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I’m so excited because today it’s time to kick start my 12 Days of Giving!

Days of Giving - 12 Days of Giveaways

Like many families, we tend to travel during the holidays and sometimes it can be hard to keep busy during the journey. There is just so much reading, rocking out to tunes and staring out the window that a person can do. That’s where paper pieced projects come in handy. Paper piecing requires no sewing machine, is small enough to pack and wonderful for smaller fabric scraps. That’s why today’s gift package is a Paper Pieced Paradise.

It's the 12 Days of Giving at The Sewing Loft and the Paper Pieced Paradise gift basket is filled with tons of goodies to start your next project. Enter today.


The FabriFlair Large Radiant Star kit from my friend Amy at Indygo Junction is the perfect way to keep those hands busy.

It's the 12 Days of Giving at The Sewing Loft and the Paper Pieced Paradise gift basket is filled with tons of goodies to start your next project. Enter today.

Not to mention, it will look fantastic on top of any tree or even sitting pretty on your bookshelf.

The Radiant Star is perfect for your next paper pieced project.

Paper Pieced Paradise Giveaway


Gift package includes:

This gift package is valued at approximately $87.00.

If you have never tried paper piecing before, this goodie box has it all! It has everything you need to get started. Just pack a needle and thread and head out on your adventure.

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Now for a little brush up on the knowledge and basic skills to keep your paper pieced projects amazing!

Learn about English Paper Piecing and Hexie How to on The Sewing Loft





History of English Paper Piecing

Learn a little history and download hexie templates!



I'm inspired by these 13 amazing DIY hexagon projects.



See Hexagons in Action!

Hexagons are hot! If you don’t believe me just take a look at these amazing projects.

Learn how to use freezer paper in sewing. The Sewing Loft





Freezer Paper Tips

Freezer paper is one of those unconventional tools we all have tucked away in our kitchen. Click the link above to see how you can use it!



Now your ready to start that new project and make it a success! Don’t forget to enter the contest by leaving a comment below this post and share the holiday cheer with a friend.


Paper Pieced Paradise Day 1

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Remember,’Tis the season for giving and today is only Day 1. Be sure to check back tomorrow and see whats in Day 2 Gift Packages.






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  1. Maggie Sheer says:

    A ruler stand!

  2. What a fun paper piecing package! On my list is a carry all for my hand sewing supplies!

  3. Patti Jones says:

    One of my wishes is a Cricut Maker.

  4. Melissa B says:

    On my wishlist, I have lots and lots of fabrics. 🙂

  5. NevadaJane says:

    I would love this as a Christmas present! Small projects are all I ever have time to complete.

  6. A bag kit with Alice and wonderland fabric

  7. susuquilts says:

    I am wishing for a new iron.

  8. I love EPP! I have fabrics (2 1/2″ mini charm packs) on my Christmas list so I can keep feeding the addiction!

  9. Kimberly Funk says:

    My wish list has a fabric kit for a quilt that I bought the book for.

  10. Sally Ann says:

    Fabric, beautiful fabric,

  11. Carla Hundley says:

    Happy December 1st!
    Great giveaway and I
    would like a new rotary
    cutter, maybe a pining
    Carla from Utah

  12. Stephanie Stavert says:

    Fabrics and books.

  13. Travel iron to use for classes

  14. Quilting Jeannie says:

    On my Christmas Wish list is a small pair of sharp sewing scissors to use at the sewing machine. My old hands have a difficult time handling small scissors.

  15. Lyn Desmond says:

    I wish my entire family makes it for Christmas

  16. DeeDee Johnson says:

    I have a zoom lens on my Christmas list this year.. so I can take better pics of my creations

  17. Oh, I have a longarm machine on my wish list.

  18. I can’t get enough fabric or vintage sewing books!

  19. Elizabeth Porter says:

    On my wish list would be some new fat quarters with a modern designs.

  20. Lynn Proger thomas says:

    This is fantastic! Love xmas I need everything

  21. I’ve asked for a variety of fabrics in shades of purple…hoping someone will follow through for me!

  22. My wishlist includes a Cricut to make cards or some beautiful yarn.

  23. I’ll try commenting again, Heather. I love Christmas even when I’m frazzled! Our family gathering is a week away and my Christmas wish list is that we have good weather and good health so that all goes well for our Christmas time together. Blessings.

  24. I would love a new sewing machine.

  25. I asked for a rolling case for embroidery machine.

  26. Elaine Schoof says:

    Love the paper piecing. My Wishlist this year includes a gift card from a local quilt shop.

  27. I’m wishing for a new pair of slippers.

  28. Emma Webber says:

    I don’t need any physical presents, I just want to be able to relax and hang out with my family x

  29. What I would like for Christmas is 5 yards of, matt, black, heat transfer vinyl. I have about everything else I need or even want.

  30. I would love some Moda fabrics fat quarters for Christmas!!

  31. I would love some Moda fabrics fat quarters for Christmas!!

  32. Marie Tocco says:

    What a great gift!

  33. Some new quilting books!

  34. Johneice Haney says:

    Fun! Sewing stuff is always on my Christmas List!

  35. Elaine H. says:

    The bee happy quilt kit.

  36. A seam guide that attaches to my machine

  37. Sewing machine lamp

  38. A gift certificate for my local quilt shop🙂

  39. I asked for a subscription to a few quilt magazines.

  40. Syble Ditzler says:

    If I am just wishing it would be for a new Destiny sewing/embroidery machine. For real life I wish everyone to be healthy and happy.

  41. My wishlist includes a few fabric bundles that I didn’t get over Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

  42. Accu quilt dies

  43. I’m hoping for a Clover mini iron. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  44. A Lap App for all my hand sewing is on my list.

  45. Karin Joye says:

    Tula Pink coloring book

  46. The star would be a great one to have .. Thanks for the chance to win !!

  47. It sounds silly but I would love to have a couple of those rolling carts with drawers that Sam’s Club has. I need somewhere to store all of my sewing tools other than cardboard boxes.

  48. Sue Goodin says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. I love doing handwork. It is so relaxing.

  49. Gabrielle says:

    I have patchwork scissors on my Christmas list!

  50. A new daylight lamp

  51. Amy mills says:

    Lovely giveaway 😊
    I have square quilting rulers on my wishlist this year.

  52. I’m after some pretty scissors- and more time to complete all the projects I’ve started!

  53. Brenda Farmer says:

    A new sewing machine.

  54. I would love to learn how to do EPP!

  55. I really want an Instant Pot. I know it isn’t sewing/quilting related, but making meals in it will give me more time in my sewing room. Thanks!

  56. kathy Persons says:

    I want a quilting machine

  57. Terry shuford says:

    More free time to sew!

  58. I don’t usually have a wishlist, but I would like a serger. In reality I would like a white Christmas and be surrounded by family.

  59. A new cutting table.

  60. Karen Hendry says:

    I have a surger on my wish list. 😉

  61. Sewing machine lamp would be nice

  62. Mary Hawley says:

    a bigger embroidery machine

  63. Fabric

  64. Sandy Allen says:

    I want a digital candy thermometer.

  65. Sandy Rodgers says:

    I have a rolling case for my sewing machine on my Christmas list. I would make it easier when going to my sewing/quilting weekly group.

  66. Cheryl Beck says:

    Would like to have a embroidery machine

  67. I want a new cutting mat and replacement blades for my rotary cutter.

  68. Julie Gier says:

    Not a sewing related wish list item, but I would like the Ancestry DNA test to locate more family

  69. Fabric is always on my wish list! I also would love more rulers.

  70. Yvonne Hamilton says:

    Number 1 on my Christmas list is to finish the quilts I’m making for my grown children. Two down, one more to go and I still have WEEKS! YES! I think I can do it….lol

  71. Debby Sales Hames says:

    These are awesome gifts, thanks for the opportunity

  72. Cutting mats for the kitchen and a shop vac

  73. Deborah Ward says:

    the brother dream machine 2 hey it’s a wish list so go big or go home!!!

  74. A new iron is on my wish list.

  75. I would like reindeer antlers.

  76. Di Wilsey Geer says:

    Several different quilting books; gift certificate to LQS.

  77. K'Lynn Wait says:

    My wishlist includes new scissors and rotary blades.

  78. Ways to organize fabric into small area

  79. Jennifer W says:

    HOw fun!! Thank you for these giveaways!! I have a sewing machine in my Christmas list….and family pictures.

  80. I have no Christmas wishlist. Here in the Netherlands we have Sinterklaas, that’s with a lot of presents for the children and for the adults with a poem. This year no quilt items.

  81. Julie Bailey says:

    comnputerized long arm machine & frame

  82. Rosemary Venditto says:

    I would love to have more time for sewing!!!

  83. More time!

  84. A gift card fir my favorite local quilt shop!

  85. Fun fabric bundles that I can turn into gifts for others

  86. A set of pressed feet –

  87. I wanted a zipper foot for my 40 plus year old Kenmore Sewing Machine

  88. Cate Callard says:

    Gift cards to wonderful fabric vendors!

  89. Francie Holt says:

    I would love a gift certificate to Keepsake quilting to purchase fabric collection Twilight Garden!

  90. One of the things on my Christmas wish list is Fabric for fussy-cutting EPP hexies.

  91. usairdoll Jodi says:

    WoW! What a great giveaway! On my list is a Rotating Cutting May. That may not be the correct name, hehe

    Happy Holidays!

  92. A new cutting mat is on my list, my current one is pretty shabby!

  93. Lorna DeSantis says:

    New rotary cutter

  94. Dana hernandez says:

    I would like to have a small-ish hammer so that I could hang things on my own!

  95. Tammi Williams says:

    More sewing time! More doable? New sewing machine.

  96. Leslie Marling says:

    My wish list includes a set of square rulers and a redo of my sewing room.

  97. Jessica Fox says:

    Quilters select rulers that don’t slip when you are rotary cutting!

  98. I’m hoping for Roomba… More time for sewing!

  99. Marie Tocco says:

    Fabric, fabric fabric!

  100. roga guthmiller says:

    A new cutting mat. I wore mine out!

  101. Linda Williamson says:

    The book Animal Quilts is on my list. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  102. Gift certificate to my fave local quilt shop

  103. Jonnie Egleston says:

    Something on my Christmas list would be a quilting desk.

  104. On my wish list there are 5 yards of rayon from Cotton and Steel!

  105. Karen Johnson says:

    Strange as it sounds, my first wish listed is a small coffee pot for my sewing room!

  106. Kathy Cummings says:

    I asked for the Quilters Planner!!
    Thank you.

  107. Sharon Maddox says:

    I would like some calico fat quarters

  108. Batiks! And Wilmington prints! And neutrals! Let’s just go with fabric-

  109. I put Walk by Jacquie Gering on my wish list.

  110. I’d love an assortment of grey fabrics.

  111. Lori Smanski says:

    one gift is a pretty clock with pink flowers for my new pink hobby room

  112. Charald Comeau says:


  113. Vicki Davis says:

    Thanks for making this giveaway happen. I wish I had more time to sew. Can Santa bring me that?

  114. I would love to get some yardage of Kona..

  115. I would like to learn EPP

  116. I’d like a new iron.

  117. Lawana whaley says:

    I want new scissors and a 1/4 inch presser foot

  118. Scissors!

  119. KarenAnn Harvey says:

    To learn how to adjust patterns to fit me and learn how to sew knits.

  120. Electric Quilt 8.

  121. A sewing machine with a few quilting basic features – needle up/down, speed control, start/stop button (goodbye to foot pedal) and thread cutter.

  122. I would like fabric, green fabric, purple fabric, blue fabric, fabric and did I mention fabric?

  123. Bette Millar says:

    Wish for Christmas………fun times spent with family

  124. I would be happy with a quilting book, a new ruler, or fabric. I really want more time to get everything done, but that is just a wish…..

  125. W,by this star kit, of course!

  126. I want a project carrier for an ongoing project I’m doing with my quilting buddy.

  127. I have to work on Christmas, so my wish is that it would be slow and I get called off so I can be with my husband, or at least that I would have a good day at work.

  128. I’d really like a new and larger cutting mat.

  129. Moira Hewitt says:

    A portable sewing machine for classes.

  130. Annette Deardurff says:

    A brand new cutting mat cuz mine is showing its age lol

  131. Debbie Sheldon says:

    The top of my Christmas wish list is a new iPad so I can read all my quilting blogs and newsletters.

  132. I would like to have more adventures with paper piecing, my first was a dresden plate

  133. Lynne Stauder says:

    Winning one of your give aways would be a surprising Christmas gift.

  134. Kristin M says:

    New fire poi heads

  135. MARY MALHEIM says:

    All gifts appreciated.

  136. Helen Glover says:

    On my Christmas wish list every year is salvation in the name of Jesus Christ for my entire family and peace on earth. Very nice giveaway!

  137. Angela J Short says:

    I want fabric, lots of fabric!! What a cool package. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  138. Sharon Runyan says:

    My wish list is for my family to be together at Christmas & most importantly—-peace in the world & end of political strife

  139. Kellie Campbell says:

    My wish list includes a Serger machine and to learn to use it. I’m so excited about the post on this page about freezer paper. I can’t wait to use it on some of my projects. Thank y’all so much

  140. CAROLYN WALLACE says:

    Accuquilt dies especially the 21/2″ strip die

  141. Rulers, rotary cutter and french curve plus a big cutting mat!

  142. paper piecing is something I’ve been wanting to try!

  143. New projects

  144. I have never tried paper pieceing, looks like fun! I am wishing for a cutting table for Christmas.

  145. One of the items on my list has nothing to do with sewing, quilting or crafting. I would like a manicure and pedicure. Thanks for the great items in this giveaway.

  146. Barbara Peterson says:

    I wish Santa would bring me a handi-quilter!!!

  147. Thanks for this awesome contest! I have a serger on my wishlist.

  148. I need more fabric

  149. auntiepatch69 says:

    A new sewing chair!

  150. A gift certificate to JoAnn’s Fabric store!

  151. I always enjoy getting a gift certificate from hubby from JoAnn’s.

  152. I love fabric anykind, any amount

  153. carolyn montgomery says:

    an accucut go cutting machine

  154. Jennifer Whitney says:

    Very exciting packages for the holiday season!!!

  155. I would love to have peace on earth every where!

  156. Paula Yanagimoto says:

    6” strip cutting ruler

  157. Sue Klingseis says:

    I would love for Santa to bring me fabric and matching thread.

  158. Fabric for a new wardrobe.

  159. Only recently have done paper piecing. I love it.

  160. valerie csmith says:

    I have to say that I am so grateful for what I have that I am not sure what I would want

  161. Ruler hanger

  162. On my wish list is a new rotary cutter!

  163. Lynn E Marsh says:

    A nice rotary cutter and mat.

  164. Karen Stephens says:

    I really, really, really, want a sit down long arm to quilt with.

  165. a revolving cutting mat:)

  166. Anything from the baqs

  167. Cindy Pilkington says:

    A large square ruler bigger than 13.5”.

  168. Marti Meadows says:

    I wish my daughter would be home for Christmas, but she will be with her new in-laws

  169. A new iron is on my list, maybe a Rowenta.

  170. Linda Hulen says:

    I would love a gift card to my favorite quilt shop!!

  171. Marilyn Sunderman says:

    I would really like to try paper piecing. Seems that it would be fun.

  172. Janice Mockmore says:

    A really nice sewing machine would be nice.

  173. Mary Hawley says:

    crafts I can do in a small camper. retired and loving it.

  174. Wendy Harrison says:

    I would like a new travel bag for my sewi g machine. I have completely worn mine out!

  175. Would love to complete more projects before Christmas! Love the idea of a travel project.

  176. A multi needle, large hoop embroidery machine. I’m not counting on it, but it is on my list. 🙂

  177. A new floor lamp to place near my sewing machine is on my Christmas wish list.

  178. I would love to try paper piecing.

  179. Janet Pierce says:

    New cutting mat and organization tools.

  180. Linda Sanders says:

    I would like to have an accuquilt and dies.

  181. Rommy Van Houten says:

    I wish peace for every one for Christmas

  182. jonalisa77 says:

    I wanna neat, organized craft workroom. Take my messy one away!

  183. I would like some Accuquilt quilt dies.

  184. Mary Green says:

    I luv paper piecing but really don’t take/make the time for any PP projects. This would definitely do it for me. Thanks for these great opportunities to win. You’re the best!

  185. Lisa Miles says:

    All I want for Christmas is to spend it with my awesome family 🙂

  186. more sewing time 🙂 or a bigger sewing space!

  187. Cherryl Campbell says:

    Ahhhhh fabric..always fabric!

  188. Craft supplies on my wish list!

  189. I want a Koala sewing cabinet.

  190. Mary Leonard says:

    I want books on quilting! Vintage farmgirl sampler bookn

  191. Laura Major says:

    Neat! I’ve always to try this!!
    On my wish list this year is a gift card from Joann’s so I can hit the after season sales!!

  192. SandrafromNC says:

    More quilting classes:).

  193. Lorraine Cooper says:

    Paper piecing. I have always wanted to try this. My eyesight is very poor and I find quilting a bit more difficult now but I have been told paper piecing would suit a visually impaired person. Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Merry Christmas

  194. I need/want a new large cutting mat. It has seen better days!

  195. CTGrandma says:

    A mini (tabletop) ironing board

  196. I’ve never done paper piecing — this would get me started! My secret wish list includes one of those new lighted cutting mats!

  197. Jen Boone says:

    Great ideas for quick presents

  198. Something on my Christmas list . . . oh, that’s right! A new sewing machine!

    Heather, thank you so much for organizing this fabulous “12 days of Christmas” giveaway.

  199. Jane from MA says:

    A fancy iron.

  200. Sherri Hines says:

    A clean sewing room and several “round-2-it’s” so I can get some projects done. I’d still love another project – especially hexagons/stars – to add to mile growing pile of ufo’s

  201. Joan Mitchell says:

    About 12 fat quarters of fabric with a christmas motif, because there are no holiday fabrics in my stash.

  202. Delissa Crellin says:

    On my Christmas wish list is a rotating cutting mat, Merry Christmas to all.

  203. I could really use more time to create the projects on my list. Will use flavored hot chocolates to warm my hands and insides, quilted slippers for my cold toes, and a good audio mystery for listening pleasure.

  204. Glenda Roy says:

    I’ve requested seam rippers (yes, multiple, because I keep misplacing mine!) for my stocking.

  205. I have a new sewing machine on my wish list. My bobbin winder decided to quit. 🙁

  206. I’ve always wanted to try paper piecing! but,time really flies– i’m now in bed most of the time,so this kit would get me sewing again.thanks so much.

  207. Linda Bennett says:

    What an amazing contest!!@

  208. I just want my sewing room finished. Hubby is off the week after Christmas and has promised to work on shelves and furniture refinishing!

  209. Time to sew! 🙂

  210. Donna Stellway says:

    A rotating cutting mat custom made by my son!

  211. Katie Wink says:

    A new sewing desk – mine is getting lretty rickety!

  212. All-In-One Quilter’s Reference Tool

  213. Bethni Lee says:

    My wishlist includes a Babylock seeing and embroidery machine. I can only hope…

  214. Holly Keyes says:

    Some time to myself to play in my sewing room.

  215. I would love any gift! 🙂 But biggest (& Funnest!!) wish is to have my Daughter to be here in Ohio..she lives in NC, Miss her so much! & we always sew when together too..grrrrreat fun! We both have a quilt in progress..that we only work on when together.. We are up to basted & ready to quilt them, 🙂
    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way! 😀

  216. Rebecca Wright says:

    I would love to learn paper piecing so I can make those Christmas stars for my nieces and nephews for next year.

  217. Darlene Angelle says:

    I love crafting with my grandchild especially around Christmas

  218. I would love a sewing supplies organizer. And help to organize it all!

  219. Would love the paper pieced patter…always wanted to do that big star

  220. My Christmas wish is for a fairy godmother to wave a magic wand to make my sewing room clean and perfectly organized.

  221. On my list is a serger.

  222. I’m hoping for thread in lots of pretty colors, and maybe a back-up sewing machine.

  223. A new sewing/quilting chair.

  224. I’m wishing for a new cutting mat

  225. ELIZABETH KUNTZ says:

    One item on my Christmas list is a storage item to help me get organized.

  226. Linda Haley says:

    I would love to learn to paper piece! Looks like so much fun!

  227. Mary Snyder says:

    A good steam iron,

  228. A bundle of my favorite fabric line.

  229. sewncreations says:

    I’d love to have a new sewing machine.. It isn’t going to happen but I can dream!

  230. Marjorie joseph says:

    I love hexies never used paper piecing I just pin them and hand sew them together

  231. a quilting machine !!!

  232. I would love an embroidery machine, and hope to get a bracelet to replace one that was stolen a few years ago.

  233. A new sewing, quilting machine. Mine gave out after 30 years!

  234. QuikPik Sewing Thread Cutter

  235. Jennifer Essad says:

    One item on my Christmas Wish List is a in home visit with a professional organizer for my work room! (seriously)

  236. Vicki Seals says:

    Tula Pink’s new embroidery book. Oh, fingers crossed! 😃vickise at gmail dot com

  237. Brenda Ackerman says:

    On my Christmas list this year, at the top of the list is a new desk chair.

  238. I would love a new embroidery machine! I already know I am getting a new sewing machine! What else could I need!

  239. Kathryn Errante says:

    My wish list includes a gift card to JoAnns, so that I can buy backing fabric and batting.

  240. Janice James says:

    I would love to win this giveaway! On my wish list for Christmas is a CutterPillar Illuminated Cutting Mat. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  241. Sherry Jagels says:

    Fabric, more fabric! patterns, books, fabric, more fabric!

  242. This would be so much fun to make a free standing decoration. I did not know you could do that. I love to paper piece in quilting. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  243. Kathy Luehrs says:

    binding system for my sewing machine

  244. Lena Hussey says:

    /This is the perfect package to help me master paper piecing. my wish list is very simple- a time spent with loved ones and good health and happiness for all.

  245. I would like to have a thin light box.

  246. Regina DeCapite says:

    I love precuts! Any and all will do!

  247. The big item is more time. Will be very happy with hot chocolate, quilted slippers and a good mystery audio book for listening pleasure while I piece the next top.

  248. Kitty Kontak says:

    A special cutting table

  249. I want a cricut Maker! Oh all the fabrics and vinyls that it could cut for me 😍

  250. Simone Thompson says:

    Lovely paper piecing kit – wow thanks for a chance to get started learning this old technique in a fresh new way.
    I want my own basic tool kit so I won’t have to borrow my husband’s dirty and sometimes still greasy tools. That’s my wish for this year!

  251. I would love new, updated fabric and instruction books on how to make small, quick gifts.

  252. A New Quilting Machine, I will settle for a sit down one.

  253. Sandy Ross says:

    More time to sew if I’m wishing, a gift certificate for great fabric if I’m more practical.

  254. deanna Plotts says:

    I need an extra rotary cutter so I have one for paper and one for fabric.:) Merry Christmas

  255. Gay Reeder says:

    I’m wishing for Applique Elementz.

  256. Deb Pommier says:

    I wish for colorful quilting thread

  257. I wish a new book about quilting or embroidery

  258. Joanne Spence says:

    My Christmas wish list includes a new sewing machine. The one I have now has been doing it’s purpose, and more, for 30 years now. I have tricked that little Kenmore into almost believing it was a serger, an embroidery machine, and a commercial machine. I paid $200 for it and, at the time, that was a substantial investment for me. Now it’s time to stop trying to make it do what it can’t. The repairs are more than the machine is worth, and it’s getting harder to find someone to repair it.

  259. Linda Kernodle says:

    Time and ideas to use the fabric I have.

  260. Lena Hussey says:

    This would b the perfect Christmas present. I can use each and every item, especially the skills taught to improve my paper piecing. Wishing for a joyous Christmas with family and wouldn’t mind getting a gift card to my favorite fabric store.

  261. A new sewing & embroidery machine with extra fabric !!.

  262. Teresa Knittingdancer says:

    I am wishing for a new sewing machine.

  263. Tonya Flores says:

    I’d love some extra time…Can Santa Bring me that?

  264. I’d like a new chair for my sewing machine.

  265. One of my wishlist items is silk fabric.

  266. Kim Turner says:

    A Cricut machine is on my wishlist

  267. On my wishlist is a rotating cuttingmat 😉

  268. Stephanie M says:

    A coverstitch machine!!!!! Oh PLEASE

  269. A new sewing machine!

  270. Janet Alford says:

    A ruler foot for my vintage Singer and rulers.

  271. Diana Haas says:

    I would like some black batik fabric for a project that I’m collecting fabrics for. Thank you!

  272. I don’t know how tonpaperpiece would like to learn.

  273. Dawn Hanson says:

    would love to have a serger!

  274. Cheryl J Hand says:


  275. What an awesome giveaway!!! Really need a new rotary cutter!! Good to all!

  276. Barbara Wilson says:

    I would love a new presser foot for my Sewing Machine.

  277. A new book of quilting or embroidery

  278. I wish for patience and peace.

  279. A gift card for my local quilt shop!

  280. Lisa Garrett says:

    I would love to have a sew steady table.

  281. I’m looking forward to cozy times around the fire with all of my children home.

  282. Sandra L Woerner says:

    I am wishing for a new iron with good steam.

  283. Vicky Cook says:

    A clean sewing room. We just moved and I haven’t gotten everything organized yet

  284. Judy Sanders says:

    I would like a fat quarter of Edita Sitar’s Blues.

  285. Spending time with family is tops on my list, but I wouldn’t mind a quilt retreat away with my friends either!

  286. Patricia Hersl says:

    Saw a cone thread holder that looked interesting.

  287. Judy Chastain says:

    A new iron that doesn’t spit brown stuff. This is such a generous give-away; thank you.

  288. Wishlist item: Petra Prins’ latest book, “Quilts in a Dutch Garden”.

  289. I would love one of the electronic fabric cutters that doesn’t require dies.

  290. Large hoop for embroidery machine

  291. Salt Rock Lamp!

  292. Rita Wilson says:

    I always wish for more fabric.

  293. What a nice package! I have a rotary cutter designed by Rob Appell on my wish list.

  294. An Accuquilt!

  295. Linda McElwain says:

    A new iron that doesn’t leak!

  296. Xmas wish list – a sewing table that can hold both a machine and serger

  297. Time, so I can do some selfish sewing. :o)

  298. I am hoping to learn paper piecing in the new year…so a book on this craft would be awesome !

  299. A new embroidery machine

  300. Tara B Rose says:

    New iron!! I put the plug out of the iron 🙁

  301. I’d like a new cheese grater for Christmas. Goofey, huh?

  302. I would love a Clover press and roll to take with me to classes and guild.

  303. Ruler foot and templates

  304. Good health.

  305. Ivonne Walters says:

    Someone to assist me in organizing my sewing room. Thank you for the giveaway.

  306. Fabric is always on my list!

  307. I would like time to keep learning new things and getting better at sewing. Little projects that can be carried with me are always my favorite. Then I see books like Row by Row and the ABC and Bee Happy and an iron not held together by tape but realistically the nuts and bolts cutting mat is what is needed. Time is what I wish for.

  308. Gift certificate for a quilt shop.

  309. Jayne Dough says:

    A clean house and time to sew. 🙂

  310. I would love more time to create and sew!

  311. I need a new thread rack.

  312. I would really love an Accuquilt GO.

  313. Jennifer Whitney says:

    I’m in need of a new cutting mat

  314. I have been wanting to try a fabriflare Project. Love the fabric!

  315. Elaine M. says:

    I’m falling in love with hand-sewing projects, so I’d sure enjoy these EPP supplies. I’m wishing for continued good health to be able to finish all my UFO’s and enjoy so many new projects.

  316. SUSAN MINCKS says:

    I would love to learn more about paper-piecing

  317. SUSAN MINCKS says:

    I would really love an Accuquilt GO. It would really save me some time cutting fabric!

  318. Lynne Dardanell says:

    I wish for more swaps and more sewing buddies … I love the sense of community!

  319. Would love more fabric for my stash! And a new, larger cutting mat.

  320. Ellen Matthews says:

    I would really like a couple of days sewing with my friends. That aways makes me happy.

  321. Jean Bonjour says:

    My wish is to have the supplies to organize my sewing/craft

  322. Christine Rodriguez says:

    I would love to have a cricut maker!

  323. Debbie Brewster says:

    Both of my grown children will be home for the holidays – the best holiday gift I could imagine.

  324. New sewing machine

  325. I am hoping for a new camera.

  326. Andrea Larsen says:

    A bigger cutting mat, and a 3 barrel curling iron.

  327. fabric…and time to sew with it:)

  328. New pinking shears! xx

  329. Lindsey kelly says:

    Smitten kitchen cookbook!

  330. I’ve not paper pieced….Looks like fun!!

  331. Susan Cardonita says:

    Hi Heather. I really enjoy your Sewing Loft emails but I forget to check out your blog. So, one thing I’d like for Christmas is a sewing room full of IKEA furniture!

  332. I would love a trip to Quiltstock this year! That would be so much fun!

  333. I really don’t have much of a wish list other than one thing. That one thing is more like a bunch of things though, I suppose. I would love to get everything needed from the “I Sew For Fun” program, from the books to all of the new products created to use with the program. I want to begin teaching my youngest granddaughter how to sew since she’s old enough now. I know she would love to learn considering she’s always playing with the fabric in my sewing room and charm packs aren’t safe near her. She MUST see every single fabric in those. lol I love the fact they’ve created the tools for little hands but mostly the safe presser foot is what I want most so she can’t get her finger under my sewing machine’s needle.

  334. A gift certificate for Fringe Association!

  335. I have a Cricut Maker on my Christmas wish list 😊

  336. Dana Moore says:

    I’d like a sewing machine

  337. A sewing table!

  338. I would love a craft room for Christmas.

  339. benardina sims says:

    A KitchenAid

  340. colorful thread for applique and quilting

  341. I want one of those food sealers sooo bad for Christmas

  342. New furniture for my bedroom

  343. Denise Lamy says:


  344. Sheila Kester says:

    This would be so cool!! I love to paper piece and want to try hexies. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  345. Christina Miller says:

    I have many charm packs on my wish list this year! Great for hexies!

  346. Nancy Baker says:

    A new Ott light with magnifier would be great!

  347. A charm pack from moda fabrics is on my wish list!

  348. I am wishing for some Lori Holt quilt kits!!

  349. Maurine Monson says:

    Sit down longarm quilting machine

  350. Margaret Wellstead says:

    Computerised longarm

  351. I would love to be instantly organized! Given extra time everyday! I know these two don’t exist, but you said wish list.

  352. corina c. says:

    I am wishing for an acrylic insert that fits into my sewing table for my Pfaff passport.

  353. Maria Cullen says:

    I love to create anything!

  354. Fabric, of course! Well, really a gift card to my LQS so I can shop for fabric.

  355. Gift cards to my local fabric stores.

  356. a new book, Animal Quilts

  357. A serger!

  358. This would be a perfect gift to push me to learn paper piecing! Anything quilting related is on my wishlist from Santa!!

  359. Norma Tauzin says:

    New pinking shears. And I want to learn how to paper piece.. I love having handwork to do when I am traveling or in waiting room of some kind.

  360. Marie Kurth says:

    Best gift is to have everyone home for Christmas!

  361. susan4cats says:

    I am dreaming of a large china cabinet that I can use to store my fabric stash in where it will be protected by glass from my cats & I will be able to find what I’m looking for.

  362. I would love a Silhouette cutting machine for Christmas

  363. Donna R de Peyster says:

    I asked Santa for a new cutting mat and some surprise fabric.

  364. Rebecca Fernandez says:

    On my wish list is a Cricut Maker

  365. Amina Fatima Khan says:

    A good iron

  366. Lesha Schnebly says:

    Nice scissors

  367. Rose May Daley says:

    I would like a large add a quarter ruler for my paper peicing projects

  368. mlmasters2014 says:

    I’m wishing for a set of paper piecing templates!

  369. Heather Short says:

    A serger!

  370. My wish would be to get all my quilty friends together for an afternoon lunch so we can visit and I would have a chance to give them the project bags I made for their paper piecing projects.

  371. I’m hoping for a Hera marker, but not sure anyone knows that 😉

  372. A new iron-like an Oliso!

  373. I’m wishing for another storage cabinet for my sewing room to store all of my fabric in.

  374. Anything Kaffe Fassett

  375. Patrice Hartung says:

    I would love to travel to the National Quilt Museum for inspiration and admiration.

  376. Lisa Sliva says:

    I’m hoping for a FQ bundle of Maureen Cracknell’s line Soulful 🙏😊

  377. Fabric, fabric, and more fabric !!!

  378. Nancy Hutchinson says:

    More time to devote to my favorite hobby.

  379. Shirley Clark says:

    My Christmas wish list has long been expired, but I always wish for at least a gift certificate to buy sewing supplies.

  380. Stacy farrar says:

    On my list if I had one would be FABRIC!

  381. Nancy Loge says:

    I know it won’t happen, but I’d like a border collie or similar puppy for Christmas ☺ and time to quilt!

  382. I wish I could finish all of my projects in time for Christmas.

  383. Colleen Gonzales says:

    A new cutting mat! 😀

  384. Kellie Campbell says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric. Lol I do a lot of quilts and I need lots of fabric. I have made 8 quilts for Christmas and that took a lot of my fabric

  385. Dana Charlton says:

    I asked Santa for a sewing/storage cabinet. Lol

  386. A new iron

  387. Donna Harrington says:

    I would love a bigger quilt/craft room!

  388. Pat Svitko says:

    I’d love a new cutting table.

  389. On my Christmas wishlist is a portable rotary cutting mat/ironing surface board. Great for taking to my quilting group meetings.

  390. Dedicated room for sewing and crafts!

  391. Lorraine Warner says:

    I would love to have a thread spool rack for starters ☺️

  392. Michele Stevenson says:

    I would just like more time to do my sewing & crafts.

  393. I’d love to have more room in my sewing room/office/computer room/”don’t know what to do with this”room!!! Thank you so much for this chance to win. I love your blogs!! 🙂

  394. I would love comic boards to wrap and organize my fabric. It’s one of the things on my Christmas list, although I’m not sure that’s why my boyfriend knows I want them.

  395. A silhouette Cameo!

  396. I have a bunch of quilting supplies and kitchen gadgets on my Christmas list.

  397. New sturdy ironing board would be nice☺

  398. I don’t really even have a Christmas list… I would just like to be happy and healthy, and wish the same for my family and friends.

  399. Pamela Reim says:

    Some more dies for the AccuQuilt I got last Christmas

  400. neena simmons says:

    Dies for my GO cutter

  401. Carol Nelms says:

    My Christmas list has 6 yards of Kona Snow on it, for background!

  402. Elaine Walker says:

    I would like a new cutting mat ( a Big one), and the Creative Grids strip cutter ruler. Thanks Elaine

  403. A Sew Steady table.

  404. Cindy Jones Bechinski says:

    I would love to have a heat press for my crafts.

  405. I would like a new large cutting mat.

  406. Cindy Shelley says:

    Fabric of course!!!

  407. Lori Nagel says:

    I would love a gift certificate to my local fabric store.

  408. Sandie Cornish says:

    Fabric fabric & more fabric!

  409. I would love an ironing board that is built into the wall!

  410. Gail White says:

    Every year I ask for expensive perfume. It’s my main vice (besides quilting).

  411. I am hoping to receive a new iron!

  412. A Silhouette

  413. I’m wishing for my husband to be well enough to stay out of the hospital. He was lucky enough to receive a double lung transplant in May of this year after not being able to work for about 10 years. Now, because of the anti-rejection drugs, he’s having complications. He gets sick really easily and ends up in the hospital, sometimes for extended stays. Other than that, I would like a nice gift certificate to my favorite local quilt shop for MORE FABRIC!!!!!!! that I don’t really need!

  414. Denise Inman says:

    Bathtub tray to hold my books and tablet when soaking in the bath.

  415. I would love thread and fabric! Thanks for these great chances to win some quilty fun

  416. I just like to be surprised at Christmas. After doing all of the shopping I just want a surprise 🙂

  417. Susan Jaisle says:

    Just learning to quilt so I asked for fabric for Christmas!

  418. The Appliquick set.

  419. not too much on my Christmas wish list. Just want my kids to be happy!

  420. Kathy Davis says:

    I just saw a new foot that replaces a serger. Would love to add that to my wishlist.

  421. I am thinking of an Accuquilt Go! Big. Hope it would help me get more done.

  422. That all my seven children will be able to visit for Christmas and a gift card for my favorite local quilt shop.

  423. Mary Morrison says:

    A new pair of scissors!

  424. A sewing table

  425. A leather punch tool (I know I’m getting one because I just bought one)lol

  426. Linda Colwell says:

    I’m trying to talk my husband into fixing an old table I’ve got so that I can drop my sewing machine in it.

  427. Tracy Painter says:

    Eek this is an amazing give away. Just what I need to get started with EPP.

  428. Annette Holbrook says:

    On the top of my list is a Liberty of London rainbow fabric bundle. (Something I’d be unlikely to splurge on for myself.)

  429. Lynne Ravas says:

    Tumbler template to help with my scrap pile!

  430. Michelle G Hunt says:

    I would like more time, energy and inspiration to make gifts that will bring smiles to peoples’ faces <3

  431. Laura Brown says:

    I would love a quilty box subscription.

  432. I don’t really have anything on my Christmas wish list.

  433. I just want well behaved kids that get along the entire holiday break lol

  434. Melinda Mustered says:

    Wonder clips and fabric!

  435. Great way to pass time while traveling

  436. On my wishlist is a jumbo hoop for my sewing machine

  437. A walking foot for my machine!

  438. Possibly a DSLR camera… to take pictures of quilting projects (among other things)!

  439. Barbara Takemoto says:

    A server with auto threading

  440. I’d love to try this!

  441. Estela Reyes says:

    I look for tips to make my sewing life easier. There are tools I really don’t know how to use.

  442. Stephanie Tabares says:

    What a wonderful giveaway. Love all those items

  443. Estela Reyes says:

    I like storing up new tips and learning to use new tools, would love a cutting mat.

  444. I have an espresso machine on my list 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  445. I guess I’d like a shelf or two … to help clear up some floor space! Thanks so much.

  446. Joann’s gift card, Silhouette machine accessories, all to go with my sewing!

  447. Patricia Howard says:

    Gosh, an ongoing list it seems. A light box sounds interesting.

  448. Sharon Crawley says:

    I so would love a embroidery machine but I don’t think santa has one for me this year 😕

  449. Cherri Kincaid says:

    Not so much fun as a necessity, I need a new iron

  450. Accuquilt dies

  451. Sue Holman says:

    A new super fine, sharp seam ripper!

  452. A clean creative space for sure!

  453. A Cricut Maker!

  454. The Cotton Farm says:

    I think any of these would be great for Christmas. Thank you for the contests.

  455. I’m wishing for a robotic vaccuum.

  456. This year for Christmas I’m getting a new kitchen faucet and I couldn’t be happier!

  457. A new craft room update.

  458. A rotating cutting mat

  459. Susan Green says:

    Fabric for my next quilt.

  460. Vicki Formby says:

    Long arm quilter

  461. I would adore a few new pantographs for my longarm machine.

  462. A gift certificate to attend my guilds annual quilting retreat (my first choice) or for a class taught by Bonnie Hunter.

  463. Laura Major says:

    For Christmas I’d love to win this giveaway! But on my list I’ve been wanting a gift card to our local fabric store!! 😃

  464. Linda Collum says:

    My crazy wish would be a Koala sewing table with the flip up wings to expand the surface area for quilting. The realistic wish is one of those ergonomic mats to stand on while I cut and press fabric.

  465. I could really use a cleaning fairy or minion.

  466. A singer featherweight.

  467. Diane Nancarrow says:

    Please enter me in your drawing, I have never won anything, and it would be super if you were the one to be lucky for me and break the ice!!!

  468. Large dose of energy to get many, many projects completed! 😀

  469. Judy Prescott says:

    I would love to find a walking foot for my industrial Pfaff sewing machine

  470. Darlene Thompson says:

    I am asking for a new cutting mat.

  471. Tina Butler says:

    A trip!

  472. An Apple Watch

  473. phew, almost missed this fantastic giveaway…we were camping in FL with no internet access but on the way home I saw an awesome Christmas decoration: a lighted camper lawn statue. I know it has nothing to do with sewing but I immediately added it to my Christmas Wish List.

  474. I really would love a new cast iron pan

  475. Brenda Hulsey says:

    Lessons on my sewing machine to get the most fun from it!

  476. NancyB from Many La says:

    Wow! I’d like a quilting buddy!

  477. An organized sewing room!

  478. Cheri Jones says:

    Dresden plate template

  479. Santa baby has my list and on the top is sewing machine light with flexible head.

  480. Leah Eversole says:

    More time me to sew! It’s hard with 2 small kids.

  481. A 60 degree diamond ruler

  482. Sherry Jurykovsky says:

    I need a pair of Isotoner slippers as I just kicked my chair leg and broke my toe, rushing around trying to get everything done before Christmas. I’m hoping slippers will remind me to slow down.

  483. Ilene miller says:

    Would love a new chair for my sewing studio!

  484. Tamrey Davis says:

    Cash !!!

  485. Bloc Loc rulers

  486. My project turning out to be the exact size it was supposed to be!

  487. A sewing table so I can move off the dining room table!

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