15 Inspiring Sewing Table Designs

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As a seamstress, quilter and maker of things, we need surface area more than the average Joe/Jane. That means a place other than the floor or dining room table, to cut fabric or sew, would be a dream come true. No matter the size of your space, or your budget there is an option for everyone with these 15 inspiring sewing table designs. 

Stay organized and productive with these 15 Amazing Sewing Table Designs made with your creative space in mind.

Inspiring Sewing Table Designs


So I say, it’ is time to get up off the floor and enjoy cutting fabric once more. No more crawling around on your hands and knees or enduring backaches from crouching down on the floor.


1. Storage Friendly Table

Sewing tables with ample storage can get pretty pricey, but this DIY one made from IKEA bookcases is an affordable option with tons of storage.


2. Country Chic Cutting Table

For those of us that love country chic furniture in our homes this cutting table would fit right in with the decor. I can see this as a real conversation starter in my family room.

Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

3. Modern Sewing Table

For those that have a more modern taste in furniture here is one for you. The clean lines makes way for easy storage. 

Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

4. Foldable Cutting Table

Sometimes all you really need is something that gets the job done. This table folds up out of the way yet still have storage for your items and opens large enough for large pieces of fabric.


5. Easy Crafter’s Table

Wouldn’t this be AWESOME!?!
It’s easy to make, it’s just two bookcases and plywood for the top.


Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

6. Cabinet Table

Don’t have extra room for a designated sewing space? Try this cabinet table on for size and store your goodies away in plain site. 

(also available in white)

Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

7. White Cutting Table

This cutting table would make a beautiful addition to any sewing room. Just look at how much organized storage is Vera & John recension under this table. Be still my heart!
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8. Drop Table

Great way to recycle a table you already have into a new sewing space!


9. Industrial Farmhouse Table

For all you Industrial Farmhouse lovers out there, who wouldn’t want to have this cutting table in your space. I know I would love to have this as my cutting table.


10. Crate Cutting Table

The use of pallets and crates in our home decorating is so popular right now. Why not add it to your sewing room as well by creating a one of a kind cutting table using crates. (This one is for sale but I’m pretty sure you can get handy with some DIY.)


11. Beautiful Cutting Table

This is an awesome table and the story behind it even better!

Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

12. Closet Sewing

What about this for a small sewing space?

Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

13. Murphy Cutting Table

I love having guests over but where do you put them when you have turned your guest room into your sewing space. In your sewing room of course.

Make the most of your space with anyone of these 15 sewing table designs.

14. DIY Cutting Table

Wow, this is a great idea for any office space!


15. Ultimate Cutting Table

Now, for the Cadillac of all tables this would be the one. I am in awe at this size and function of this cutting table.

Bonus Tips-


Make your space work harder with this Dual Duty Solution.

Dirty Iron FeatureNow that you’ve got your ironing board looking it’s best, let’s take a quick minute and do the same for your iron.

These sewing table designs have me inspired to get my fabric up off the floor and onto a designated table. There are so many options out there but if you still need more inspiration check out my sewing loft/studio inspiration board on Pinterest for even more creative ideas and sewing table designs for your workspace.

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  1. I’m moving soon. I will definitely create my own sewing/quilting table in my new place.
    Thanks for all the inspiring examples.

  2. Charlotte Phillips says

    The sewing tables shown are creative storage, all lack a lower shelf for the sewing machine. Still looking for a good table. The other issue I have with most sewing machine tables is the drop down shelf is too far to the left and I like me quilting piece supported better. Nice web site. Very creative. Charlotte

    • Thank you for your note Charlotte. Yes, many tables have the machines over to one side. Just like our machines, I believe that tables are unique to the user.