Fun-Size Quilts Book & Giveaway

Fun-Size Quilts by Martingale

I am excited to see one of my designs released in the new book Fun-Size Quilts, published by Martingale. I should start off by sharing that projects like this take forever! I actually designed and created this pattern over 1 year ago.  The design process was pretty scary for me since as you all know, I am not a seasoned quilter.  I mean sure, I have created quilts for others and love to sew … [Read more...]

Quilt Box Organization & Giveaway

Keep projects organized with these simple tips and this quilt box giveaway. The Sewing Loft

Things have been crazy here and this quilt box collection is just what I needed!  Sometimes you have to stop and organize. Today's work in progress is something that I struggle with.  That's right, the task of organizing my space always puts me in a tail spin.  Chewie gets to see my space in all its creative glory (umm, I mean mess!) on the average day but today, I am excited and somewhat … [Read more...]

Leather Giveaway & Needle Size

Leather can be an amazing fabric to work with. It comes in so many different colors and can be embossed for a beautiful texture but it is important to use the correct needle size in your machine. The Sewing Loft

Are you afraid to sew on leather?  Don't be.  One of the most important things you need to remember is size matters.  Needle size that is!  Whether you are stitching heavy weight fabrics or specialty fabrics, needle size is important. Needle Size   There are so many different needles on the market today and since I have a leather project up my sleeve, I am going to focus on heavy … [Read more...]

Sew My Stash Challenge Winners

Sew My Stash Challenge Button

Last month we kicked off the Sew My Stash Challenge.  This was the 1st official challenge on The Sewing Loft and I am very excited to share what you made.  The entries were so incredible and made judging difficult.  Actually, I am grateful that I had help!  Jennifer, Caroline & Kim all pitched in to lend a hand.     Projects were judged on: Creativity Skill … [Read more...]

Sew My Stash Deadline

Sew My Stash Challenge Button

Have you been working on the Sew My Stash Challenge? There are so many fun photos being loaded into our flickr group.  Make sure to get yours loaded tonight.  That photo is your entry. Sew My Stash Deadline   That's right, it's photo time!  Today is the day to get your photos locked and loaded into the flickr group for the Sew My Stash Challenge. So, grab your camera, snap a few … [Read more...]

A Modern Thread- Pinterest

A Modern Thread Pinterest Board

I don't usually post on Sundays, but I have some exciting news to share with you guys. I have joined forces with nineteen sewing bloggers to create a fantastic new group pinterest board called A Modern Thread. We'll all be pinning our best sewing projects and tutorials, so you can finds tons of fantastic sewing inspiration all in one place. We'd love for you to check out the board, and we're … [Read more...]

Sew My Stash Sew Along

Gather your supplies for the Sew My Stash sew a long with The Sewing Loft

Last week I announced the Sew My Stash Challenge and was totally blown away by your response. I had no idea that the challenge kits would sell out so quickly and understand that many of you would still love to join the party. So, I'm going to create a sub category within the challenge for those of you that want to stitch along.   Want to join the Sew My Stash Sew Along?  Great, … [Read more...]

True Colors Blog Tour + Giveaway

True Colors Blog Tour & Giveaway | The Sewing Loft #lovefabricfreespirit

I am so excited to be today's stop on the True Colors Blog Tour.  Last week I shared that a sneak peek of the True Colors Fabric Collection.  That fabric was on my cutting table for most of the day staring at me before I got the nerve to make the 1st cut. Does that moment of hesitation ever happen to you?  It's not often for me but these fabrics are just so pretty and perfect that I did not … [Read more...]

Canon T3 Camera Giveaway

Canon T3 Camera Giveaway on The Sewing Loft #giveaway

I don't know what sees more action this time of year, my camera or my keyboard! The holidays are a time for family and friends to gather close, enjoy each others company and above all make memories!  If your not a blogger, this is the time of year that your camera will see the most action and wouldn't it be great to have a new one to capture all those wonderful moments?  Well, today is your lucky … [Read more...]