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It’s the end of week 4 and time to wrap up our sweet heart row layout in the Sweet On You mystery quilt along.

Let me show you how to look at your scraps in a whole new way by layering texture with pattern. Join me on the mystery Sweet On You quilt along adventure.

Now, I know this week was easy and today’s assignment is gonna be a walk in the park! Your goal for the weekend is to join together your two rows of the Twisted Tulips with this center .

Sweet Heart Row Layout



Before I get to the giveaway details, let’s chat about the row layout. Sweet On You is a horizontal strip layout, made from 9 rows, 6 blocks, sashing and boarders.  This quilt is all about the scraps! I highly encourage you to just have fun and play with fabrics from your stash. The Twisted Tulip row has an additional block in the center. That means, that week two you could only partially complete the row but things are all about to change. This weeks 9″ Sweet Heart block will  complete the row and become the focal point of the quilt. Let’s take a look.

Sweet On You Mystery Quilt Pattern

You can see in the updated quilt image that the twisted tulip row is now complete. Here is the final assembly.

Sweet On You Mystery Quilt Pattern

Arrange unit pieces, right sides together, as per diagram and join. Press seam allowance in one direction. Assemble one complete row.


Enter the Sweet Heart Row Layout Giveaway


Sweet Heart Row Giveaway


Just joining us now and don’t want to miss out? Here are the details: 

Best of luck in the giveaway!



ps- Special shout out to Shannon Fabrics for their constant support, amazing fabrics and continued sponsorship. Without partners like them, series like this would not be possible. Please be sure to visit them on Facebook to say thank you & hello.


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  1. kathy Persons says:

    I started in Jr. HIgh with an introduction from HOme Ec

  2. Susan R Jones says:

    Hey, Just wanted to let you know that the reason I haven’t signed up for the give away is that I have 2 large boxes of Minky/Cuddle (or what ever it is called) that my fabric fairy gave me. I just don’t need or want any more right now. One box is full of multiple yard lengths and the other is more scrappy. I need to make lots of stuffies and quilt backs with this stuff. Love you.

  3. Annette Crain says:

    I started sewing years ago in high school and then college. I am totally retired now, and have been quilting for the last 20 yrs. and I totally LOVE IT! Minkee and plush fabrics are my choices for baby and childrens’ quilts (sooooo cozy)

  4. Dawn Smith says:

    oooo…pretty purples this week…love, love!! 🙂

  5. My mom taught me to sew when I was about 9 years old – I made most of my clothes all through school, but didn’t start quilting until about 10 years ago!

  6. I took sewing lessons at the downtown Fresno Singer store the summer before 6th grade. Extra fun because I took it with my best friend.

  7. Linda L. says:

    I was a teenager and wanted something that wasn’t available off-the-rack so decided I’d have to make my own.

  8. My mom enrolled me in a class when I was a pre-teen.

  9. Cindy Zink says:

    I got started in sewing years ago by remembering my mother making my doll clothes and mine as well. I was gifted my grandmothers sewing machine so I dabbled here and there but decided curtains were about the only thing I was good at. I stopped sewing for many years and occasionally used my grandmothers serger to fix towels as they aged. Go ahead till about 2 years ago I started sewing again, this time I had to buy new machines as the old ones were lost in lifes shuffle. I began making clothes for my grandchilden out of my old clothes, again, I wasnt good at it. I was on Facebook one day and saw the ScrappyGirls Club, joined as I wanted inspiration and now I am sewing my feet off. I sew just about anything these days.

  10. Robin Gibson says:

    My grandmother got me interested in sewing when I was very young.

  11. GLORIA NORRIS says:

    I’d love to see more pictures posted showing how the quilts are coming along. And I have to add, that purple Cuddle fabric is lovely.

  12. I have always been “crafty”. I taught myself to do embroidery and to knit as a child. But it was in junior high in Home Economics that I first touched a sewing machine, and I have been sewing ever since. Thanks!

  13. Hi there! I started sewing when my mother started signing my sister and I up for weekend sewing classes when we were young. There was a Halloween one where we made masks and pumpkins, a mothers day one where we made hanger skirts, lavender sachets rice packets as well as a number of other classes. She’d drop us off and finish her volunteer work for Camp Fire Boys & Girls which was in the same complex. I was so sad when we moved away and didn’t have a way sew any more. The first thing I did when I moved out on my own was buy a little sewing machine and I’ve been on a roll ever since! It was super helpful when all my friends started getting married and having kids to make them personalized gifts without breaking the bank!

  14. I started sewing with my Aunt Elizabeth when I a young girl.

  15. Dawn Smith says:

    How i got started sewing… mom taught me on her machine when i was very young. I remember making Easter baskets and trying to sell them. Also made Christmas ornaments cut from a panel and stuffed. They hang on my tree still. 🙂

  16. My mother and grandmother were seamstresses. My mom taught me how to sew clothes. I loved seeing the pieces come together to make a top or skirt or dress. I even designed and made my own tank top, because most tank tops were not quite right in their fit.

  17. Anita Jackson says:

    I started sewing because I wanted quilts just like my grandmother made, I had very little money to purchase hand made quilts so when I got the money to buy a cheap machine and a bit of fabric I started making one ( I was almost 40!) Little did I know that this is an addicting habit and I’ve spent way much more than what I would have spent just Buying a Quilt and I’m loving every minute of it!

  18. Denise Lamy says:

    I remember being 4 or 5 and learning to crochet from my grandmother, and from then on I’ve always had a passion for handcrafts. I took my first quilting class when I was 17 at a local shop, however the owner was so unfriendly and not interested in me that I stopped for a long time.

  19. Alicia Rutledge says:

    I first learned to sew when my great grandmother started teaching me to embroider at about 7 years old. It led me to learning more when I hit middle school and got to do a home economics class.

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