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Learn how and why the simple lock stitch is actually a very fundamental stitch on any sewing machine. Practice on these easy projects.

Lock Stitch –


  1. a sewing-machine stitch in which two threads are locked together at small intervals

A lock stitch is actually a very fundamental stitch on any sewing machine – when the machine makes single stitches, the top and bottom threads “lock” together, keeping them secure in the fabric. If you can sew a straight stitch on your sewing machine then you are probably already sewing a lock stitch.

Stitch Stats-

  • Types – Straight stitch, Zigzag stitch, Stretch stitch
  • When – You will use a lock stitch anytime you sew up a quilt, or make an item of clothing. A straight stitch is most often used when sewing woven fabric together. Zigzag or stretch stitches are most often used when sewing knits.
  • How – On your sewing machine you will adjust the dial or switch to which lock stitch you want to use. Computerized machines have numbers you input that correspond to certain lock stitches.
  • Tools Needed – A basic sewing machine is all you need to achieve a lock stitch.

Try these tutorials to practice lock stitches.
The 9 patch is considered a basic foundation block in quilting that can help your build your skills in so many ways. From keeping your lines straight, to nesting seams, this foundation block is one that you will want to master! Learn tips and tricks to create the perfect block every time on The Sewing Loft.
Learn how to make a mini log cabin pattern from scrap fabric with my free printable template. This quilt block is perfect for quilt as you go.

Learn how to make the Simplest Skirt Ever! No pattern required. Easy to follow instructions are on The Sewing LoftJoin the Sugar Bloom Quilt pattern quilt along. It is perfect for perfect for picnics in the park, catching fire flies in the summer and mid afternoon naps in the shade.




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