when our next “Memory Maker” will be. So, during the last retreat, I made it official and decided it was time host my own. I know that many will have questions about the event so here is a breakdown of what the weekend will look like.

Sew Scrappy Retreat Details

What is Sew Scrappy? Sew Scrappy is sewing retreat focused on learning through fun, unique projects. The Sew Scrappy Retreat is hosted by The Sewing Loft and features projects and techniques to help you stitch through your scrap stash.

Where is Sew Scrappy hosted? in Concord, North Carolina at the Hilton Garden Inn. The Hilton is located at: 7831 Gateway Ln, Concord, NC 28027, United States.

When is the Sew Scrappy? September 21st (Friday,) 22nd (Saturday,)  and 23 (Sunday,) 2018. *Registration begins at 10:30 am on Friday and the event wraps up at 2pm on Sunday.

What’s included with each ticket? All lectures, classes & projects, open sew time, and these meals: welcome brunch/mixer dinner on Friday, breakfast/lunch/ both Saturday and Sunday, as well as all snacks to keep you fueled up to stitch up a storm. Rotary cutters/mats and irons will also be provided at every ironing station as well as design walls, and more goodies than you can shake a stick at!

What’s not included with each ticket? Hotel room, transportation, fabric/notions, and sewing machines.

Do I need to book my own hotel room? Yes– you are responsible for your lodging and transportation during Sew Scrappy. We highly recommend reserving a room to stay on site at the Hilton Garden Inn (7831 Gateway Ln) and take advantage of the Sew Scrappy room block. If you choose not to stay at the Hilton, there are several other nearby hotels, though you will be responsible for your transportation to the Hilton each day. Click here to book your room at the Hilton.

Do I need to bring my own sewing machine? There are two options for sewing machines during the retreat. You may bring your own machine, OR rent a Baby Lock Presto II. For $75, we will have the Presto II ready and waiting for you when when you arrive and we will take care of the take down when you leave. This is a great option if you don’t wish to fly with your machine or would like to try out the Presto II.

How much does it cost? $425 per ticket but you can get it on the early bird special for $375. (*early bird pricing is a limited time offer.)

During Sew Scrappy


Grab your scraps and come join us for a weekend getaway filled with creativity, new friends, and plenty of new projects to keep your machine stitching for days! Sew Scrappy Retreat Tickets are now on Sale! What skill level is required for the workshop? Beginners and Up!! The Sew Scrappy Retreat classes/workshops are designed to teach you the projects & techniques first hand. That said, you must be familiar with these basic sewing skills in order to keep up with the class: rotary cutting on a mat and how to use your sewing machine.

When are the lectures & workshops?  Each teacher has prepared something special just for you! In addition to surprise Make & Take’s throughout the weekend, Lee Monroe from May Chappell will present her Understanding the Rainbow Color lecture Saturday morning. The lecture will focus on working with scraps and help us prepare for our afternoon workshop: Mini Clutch Case. Sunday am a very special guest will be coming by to show us tips we can use at home to keep our machines in top working order between visits to the shop.  Trust me, after a weekend of heavy sewing, this class is not to be missed!

Grab your scraps and come join us for a weekend getaway filled with creativity, new friends, and plenty of new projects to keep your machine stitching for days! Sew Scrappy Retreat Tickets are now on Sale! Will there be open sewing time? Yes! You’re welcome to sew in the morning after the room is opened, between classes, during meals and into the late evening hours! Really, we want you to make the most of your time here. So be sure to pack plenty of personal sewing projects, be prepared to raid your goodie bag or grab something new at the shop.

What do I need to bring with me? 3 months prior to the Sew Scrappy Retreat, you’ll be emailed a packing list to help keep you on track. Included will be any required fabrics & notions needed for class, details about the SWAP, challenges and more.

What happens if I forget something? Have no fear, we all understand things happen especially when traveling! I’ve teamed up with my favorite local shop We’re Sew Creative and they will have a pop up shop right next to us in the hotel. Honestly, I’ll warn you now, they have so many goodies that you need to leave room in your suitcase.

I have food allergies. Will there be meal options for me? Yes, prior to the Sew Scrappy Retreat, you will recieve an email to provide additional information so that we can notify the catering staff. **Advanced notice is needed so that we can make every effort to accommodate food sensitivity needs.

Grab your scraps and come join us for a weekend getaway filled with creativity, new friends, and plenty of new projects to keep your machine stitching for days! Sew Scrappy Retreat Tickets are now on Sale!

After Sew Scrappy Retreat


I loved using my Baby Lock Presto II during the retreat, can I buy it? Absolutely! Sew Scrappy Retreat is a great opportunity to “test drive” a new sewing machine, and take advantage of special event pricing at the shop.

Will there be patterns provided for all the projects so I can remake the at home? You Bet! Patterns are included with your ticket. Plus, we have some pretty amazing sponsors that are sending goodies your way…. again, I’m suggesting you save room in your travel bag. (hint, hint!!)

How can I stay connected with all my new friends after the retreat? Retreats are a great place to meet like minded friends and we want you to stay connected! Consider connecting on Instagram and using the hashtag #sewscrappyretreat2018 to see all the fun photos taken during the retreat and pictures of the finished projects.

So call your sewing buddies, grab your scraps and let’s get ready to have some fun. Be sure to register today because space is limited!

Booking Your Sew Scrappy Retreat Weekend


If you have any questions or would like information on sponsorship opportunities, please me a note at




Special thank you to the amazing sponsors of the 2018 Sew Scrappy Sewing Retreat. The event was a blast and the goodies were amazing!


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  1. This is soooo cool Heather! It sounds like so much fun!! I hope you’re planning on a yearly event – I can’t make it this year but I would love to attend next year!!

    • Oh Bev, that would be so fun! Yes, as long as there is interest, I would love to host again next year.
      ps- LOVING your new needle minders…. So, stinkin’ cute!

  2. Good job on the planning bc this is the first retreat I’ve seen that considers people with food allergies, who might otherwise not be able to come.
    Also, having it at a hotel is a great idea, so that if people have other special needs, prefer their own room, etc, they can make their own arrangements. And some people have hotel points they can use, which might cut down on the cost for them. 🙂

    • Thanks for your sweet note Susan! Much time and effort has been spent on the prep & planning aspect of the retreat. While I know that it can be challenging at times to accommodate all, the hotel staff has been ever so helpful. Without them, this would be very difficult.

      I’m beyond excited and can hardly wait for September to arrive.

  3. Debbie Darlington says

    Hi Heather,
    Question: will class projects be of a contemporary design? Or…will it be based on the supplies/colors/fabrics I bring with me?

    • Hello Debbie,
      That’s a great question! On Saturday we will be making a scrappy version of the Mini May Clutch by Lee Monroe from MayChappell. This clutch is very versatile and perfect for any fabric style. All attendees will recieve the pattern, interlining/fusible and hardware for the class. Since taste in fabrics vary from person to person, I will send out a suggested fabric supply list for this project for you to bring from your stash. There will also be fabrics on hand for attendees to supplement their retreat stash with during the event. There will be Make & Take project offerings throughout the weekend. These can be made from your retreat or from the fabrics provided. It is really up to you.

  4. Very excited for this retreat! What time on Friday will things start and what time Sunday will it end?

    • Hello Dona,
      I’m so happy to hear that you are just as excited as I am! Registration begins at 10:30 am on Friday and the event wraps up at 2pm on Sunday. There are so many fun things planned that the time will go by in a flash!

  5. I too will look forward to an announcement of next years. Too much already planned for this year. Sounds like so much fun and the price sounds perfect!

  6. Donna Deal says

    I’ve never been to an event like this, but I’m local and curious if this is something I would be interested in? Is each person supposed to bring enough projects to keep them busy for 3 days? Is it something where you could drop in for a day to see what its all about? Thanks. Donna

    • Hello Donna,
      How lucky that you are local! That will make travel a breeze. These events are so much fun. Not only will you have dedicated sew time but just think about all the new friends you will meet and projects you will make. This event does not have a drop in option as things are planned for each day. The event offers projects for everyone to make and each attendee is encouraged to bring additional items to work on. Feel free to email me with any additional questions.

  7. Sandra DeMers says

    I have tried every link I could find to sign up for the blog so I could print the pattern for Nessie, but I never get an email confirming the subscription. Please help!

  8. Leigh Ann says

    Heather can you help me with the registration for the retreat? I am signed up to go and am so excited because I have always wanted to go on a sewing retreat but never had the opportunity. The address that I used was the billing address for that credit card. Not my personal address. Can someone contact me so that I can give you my home address to mail all of the preparation materials and packing list to?

    • Hello Leigh Ann,
      I’m so excited you are joining the fun and believe that we have everything sorted out by email earlier this month. Please email me back if you have any additional questions.
      Can’t wait to see you in September!

  9. Will it be wheelchair accessible?

    • Hello Dee,
      Yes, the hotel and event are wheelchair accessible. I might add, that it would be helpful for me to know if there are any additional ways I could ensure comfort during the event to let me know upfront. The first thing that comes to mind is- are there any special table requirements? Feel free to email me directly.

  10. Hi,
    I would like to know what lessons are going to be given aside from the clutch purse. It is hard to decide whether to come or not when you don’t know what lessons are given and if you have already been to a retreat where the same lessons were already given. More details on lessons and projects would be helpful.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Deb,
      Thank you for your note. To be honest, I am looking to keep things somewhat of a surprise. The clutch and lecture will be the bulk of the structured classes. There will be small projects for everyone to enjoy during the event but I understand that many want time to work on in process projects from home. So these additional projects are something that you can make at the retreat or complete at home. There will also be an additional outside guest coming on Sunday to share insider tips about keeping our machines in top working order between visits to the shop.

      I hope that helps give you more information and would love to see you in September.


  11. Alice Cook says

    I have read and seen articles about sewing retreats and thought I would like to attend one. But am a little unsure of my skill level, yes and just a little intimidated by all that I see . I live in Charlotte about 20 minutes from the hotel. It would be something I really want to experience . When is early registration closing? I am currently working on getting by machine up and running again so I can practice and get back into the swing of things.

    • Hello Alice,
      The event is open to all skill levels and I truly welcome/encourage you to come. Just being around others will expand your creativity & skill. The Mini May clutch is a straight stitching project and we are all here to help. As of today, there are only a few tickets left so, if you are interested I would highly suggest that you sign up while you can.
      I assure you, there will be stitchers of all levels at the event and everyone is a friendly bunch!

  12. Marsha Storey says

    What is your cancellation policy?

  13. Is there a wait list for this event? I have a friend going and would love to join but it looks to be sold out.