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There may be four seasons in the year but spring happens to be my favorite. Something about opening the windows and listening to the birds sing makes me way to start my spring quilting!

So when my friend Pat Sloan reached out to ask if I would be interested in sharing the news about her new book, Celebrate the Seasons, I was all in.

Celebrate the Seasons with quilting! Pat Sloan's latest book.

If you are not familiar with Pat’s work you are missing out. Her designs have a fun spirit and spunky style. She is known for her applique work, teaching coast to coast and let’s not forget, every Monday you can find her hosting amazing designers from around our industry on her podcast with American Patchwork Quilting. One quick look at her site and you will wonder when/if she ever sleeps.

Pat’s latest project, Celebrate the Seasons is so fun. Be prepared to fall in love because the 14 projects included are perfect for infusing your space with a burst of color. From the Tulip placemats to the country fair quilt, this book has something special for each and every seasonal change. Here are a few of my favorite projects.

Summer Nest Quilt Wall Hanging

Everything about the Summer Nest wall hanging is perfect. I can see making a scrappy version and using free motion stitching to attach the applique details. I think it would be a great way to freshen up my wall of minis.

And even though this project is not spring quilting, it still looks dreamy! For anyone worried that the project is involved, don’t sweat it! Pat shows you how to make quick work of all those pieces with the help of strip sets. Seriously, this technique will help you create your masterpiece in a flash!

Summer Sky Pillow | Celebrate the Seasons by Pat Sloan

If you are looking for a quick project to add that special pop of color to your world I suggest the Summer Sky pillow. It would be fun to make this in a range of colors that resemble the sunset on a summer night.

Spring Quilting

You can purchase this book at your local quilt shop, Amazon and Fat Quarter Shop and get your spring quilting game on!

Honestly, Celebrate the Seasons has so many fun projects that I could overload you with eye candy in this article but instead, I’m thinking it’s time for a giveaway!

Celebrate the Seasons with this adorable Summers Nest wall hanging from Pat Sloan's latest book.

I’m partnering with Pat and Martingale to give one lucky Sewing Loft reader a free copy of Celebrate the Seasons.

To enter, please leave me a note in the comment section below with your favorite sewing season. I’ll draw the winner Monday, March 11th and announce it here.

Congratulations to Janet T. You are the lucky winner! Please check your email to claim your prize.

*Please note that US Winners will recieve a physical copy of the book and international winners will win a digital copy.

The book will shipping to stores on March 15, 2019 and can be pre-ordered here. That means, if you pre-order now, your copy will be on it’s way before it even arrives at most local shops.

ps- want to double your chances of winning? Head over to Martingale and enter to win their big book launch giveaway. Prizes include: books, fabric, notions and more! Click here to enter.

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  1. I LOVE sewing for Christmas!

  2. Lisa Marie says

    I love to sew for fall! Leaves and pumpkins are some of my favorite subjects.

  3. Dana Flanders says


  4. Winter and rainy days is my time to sew, outside calls me the rest of the time!

    • Yes I am new to this site….it looks fun, but I may not need more temptation…I do pray “ and lead me not into temptation “ so I shouldn’t sign up for these uh!!!

  5. Daisy Dianne Bromlow says

    My favorite seasons are fall and winter , then spring and summer . If I won the book I would have to make All of her creations in it – what you have shown here has got my fingers just itching to get started. I love to applique and embroidery so that is just a plus for me. Have a Blessed week.

  6. I love to sew in the winter when it isn’t so nice to be outside. Sewing spring and summer themed items brings cheer to dull winter days.

  7. Allison Evrard says

    My favorite sewing season is winter. I can stay nice and warm as I work on my quilting!

  8. Genie Weber says

    Love your site.

  9. Charald Comeau says

    I love fall.

  10. Rita Hill says

    Spring is my favorite season when I look forward to being outdoors enjoying nature and starting a fresh new spring sewing project. Pat’s tulips may be my newest creation this spring.

  11. Linda Pyke says

    Would love to sew the spring tulips.

  12. Donna L. Weible says

    I love fall …. the colors!!! But I sew for all seasons. There’s nothing like a hand-made quilt or pillow to brighten up one’s home.

  13. Kim Harrell says

    I love the Christmas/winter holiday season with 4th of July (patriotic) stuff as a close second. But I’m loving the tulips in Pat’s book!

  14. Deborah Gemberling says

    Fall season with all th ever changing vibrant colors

  15. I enjoying the winter quilts, that way I can snuggle up when I’m finished

  16. Ann McMillin says

    Love Winter for quilting!!! So nice to be working on projects when the wind is howling and the snow is falling!!!

  17. Milly Fessler says

    Every season is a great sewing reason!

  18. Kathy E. says

    Pat Sloan is so creative and I love everything she does! My favorite season for sewing is Spring. It’s still cool outside here in Iowa,, so I can’t be outdoors too much. It’s just enough to get me inspired to make fun, pretty projects for gifts and my home!

  19. Mary Halvorson says

    My favorite sewing season is snow season. I don’t like to go out in the bad weather so a good movie and sewing is what I do in my hibernation season!

  20. Winter is my favorite time to sew projects

  21. Debby Errigo says

    My favorite season is summer with long warm days and lots of sunshine. BUT my favorite season to sew/quilt FOR is Christmas – I love making special Christmas gifts for family and friends – and I can do that all year long! Thanks so much for the chance to win 🙂

  22. Teresa Knittingdancer says

    My favorite sewing season is winter when it is cold and messy outside.

  23. Odile KiNKADE says

    Favorite season is Fall. Warm days and cool evening.

  24. Winter while I have to be inside!

  25. I like cozy, winter sewing! Lots of extra time to do sewing this time of the year! I love making things for friends & family!

  26. GLORIA NORRIS says

    No raking oak leaves, no picking up twigs and after winter cleanup, no tilling the soil and planting the garden, no pulling weeds, no canning and preserving, just time to enjoy the indoors with sewing, reading, baking And cuddling. That is WINTER.

  27. Patricia Simon says

    I like winter. It is so cozy and I love sewing and making gifts for the people I love!

  28. My favorite season for quilting is winter since we are mostly inside where it is warm.

  29. Angie VanEpps says

    I’m loving your spring tulips!

  30. Mildred Plaskett says

    I sew for all the seasons, but I do want to do a Spring project now. I like the tulips in Pat’s book. First time on you site, I’ll be back. Thanks!

  31. Michelle Barker says

    I love to sew in the winter. There’s nothing better than sitting at my sewing table with spotify playing and snow falling out the window! Hmmmm, that’s actually what will be happening here in about 10 minutes. ????

  32. Lori Morton says

    Love sewing for Fall…but Loving those Tulips!!! Ready for Spring here!! 🙂 Thank you for chance to win this Awesome book too!! 😀

  33. Cindy Berry says

    My favorite sewing season is Winter when the weather is grey and usually rainy – more inside time to sew.

  34. My favorite sewing season is cold and rainy or when it is really hot. Otherwise I want to be outside. But I love to sew for all seasons!

  35. I love sewing every season.

  36. Kresti Lyddon says

    I love autumn themes – colorful leaves, acorns, corn, pumpkins, turkeys, cornucopias, apples, etc.

  37. Rita Scott says

    Sewing for WINTER is a fun way to keep the blues away.

  38. Michelle Smith says

    Christmas is my favorite, but I do love having quilts and tablerunners that celebrate each season or a specific holiday.

  39. Paula Barker says

    I love the colors of spring flowers.

  40. Jenny Zak says

    I love the colors of Christmas but my favorite season is Fall

  41. joanelle edwards says

    My favorite season is Fall. To me it signals new beginnings, As a child I loved to start a new school year, to learn and create.

  42. Debra Ollanketo says

    I love to sew for the holidays, especially Christmas

  43. Sheree A Adair says

    I love spring . . . All the beautiful green and I love Pat’s tulips!

  44. Becky Bynum says

    I love the spring-and those lovely tulips!

  45. Janet Sabol says

    My favorite quilting season is winter. The quilting projects brighten up the cold and dreary days.

  46. Bette McLennan says

    I guesss winter is when I tend to get the most done, with a particular emphasis on the Christmas season when there are so many gifts a person can make!

  47. Michele Stevenson says

    To Make quilts Winter, but I really like Spring time! I think the Tulips are my favorite.

  48. I love the fall weather and the change of the trees and no bugs! I choose fall. Thanks!

  49. Linda Hook says

    I like all seasons but could use some spring and summer wall hangings

  50. Rosalind Gutierrez says

    I look forward to sewing Christmas projects for fun & surprising gifts.

  51. I like Spring too. I love to see my garden come to life after the cold winter!

  52. My favorite season to sew in is Winter because otherwise I’m outside working in the yard on my flowerbeds–I love the Spring season. And when I sew I love to sew tulips for spring, pumpkins for fall, and Christmas trees for Winter.

  53. Diane Beavers says

    Hi Heather
    The 5th season (I.e. quilting season/year round)
    Thank you for your generosity.

  54. Susan Salo says

    I love spring quilting- baby animals and pretty flowers!

  55. I probably sew most in the winter as I don’t really like the cold and snowy weather. No gardening either, so…I hibernate and sew.

  56. Lola Zimmerman says

    Love fall sewing

  57. Dawn Tenneson says

    Fall and holiday is my favorite but I love the tulip design and it would look great in my home!

  58. Denise Clason says

    Like to sew in spring

  59. Loriann Fish says

    The Nordic wall hanging would be perfect for Christmas sewing!

  60. Jeanne Peterson says

    Fall is a great time to sew and with all the wonderful color changes I get inspired to sew using those colors.

  61. Heather Osterhout says

    I love sewing using vibrant Fall Colors!

  62. Mercedes Rose says


  63. Kathleen Dalecio says

    I really enjoy Spring and Fall seasons. But, since I love Tulips so much, Spring would be my favorite for sewing projects. I LUV the Tulip quilt and the Swirling flowers table runner in Pat’s new book!

  64. Melissa Greenfield says

    I love spring because everything is fresh and new! But my off time from my job is 2 months in the summer. So that’s when I can sew sew away????

  65. Winter is the season I complete the most sewing because it is too cold to go out. However, my favorite season is probably summer, because it is warm. I love sewing for any and all seasons, holidays and gifts.

  66. Sonya Fisk says

    I love to sew for fall.

  67. I love to sew in any season, but favor projects for fall and winter.

  68. Carol B. says

    Winter is when I get a lot of quilting done either for gifts or really getting time in my sewing room after the holidays are over.

  69. Jani Rosbaugh says

    I love sewing in and for winter! Nothing beats a cold snowy day spent in my sewing room!!

  70. Mercedes Rose says

    I love the fall! All the colours are so breathtaking ????????????????

  71. Joyce Carter says

    I love to sew no matter what the season is. It’s all good! Thank you for the chance.

  72. Elizabeth Rodgers says

    Love Spring time with all the colors after a cold and wet winter.

  73. Winter is my favorite season to sew-snowflakes, snowmen, Santa 🙂

  74. Gail White says

    I like sewingin the fall best!

  75. My favorite season to stitch is fall and winter. Its cold outside and sewing with a hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to stay warm.

  76. Sharon Treece says

    My favorite season is Spring, it brings new life and beauty to everything.

  77. Lisa Rausch says

    My favorite season to sew is Winter. Making warm things is perfect!

  78. I love the fall with its crisp air, the colors and the coming of harvests, the starting of school, the starlit nights. Thank you for this opportunity!

  79. Winter is the best!

  80. My favorite is usually fall season. However, I am so tired of this winter season that I am really looking for to the spring season.

  81. Hmmm…I like to sew during the coziness of winter, but the long, light days of summer make it easier for me to sew later, after I’ve gotten my chores done. So I guess there is no bad season for quilting around here! I simply can’t choose.

  82. Pam Kanode says

    Winter is my favorite season for which to sew!

  83. Fall is my favorite season to sew for.

  84. Kathie L says

    I love to sew for spring. I’m so ready for it after a cold winter.

  85. I love to sew in the Fall !

  86. Mary Lomsdalen says

    Fall colorful crisp air

  87. Patricia Serenko says

    Thank you for sharing. My favorite season to see for is spring.

  88. Kathy Gist says

    I love the pastels and bright colors of spring! I love the tulips in Pat’s book!

  89. Susan Shamekh says


  90. Linda Cwynar says

    My favorite is Autumn because the colors are bright and vibrant. Love pumpkins and all that is happening in the fall.

  91. I love to start in the Spring , peicing through the summer and binding in the winter.

  92. Sharon Aurora says

    My favorite season is summer.

  93. Fall/winter is my favorite season for quilts in this area. It is too hot for them otherwise.

  94. Heather Ellis says

    My favorite season to sew is Winter.

  95. I get more sewing done in Winter because I can’t be in the garden but I love Spring. Flowers, garden and Humming Birds.

  96. Pauline Crone says

    My favorite quilting season is winter when the coldsnowand wind blows outside, i relush staying warm and cozy stitching away!! I’d love Pats newest quilting book!!

  97. Eileen Maher says

    Love spring sewing, I feel more energized!!

  98. Dolores Clark says

    I like to sew all seasons.

  99. Dawn Smith says

    My favorite self season is spring time. Cheerful colors, flowers, happiness!

  100. Megan Stowe says

    Winter is my favorite quilting season because it keeps me warm.

  101. My favorite season is fall, but winter is my favorite sewing season.

  102. Rebecca Bunke says

    Spring is a wonderful to sew quilts. I want to make Pat’s tulip quilt.

  103. Mary Murphy says

    I love to sew all year round, but winter is the time of year that I sew most. Armed with a hot cup of cocoa, a blazing coal fire and the Irish wind howling outside, there is nothing better than to sew and play with fabric!

  104. Sandra Allen says

    I love to quilt for fall. The colors are so rich and warm, and there are so many different things to use for inspiration.

  105. Cindy Ferree says

    I love to sew for Christmas, but I need some spring decorations for my house-maybe a table runner and matching wall hanging. The tulip pattern of Pat’s would be great!

  106. Susan Du says

    I love sewing for all seasons but am really inspired by the fall colors.

  107. Annette Canonica says

    I love to sew for holidays and make handmade gifts for Christmas gifts.

  108. Dorothy Paulk says

    I love Fall and Christmas but I am working on a Spring runner. Just moved 3 times in a year (I know it’s nuts) but really want to get something done this year for my favorite holidays.

  109. LINDA DOUGLAS says

    Love to make quilted gifts in the fall for Christmas Gifts for loved ones! Thanks for sharing!

  110. Jacklyn Hazen says

    I love all seasons quilting but especially Autumn I love Halloween quilts!

  111. Anna Szivek says

    I love winter in AZ!

  112. Catherine Powell says

    Spring is my favorite season. I’m more creative…It inspires me, everthing is new, bright, and colorful. It’s a welcoming treat after a harsh winter.

  113. Brenda West says

    Spring and Summer are my favorite projects to sew – just love bright – sunshine color fabrics. Floral designs are some of my favorite. Just warms me up. Will have to admit though that winter is about the only time I sew much – always outdoors with other projects when it warms up. I craft all mediums. Thanks

  114. Rosalie Joehnk says

    I get the most sewing done in summer and winter-when it is too hot or too cold to garden.

  115. My favorite sewing season is fall. I love to settle in and start playing with flannels and wools.

  116. Jennifer Mills says

    I like autumn or fall, as summer is over and tree colours change.

  117. Debby in Upstate NY says

    I love color so spring and fall are my favorites.

  118. Marie Eddins says

    I love to sew year round, but perhaps my favorite season to sew in is winter, after Christmas when the stress level of finishing projects ‘for Christmas’ is not there! Less stress and more relaxing sewing time!

  119. Anita Jackson says

    I enjoy all the seasons but autumn is my favorite

  120. I love the fall, maybe because I was born in October and got married in September.

  121. Nothy Lane says

    I love seeing for Christmas

  122. Winter because it’s too cold and snowy to do anything else!

  123. Raelynn Hunt says

    Spring is My favorite time of year to sew !

  124. I love winter. Everything about it I can see fresh snow out the window behind my machine. Snuggling up in a quilt in front of the fire. Getting snowed in and able to quilt all day

  125. Allison Redding says

    Spring is my favorite season.

  126. Cathy thompson says

    Spring!!! Spring!! Spring!!!

  127. Elizabeth Watson says

    Anytime of the year is perfect to sew and make quilts especially for new little grandchildren.

  128. I love sewing with spring and summer colors and flowers

  129. Susan Gray says

    Winter is my sewing season. Too cold and snowy for much else this year.

  130. Shirley Jobson says

    I think if would have to be fall…..but then again summer is a fun season too!

  131. Laura Taylor says

    Every season is my favorite sewing season!

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