25+ Things to Make With Fabric Selvage

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Today I want to highlight a frequently overlooked but incredibly unique and valuable little bit of fabric…Selvege strips! You know, those little sections on the edge of your fabric with color dots and designer info. These are so fun to work with and can tell the story of all your favorite fabric choices if you only let them:)

Ever looked at the edge of your fabric and think how pretty the markings are? Well, this list of 25+ Fabric Selvage Projects will make you wish you've saved them. The Sewing Loft

There are no rules here, only creativity and expression. Take some time to look at these links I’ve put together and see if any of these ideas catch your eye.

25+ Amazing Fabric Selvage Projects


1. Armrest pincushion

2. Armchair makeover

3. Christmas pillow

4. Christmas tree

5. Dresser makeover

6. Extreme lamp makeover

7. Framed selvages

8. Funky chicken pincushion

9. Hexagon quilt   (pictured )

10. Knitted rag rug  Wow, I would never imagine this is made from fabric selvage scraps!

11. Lanyard

12. Pencil can   (pictured)

13. Placemats

14. Postcards

15. Quilt binding strips

16. Ruffle scarf

17. Selvage office chair  (pictured)

18. Selvage pillow

19. Selvage shoes

20. Selvage star pillow  (pictured)

21. Simple tote    (pictured)

22. Spiderweb block

23. Spool quilt

24. Stuffed whale

25. Tote bag upcycle

26. Whirlwind block

27. Zipper pouch  (pictured)


Added tips:

An easy way to create fabric from selvage edges

Sewing with selvages from Craftsy


Fabric Selvages are another form of fabric scraps and can be utilized in so many different ways!

Check out this 100 Free Scrap Fabric Projects round-up with with a whole new “Selvage Fabric” angle in mind…

100+ Scrap Fabric Projects Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

Think zipper pouch “Selvage Style”!

100+ Free Zipper Bag Patterns Rounded Up in one place. The Sewing Loft

What do you usually do with your selvage edges? I’d love to see your comments below!






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  1. It just want to hit myself in the head with a sack of quarters for not saving or using my selvage edges for the last 50 plus years of sewing. WHY didn’t I think of creating something with them? So sad, really. I am so overly frugal too, I have saved 4 inch squares of fabric thinking I could use them but NO, not selvages.

  2. Rosemary Barron says

    Looking back through some of your old posts and ran across this one again … lol I LOVE saving and using selvages!! Bags, Pillows, Bookmarks, etc. Have done them all and just love them … have mixed strips of selvages with other strips to make a purse. Use old denim jeans and selvages for a totally recycled purse. Endless supply (yards of fabric in stash that is waiting to have their selvages cut still) Gotta love them.