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Sewing Term | Selvage Edge. The Sewing Loft

Selvedge, selvege, selvage


  1. a specially woven edge that prevents cloth from raveling
  2. edge of a woven fabric, where the weft threads run around the warp threads, creating a finished edge.
  3. any edge of fabric finished so as to prevent from raveling


In basic terms, this area runs along the fabric edges and is considered waste. Most manufactures place special markings for print colors and general branding in this area. You will notice that these special markings are normally on one side. Collecting and using selvages is starting to become popular in the quilting world.


Click photos to learn how to use selvage in your everyday sewing. 

Ever looked at the edge of your fabric and think how pretty the markings are? Well, this list of 25+ Fabric Selvage Projects will make you wish you've saved them. The Sewing LoftUnlock the mystery of your selvage markings along the fabric edge. These colored spots can actually help you coordinate fabrics for your project. The Sewing Loft



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