Sweet Strips Giveaway | Sweet On You Quilt Along

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This week I sliced into a few sweet strips to make my sweet hearts for block 1 of the Sweet on You mystery quilt along and I could not be more excited! Based on some of your sweet notes, I know that I’m not alone.

Let me show you how to look at your scraps in a whole new way by layering texture with pattern. Join me on the mystery Sweet On You quilt along adventure.

So, even though I know that a few of you are still working on your blocks, I thought it would be fun to share some of the amazing Cuddle® fabrics that Shannon Fabrics sent my way. Honestly, they were so generous and sent such a wide assortment of fun colors and patterns, that I feel guilty keeping them all to myself!


Before I get to the giveaway details, let’s chat about the row layout. Sweet On You is a horizontal strip layout, made from 9 rows, 6 blocks, sashing and boarders.  This quilt is all about the scraps! I highly encourage you to just have fun and play with fabrics from your stash.

Sweet Hearts Block | 6" Free Block #SweetOnYouQAL

Each week, I’ll be updating the quilt image with the latest row placement to help keep you on track with your mystery quilt layout. Along with the 16 Sweet Hearts blocks you will need:

From background fabric, cut:

  • 18 rectangles, 2 1/8″ x 6 1/2″

Arrange cut pieces, right sides together, as per diagram. Press seam allowance in one direction. Complete two rows.

Sweet Hearts Block | 6" Free Block #SweetOnYouQAL

Enter the Sweet Strips Giveaway

Sweet On You Block 1 Giveaway

Just joining us now and don’t want to miss out? Here are the details: 

Best of luck in the giveaway!

ps- Special shout out to Shannon Fabrics for their constant support, amazing fabrics and continued sponsorship. Without partners like them, series like this would not be possible. Please be sure to visit them on Facebook to say thank you & hello.

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  1. barb Johnson says

    Love cuddle fabric! I like to use it as baby quilt backing. Also made a quilt out of 6″ squares of various colours and textures of cuddle fabric. Can’t wait to get started on the quilt along!

  2. barbara dougherty says

    Wonderful! I love all the cuddle fabrics! So soft and cuddly!

  3. Robin Gibson says

    I love the cuddle fabrics and love to make blankets for my little ones using them

  4. Paulina Tokarczyk says

    Cuddle fabric is of course perfect for baby quilts but for a while I’ve had an idea to sew some toys and use cuddle for parts like ears, belly etc.

  5. Heather B says

    I recently made a nap mat cover for my son using cuddle fabric. I think I need my own blanket with it now!

  6. Linda Cartwright says

    I have not yet used cuddle fabrics. I need to find some and make something.

  7. Rachel S says

    I love how soft the Cuddle fabric is! I especially love them for baby quilts or bibs since it washes out so nicely 🙂

  8. Cuddle fabric is great – and makes terrific baby blankets. I just made an adult lap quilt for the parents of a baby I gifted with one, and they were thrilled!!

  9. Jayne Dough says

    Cuddle is great for lovies. 🙂

  10. I’d make a beautiful baby quilt with the Cuddle fabrics….every baby needs a soft, cuddly quilt.

  11. Shirley Clark says

    I would love to make a sweet baby quilt with the cuddle fabric!

  12. Of course baby quilts come to mind first, but I just might make a lap quilt for myself. I also saved a pattern for a bunny with a Cuddle fabric tail…so cute!

  13. The rose hued colors are so sweet and springy (is that a word?) that it imagine making a bunny to cuddle with or a pink lamb. You can almost feel how soft the fabrics are. I love the Sweet on You quilt. I was looking for inspiration for my friends baby quilt. This one fits so nicely.

  14. Would love to make a baby blanket.

  15. I’m just starting a pregnancy pillow with Cuddle on one side. I think the scraps are probably going to become stuffies for the baby.

  16. Love the fabric. I think it would be great for some pieced pillows. Thanks for the give away.

  17. I love using cuddle fabric for baby quilts or blankets because of its softness.

  18. A cuddly bedtime quilt for my granddaugher.

  19. Cuddle is great for baby quilts.

  20. Angela Bowling says

    I know these cuddly fabrics make sweet children’s quilts so that is what I would make.

  21. Angela Arterburn says

    I love cuddle fabric for the back of quilts! I also love making baby blankets with cuddle fabric.

  22. A soft lap blanket to use on these cold days.

  23. A baby blanket! 🙂

  24. Liz Horgan says

    I’ve used it for the back of baby quilts!

  25. Dianne Mann says

    Recently used as alternate blocks in a baby blanket

  26. Susan R Jones says

    I use cuddle type fabrics for stuffies. Different styles and sizes. THey turn out great and kids love them.

  27. quilty macquilterson says

    a snuggly baby blanket!

  28. I would make a hot water bottle ozy

  29. Carla Hundley says

    These would be fun
    to use maybe in
    some type of bag.
    Carla from Utah

  30. I would use the cuddle fabric in a little quilt for my soon to be great-nephew!

  31. I love to make cuddle animal blankets!

  32. Ladette K says

    I love the cuddle fabrics for baby blankets. I would make a blanket for a future grand baby!

  33. Lori Morton says

    Cuddle fabric makes the BEST backings..baby & grown-up sizes! 😀 I would definitely be making more baby size quilts for sure!

  34. I would make some cuddle blankets for my sweet granddaughter and grandson. I would like to try to make some toys with the cuddle fabric.

  35. Toss up between a baby blanket or a “pad” to lie on while napping (IA friend made me one with first and loved it).

  36. Rosemary S says

    I would love to use the cuddle fabric as per your patterns. It would be a good way to become familiar with it all.

  37. Saundra McKenzie says

    I would make a lap quilt for my granddaughter and one for her baby doll.

  38. Cuddle Fabric would make an awesome baby blanket! Thanks!

  39. Grace White says

    Several things come to mind. Ultimately it would be something that a person gains comfort from: a blanket, quilt, robe, stuffed animal.

  40. Dawn Smith says

    I’d make a baby quilt!

  41. I’d love to use the cuddle fabric for baby quilts. So soft and snuggly!

  42. Karen Pinkelman says

    I love sewing with cuddle it makes the cutest baby quilts and the person receiving it loves it also.

  43. I have some lovely soft toy patterns I could use this fabric for

  44. Judith Martinez says

    I think the cuddle fabric would make adorable fabric blocks for babies.

  45. I would make a quilt for my granddaughter.

  46. They look wonderful! I would probably make a lap quilt.

  47. I love cuddle fabric and love to make cuddly baby blankets!

  48. Patty Sack says

    I’ve never seen with cuddle before so I think I would do some experimenting!

  49. I’d make bibs and burping cloths

  50. I have only use cuddle’s for backing a quilt. I would like to make a quilt out of it. It is so soft and cuddly.

  51. I always like to have a little baby something on hand. this bundle would come in SO handy.

  52. A cute baby blanket to donate to Gillette Children’s Hospital, who posted that they are in need of blankets.

  53. Susan Cardonita says

    I would make a fun spring wall hanging with the Cuddle fabric if I won!

  54. Cathy Wilson says

    I’d like to make a throw for my sweet great niece!

  55. I would love to make a cuddle quilt for myself. The fabric looks so soft and warm, on a rainy day, like today, I would love to be cuddled up in it, watching a movie!

  56. A baby blanket

  57. Like most, I would use to make a baby blanket or quilt.

  58. I have two quilts for my grandsons that I want to use Minky on.

  59. Cherryl Campbell says

    i love making baby blankets with cuddle

  60. Thanks for the chance!

  61. Kellie Campbell says

    I would make a baby quilt or some kitchen towels Thanks for the chance to win

  62. Being a military family our first thoughts is to gift those in outlying areas or fire zones (war), something that lets them know they are not forgotten. We’ve used the Cuddle Fabrics for pillows & pillow cases, blankets, & even small blocks stuffed with shredded foam or batting. These blocks are used as hand exercisers so we fill them pretty full. Items that are made at home mean so much to the military men & women; it is pure pleasure to be able to do something!

    Thank you ever so much for the opportunity to win Heather.

  63. Have not used cuddle fabrics, would love to try them in a baby quilt.

  64. Love making little tag blankets for babies, and putting cuddle on the back

  65. I made a taggy blanket and a baby blanket with cuddle on both sides for my Grandson. They are so soft and “cuddly”.

  66. I have used Cuddle Fabrics in both baby quilt and recently made two “college snuggle” quilts for when the girls need some extra love from grandmother Mimi

  67. I have never used cuddle fabric before, but would love to use it to make a baby blanket and/or to back a baby quilt.

  68. I would use the cuddle fabric to make this quilt the way that you are doing it! I have never sewn with cuddle and want desperately to learn.

  69. Alma London says

    I would make cute blankets for my grand children.

  70. Andrea Johnson says

    I would make a blanket! Or a sweater

  71. I probably would start with a baby blanket.

  72. Lisa Vanhook says

    I would make something to display,,,like an art piece..

  73. I would use it to make a cuddly blanket for my baby!

  74. These fabrics are so soft and cuddly. I would make a blanket for one of my grandchildren. Of course I’d have to get more fabric or else the other three might fight for it. Lol

  75. I would make a pet blanket with it!

  76. I’d love to make my great-granddaughter a blanket with this fabric. Although she has plenty of blankets, just not one from Grammy.

  77. Darlene Owen says

    I would try to make a baby quilt.

  78. Charlene Canfield says

    I am so hooked on quilts. Not sure what I would make as it would be my first quilt that I would actually do.

  79. Joyce hemker says

    Baby Quilt

  80. I have used this for backing baby quilts, but I love the hearts done in cuddle!

  81. I’d make a blanket for the grandbaby.

  82. Donna Sharkey says

    I have made infinity scarves from cuddle 🙂

  83. Crystal Rose says

    I would make some throw pillows.

  84. Suzanne Rettler says

    Ooh definitely stuffed toys.

  85. kathy Persons says

    A quilt for my new granddaughter cming

  86. Janet Boyanton says

    A baby blanket is what I would make.

  87. Joanie Wallrich says

    I would use it for the backing of a baby quilt. I love to use double gauze on the front and cuddle fabric on the back, it makes an awesome baby quilt.

  88. I’d make something cuddly for a new baby coming soon.

  89. Tabitha Keener says

    I’ve got a baby in the family coming and I would love to make a baby quilt with this! Thanks

  90. Carin Caldwell says

    I love making rag quilts with cuddle fabrics.

  91. I love the cuddle fabrics! I have made custom scarf-mitten-hoodies, lap quilts, and baby quilts.

  92. Karan Bergeron says

    Would love to make a baby’s quilt with these beautiful fabrics.

  93. I would make a sweet and cuddly baby blanket! ❤️????❤️????

  94. Pillow, scarf, backing on baby quilt, lap quilt.

  95. I would make some sweet cuddly stuffed toys!

  96. Taggie blankets are the best with cuddly fabrics!

  97. Would make it quite for my granddaughter.

  98. Lauren DAlton says

    I would love to use it for stuffed animals!!

  99. I would make a lap blanket or some stuffed animals.

  100. Mary Green says

    I have never backed a baby quilt with cuddly fabric. That looks like my next lesson. I’ve been quilting for over 40 years!

  101. Helen Barnhart says

    I would use for baby quilts

  102. I just saw a tutorial for hand-knitting with this type of fabric. I would definitely try that!

  103. Annette Crain (nettie) says

    Need to make 2 baby quilts before June! Love Minkee and plushie fabrics.

    Thank you.

    Annette Crain

  104. I’d make a pillow to cradle a small child’s head in sleep

  105. monique s says

    I would make a baby quilted blanky

  106. Webba Campos says

    I would use it on baby quilts

  107. Bonnie Thiem says

    A baby blanket for my new great granddaughter.

  108. Denise Lamy says

    I use mainly cuddle for my quilt backs now. It’s so soft and comfy, and most quilts can be done with one large piece if you use the 90″ wide cuddle!

  109. Colleen Gonzales says

    I would like to make a quilt with cuddle fabric because it’s warm and snuggle!

  110. Judy Allen says

    I love the soft feel of the cuddle fabrics.

  111. Bunny Wilson says

    I’ve not used cuddle fabrics – yet! But, I would use it making a quilt or maybe a sweet stuffed animal.

  112. Sandy Longan says

    Some cute stuffed toys or shapes.

  113. Leah Shumack says

    I love making decorative pillows!

  114. A warm fuzzy quilted throw that I could just bundle up in with my dog, on difficult days like today, to put some bright warm color in my life.

  115. These would make a great pillow for my little granddaughter!

  116. KENNETH OHL says

    love to have my mom make a blanket with these fabrics

  117. Shakeia Rieux says

    I would make scarves and beanies

  118. judystolz says

    Love this fabric for the back of any quilts; would love to try it in a pattern for the front!~I made up a very simple one a couple of years ago for my granddaughter and she loved it! (and they all still use the ‘blanket/quilt”!

  119. I always am making a baby quilt. I am in the process of quilting a quilt with cuddle on the back.

  120. I would use these to make a baby or child’s strip quilt, alternated in rows with quilting cottons.

  121. Catherine says

    I’ve not used this fabric before but would love to make some stuffed lovies for the little ones in our family. I might even make one for myself!

  122. Hi Heather-
    I have a granddaughter who will be turned a year at the end of April and this quilt looks PERFECT for her because her mother picked the theme of hearts for her. In addition, she LOVES getting new things and always exclaimed, “OH, OH!”.

  123. Elaine S. Larson says

    I would make some stuffed animals that have been on my to do list for some time.

  124. Ann Flower says

    Love this for baby quilt backs. Works nice for adult quilts as well. So snuggley.

  125. I like the pattern for “Sweet On You” — I didn see a finished size, but thinking I could make small versions for nap blankies for my twin grand-daughters. I last used Cuddle fabrics when I made an embroidered blanket each, with their names & birth weights, birth date, etc, along w/ some ergonomic burp cloths. The cuddle fabric on one side & flannel on the other. No need for an inner liner or batting & they didn’t easily soak thru (Mom loved them)!

  126. A quilt for a new baby!

  127. Cuddle fleece is perfect for baby things! Such a great texture with the bubbles, too.

  128. Kim Myers says

    I would make a couple patchwork pillows for my daughter’s room.

  129. I would make a rag quilt for a baby probably. I have made a couple before and always love how they turn out.

  130. Latanya Thornhill says


  131. I would use them to make items for baby nurseries, especially for my own grandchildren.

  132. A blanket for the local humane shelter.

  133. Usually, cuddle ends up as backing for baby quilts. Mixing the cuddle with cotton for the patches sounds like a fun idea!

  134. I would make a baby quilt. I’d also use it for a pillow.

  135. I’d make either a baby quilt or a lap quilt.

  136. Jeanne Brown says

    I would make a quilt for a new baby I know.

  137. My great grandbabies would love to cuddle up in blankets made of this. In fact, I’d cuddle with them!

  138. We have a new grandson coming soon.