Quilting Inspiration | Giving Day 3

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It’s day 3 in the 12 Days of Giving  and the next package is filled with tons of quilting inspiration! From quilting fabric to patterns this box has you covered.

Days of Giving - 12 Days of Giveaways

There is nothing better than snuggling up under a quilt with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite quilting magazine during the winter. I just really love looking through the pages to find inspiration and learn new techniques. In today’s Quilting Inspiration prize package you will find fun tips, inspirational books, ready to start projects and more.

'Tis the season and it is better to give than recieve. Today's giveaway gift is packed with quilt inspiration. Be sure to see all of the prize packages being offered during The Sewing Loft's 12 Days of Giving. Over $1200 in prizes.


For those of you that are ready to dive in and start that next project the mini quilt kit is the perfect way to just stop, drop and sew.

'Tis the season and it is better to give than recieve. Today's giveaway gift is packed with quilt inspiration. Be sure to see all of the prize packages being offered during The Sewing Loft's 12 Days of Giving. Over $1200 in prizes.


Quilting Inspiration Giveaway


Gift package includes:

This gift package is valued at approximately $95.00.

Tucked inside this box is tons of quilting inspiration. After flipping through the pages I’m sure you’ll be itching to grab the rotary cutter and head to the table with your new fabric.

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Now your ready to start that new project and make it a success! Don’t forget to enter the contest by leaving a comment below this post and share the holiday cheer with a friend.


Giving Day 3 | Quilting King

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Remember, ’tis the season for giving and this is only one of the gift boxes being giving away. Be sure to visit Day 1 and enter to win each of the fantastic prize packages being offered. There are over $1200  in sewing treats being giving away this season and I can’t wait to see you stitch up!






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  1. I get most of my ideas from pinterest.

  2. I get inspiration from visiting art galleries or nature! thanks!

  3. Lisa Simon says:

    I love to get quilting inspiration from Instagram.

  4. Linda Williamson says:

    My pattern inspiration comes from any design that I spy just about anywhere. Ceiling tiles, pictures other people’s artwork… Thanks for the great giveaways. grinnie1961 at gmail.com

  5. Pintrist and blogs!

  6. Jonnie Egleston says:

    Quilting magazines and stuff hanging on the wall at my local quilt shop.

  7. I read quilting and sewing blogs and they give me so much inspiration that I could sew til my dying day…and be happy about it!

  8. NevadaJane says:

    I love Pinterest for quilting inspiration.

  9. My inspiration comes from books, the internet and the outdoors.

  10. Sandy Allen says:

    I love to look through home decor magazines for inspiration for colors and styles

  11. Hellersmapa says:

    My inspiration comes from lying awake at night!

  12. K'Lynn Wait says:

    My inspiration comes from books, magazines, and the internet.

  13. I get inspiration from books, the web and quilt shows

  14. I started following blogs – my first inspiration was a “bottled rainbows” QYG project – I have yet to finish it and it has been at least 5 years now…..but it started me on the road to making modern quilts and I love it – at 72 I am never too old to learn

  15. Nature, Pinterest, fabrics…

  16. Instagram is full of great ideas!


  18. Oh wow my husband would love this! He collects and tinkers with watches and clocks and it’s still close enough to the wedding (last Friday) to make it a newly wed gift!

  19. Rene Bolton says:

    I get inspiration from magazines and quilt/sewing expos.

  20. Kathy Cummings says:

    I look at Instagram and Bloglovin!!
    Thank you!

  21. kathy Persons says:

    Pinterest, blogs and books

  22. Tanya Weiss says:

    Pinterest and blogs

  23. Claire Gunningham says:


  24. Esther A Robison says:

    Pinterest and books of quilts .

  25. Google and Pinterest

  26. Instagram, Facebook, and blogs! Thanks for the fun Heather!

  27. Leslie Marling says:

    Pinterest is a great source for ideas and inspiration all in one place. I also use magazines and old patterns. Thank you for sharing all of these great prizes for 12 days.

  28. I usually see something in a book, blog, Pinterest, someone’s quilt at a show and it just grabs my attention.

  29. Pinterest

  30. usairdoll Jodi says:

    I find inspiration all over. Online, blogs, nature and quilting magazines help and inspire me.

    Amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed ;-D

  31. Elaine H. says:

    Pinterest and instagram.

  32. Mostly online and books.

  33. All around mme! Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, books, nature

  34. I get my inspiration from social media, quilt books & magazines, clothing (a houndstooth scarf I had) and everyday living like the cardinal birds that visit with me every year.

    The birds started with a pair and 3 years later I have a whole group of them that I feed. Beautiful peeks of red against the winter snow. They are gorgeous birds to me.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  35. Barbara Takemoto says:

    I see so many beautiful quilts on line in the various blogs and quilting sites. People are
    so talented. It makes me want to step up my game!

  36. Online and a small quilting group.

  37. Through blogs and Instagram

  38. I get a lot of inspiration from the colours in nature

  39. I look for inspiration in books and sometimes blogs and IG. I also look for inspiration in the natural world (colors, shapes, textures).

  40. Lori Smanski says:

    from blogs, Quiltmaker magazine, books

  41. Mary kolb says:

    My quilting inspiration comes from my quilt guild, Instagram, magazines & blogs.

  42. DeeDee Weir says:

    I get mine from family, friends and life!!

  43. I look at lots of blogs, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  44. I love looking online, magazines and from my friends.

  45. KarenAnn Harvey says:

    Actually I want to learn how to do this. I stalk Jenny of Elefanz and your blogs.

  46. Most of my ideas come from Pinterest

  47. I get most of my inspiration on Facebook

  48. Linda Wright says:

    Look at that beautiful fabric. I find so many quilting ideas, tutorials, and Pinterest pins. I have learned so much from you, Heather. Have a blessed Christmas with your family.

  49. From my talented family.

  50. Melissa Greenfield says:

    Blogs, magazines, Instagram and Pinterest.

  51. I look online, mainly blogs, and occasionally I do a Google search if I’m looking for something in particular.

  52. Carol Mina says:

    Usually on Facebook and new books. So….many talented people do quilts.

  53. Show and tell with other quilters…my sewing peeps

  54. I get inspired by vintage patterns, ads, and the crazy grandkids.

  55. Jean Palionis says:

    I have old books of quilting patterns. I look on Craftsy, but my favorite place to look is YouTube. The quilt I am currently working on came from YouTube!

  56. I get inspiration from designs I see on Pinterest that lead me to blogs. Also I get inspiration from my mom, who is also a quilter.

  57. Lucy Blum says:

    First I look through my quilting books and magazines for color, fabric, and pattern ideas!
    If I don’t find inspiration there then I’ll look through the photos on the FB groups I belong to.

  58. I’ll get my inspiration from many places: quilting books, quilting magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, or my favorite blogger websites.

  59. Bette Millar says:

    Inspiration is everywhere: nature, craft books/magazines, social media, blogs,photos

  60. Tara Sieberg says:

    Oh the internet! Pinterest or Facebook groups!

  61. Quilting web sites, quilt shops, book, and life in general. You never know where the next quilt lies.

  62. Debbie Sheldon says:

    My inspirations come from magazines, newsletters and books

  63. Karen Hendry says:

    I’m a follower of Moda fabrics, but I will get inspiration for anyone who has amazing ideas!

  64. Facebook, Instagram, pinterest and books. Love to look in magazines too

  65. From all the magazines and online bloggers like this one!

  66. PansyPetalCreations says:

    Nature, Instagram, Pinterest. Other people’s quilting passions become contagious. It’s always amazing to see the many, many styles and colours that quilters bring to their quilts.

  67. It’s been quite a few years since I’ve tried this

  68. Helen Glover says:

    I am a book and magazine freak….so perfect gifts for me!! Nice giveaway! I hope I win! I get lots of inspiration from looking at what others make. Usually make up my own designs but based on what I see!

  69. Everywhere! Quilt shops, magazines, blogs, nature, pinterest.

  70. Judy Stocker says:

    I currently spend most of my time on Pinterest now, then search the web once I find a term, project or idea I like.

  71. Pinterest or Craftsy have great ideas for quilts

  72. Angela J Short says:

    I live in the country and get lots of inspiration all around. I love to look at quilting and sewing magazines (paper) and also articles on line. angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  73. Cate Callard says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from visiting quilt shops, my guild meetings, and Instagram!

  74. Pinterest and you tube

  75. I am inspired by the fabric

  76. In emails and Pinterest.

  77. quilter (Carol Nelms) says:

    I find inspiration in magazines, my stash, blogs, and quilt newsletters.

  78. Susan R Jones says:

    Scappy Girls club and Pintrest

  79. Most of my inspiration comes from Instagram these days.

  80. I see inspiration everywhere! I love to follow IG and page through magazines, but nature is also very inspiring!

  81. Tracy Painter says:

    I lol through Instagram and Pinterest for ideas and quilting inspiration.

  82. I get inspiration from books museums and nature

  83. Receive most inspiration from Facebook

  84. I spend way too much time looking at other peoples projects on Facebook! I see lots of things I must do!

  85. Blogs. Pinterest. Quilting books and magazines. My local quilt shop. Quilt shops when travelling….lol

  86. I get ideas off the internet, in books, magazines, and from quilt shows.

  87. My inspiration comes from different sources – books, magazines, internet & living in the country also gives to me from all that my little piece of the world has! Thank you, Susan

  88. carolyn montgomery says:

    blogs i subscribe to , displays in lqs, and magazines

  89. Muriel Ann Hauf says:

    I look for inspiration on the Internet

  90. Janice King says:

    i love reading blogs and watching you tube videos for quilt inspiration. Thanks for your giving spirit.

  91. Mary Sue W says:

    Mostly Pinterest, but also from you and other sewing/quilt blogs

  92. Geraldine Lanpley says:

    I get my inspiration from quilt books, magazines and websites. I also enjoy making a few things for grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  93. Pinterest and Facebook

  94. I do Pinterest half the time and then there are the fabulous newsletters, magazines and a few tv shows

  95. I like pinterest, the internet, quilt shows, and magazines.

  96. Marti Meadows says:

    On different blogs

  97. Jan Ziblis says:

    Just starting out quilting and I have been getting my inspiration from antique stores.

  98. auntiepatch69 says:

    Different places; Pinterest, Angela Walters, Missouri Star Quilt co,, etc.

  99. Janice Mockmore says:

    Inspiration comes from magazines mostly.

  100. Mariette Doyer says:

    I get inspiration from shows, magazines, internet and pinterest.

  101. Linda Hulen says:

    I look for quilting inspiration in books and on my favorite quilt shop sites.

  102. Marilyn Sunderman says:

    I like getting inspiration from newsletters like this one and at my local quilt shop.

  103. Lynn E Marsh says:

    I get inspiration from blogs. I also love going to the library and get quilting books. I make copies of the pattterns that really call to me, and then use what colors appeal to me.

  104. I get most of my ideas on line. There are so many choices and not quite as much time.

  105. Google, blogs, magazines, Pinterest!

  106. Looking at others’ work inspires me. Some people are so creative!

  107. Wendy Harrison says:

    I like to browse Pinterest or quilting blogs for inspiration.

  108. Pinterest and magazines.

  109. Kathleen Hammond says:

    Instagram and my local quilt guild show and tell.

  110. Janet Pierce says:

    Quite a few places, but nature and magazines mostly.

  111. Magazines, vacation especially the beach.

  112. I visit my mom’s library of quilting books and mix and match what I like.

  113. I love to browse quilt books. My local quilt shop provides many, many samples that inspire me.

  114. aaron reck says:

    I look to my family and friends and I also use pinterest. Thanks so much.

  115. Most of my quilt ideas come from searching online . In fact I now have a large collection of quilt patterns save to my iPhone!

  116. I get my ideas from Pinterest and blogs.

  117. Rommy Van Houten says:

    For Inspiration I take a look in Quilt magazines

  118. Mary Green says:

    I look at quilts on Pintrest and in various quilting e-zines that come to my inbox.

  119. Lisa Miles says:

    Pinterest and quilting blogs

  120. Amy mills says:

    Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, books, sometimes fabric just speaks to me. Inspiration is everywhere 🙂

  121. Online

  122. PIntresr

  123. I find inspiration from FB, Pinterest, blogs & magazines! Thank you for you Christmas give away!

  124. Cindy Burris says:

    I love new notions and ideas

  125. Laura Major says:

    Pinterest is my go to for ideas!!

  126. CTGrandma says:

    Magazines–old and new

  127. Karen Bergt says:

    A lot of my inspiration I get from quilt magazines, blogs and social media.

  128. Roga Guthmiller says:

    I find inspiration from looking at other peoples color choices, quilting designs and surfing the web. I especially like quilt shows to see the variety that each individual offers.

  129. Cindy McIlvain says:

    I enjoy quilting books most but take inspiration from Facebook also.

  130. My inspiration comes the internet and magazines.

  131. Linda Stewart says:

    Magazines & some books. I’ve rec’d quilt magazines for years & I still use patterns from older magazines.

  132. Pinklipgloss says:

    I designed one and my mom made it for a friend that she and her husband are teachers and went to different schools. We used red and black for her school checkered pattern; put the baby’s first initial in yellow and did the binding in yellow(for dad’s school). The yellow was also math and letters for teachers! Dad is also a math geek!
    The one I’m doing for me is a hodgepodge random quilt using fabrics I liked and pieces from projects I’ve done.

  133. I turn to blogs, newsletters and company websites.

  134. gerri s cook says:

    iove the gift package looking forward to using it

  135. Nancy Alvey says:

    I would love to win any of the items. I get my inspiration from several quilting and crafting geniuses, including you.

  136. Bonnie L Thiem says:

    I look to the internet quilt websites for new and different ideas.

  137. I look for quilting inspiration on Pinterest, Facebook and various blogs.

  138. Delissa Crellin says:

    I usually spend hours on the internet trying to find that one quilt that jumps out at me to do next.

  139. I am inspired by many blogs and I get a lot of ideas from fabric too.

  140. I want to learn how to quilt, and I get inspired by ideas on Pinterest and work that I see at my local quilting store.

  141. Glenda Roy says:

    As a beginning quilter – a few crib/lap quilts and some small quilted decorative pieces – I look at sites like Sewing Loft and Craftsy or just dream up my own simple patterns. The beautiful quilts my daughter has made are what inspired me to give quilting a try!

  142. Jennifer W says:

    I get my ideas all over the internet and from my heas

  143. Your giveaway packages are superb.
    I get my inspiration to quilt from my daughter, Lacey.

  144. Andrea Larsen says:

    From quilt shows, pintrest, quilt magazines, and a quilting FB group

  145. pinintrest

  146. Jill Davies says:

    My inspiration comes from magazines and Pinterest.

  147. Holly Keyes says:

    I look for quilting inspiration on this blog plus online and quilting magazines. Also, I try to see quilt patterns in nature or architecture and see how I could adapt it into a quilt block.

  148. My inspiration can be found anywhere! I particularly like gathering ideas from other quilters and blogs like yours.

  149. Katie Wink says:

    I look to all my friends on Instagram for inspiration. So much talent there!!!

  150. cindi Alexander says:

    I get my inspiration from books and from the internet.

  151. Donna Stellway says:

    I get inspiration for a variety of places such as books, patterns, quilts at shows and in shops.

  152. Online

  153. Bethni Lee says:

    I like Pinterest, but I love sifting through quilting magazines, old and new. What fabulous ideas I get!! And this giveaway is so much fun!! Thank you for doing it!

  154. Kellie Warren says:


  155. I am inspired by books, but mostly Pinterest.

  156. I get my inspiration mostly from blogs and Pinterest.

  157. I look through magazines, books, and on blogs for inspiration.

  158. Pinterest and blogs!

  159. Quilting magazines, Pinterest, and the beautiful fabrics at my favorite quilt shop inspire me.

  160. ELIZABETH KUNTZ says:

    I look at magazines, YouTube, websites and Quilt shops for inspiration.

  161. Museums most of all

  162. Linda Haley says:

    I love to look at quilting books for ideas of what to do next.

  163. DeeDee Johnson says:

    Pinterest and quilting blogs my favs for total inspiration

  164. Evelyn Ware says:

    Magazines, books and video tutorials are what inspires me to start another quilt.

  165. Mary Snyder says:

    Web sites, and magazines

  166. Mary Green says:

    I subscribe to many great quilting blogs like yours and e-zines.

  167. sewncreations says:

    Blogs and Pinterest

  168. So sweet. I find inspiration everywhere. Sometimes the fabric speaks, or a pattern, or just nature, and I need to sew.

  169. Jennifer Bowers says:

    So many…Pinterest, Facebook groups, several (a ton actually) of newsletters from online stores and designers websites, books & magazines. I stalk the internet always looking for that new ‘wow’ quilt to make.

  170. Linda Kernodle says:

    Magazines, old quilts, blogs

  171. Candias Chalker says:

    Mostly from pinterest and quilting blogs

  172. Jennifer Essad says:

    from story books mostly

  173. Karen Hootman says:

    I’m inspired by all the beautiful quilts I see on Instagram.

  174. My guild’s show and tell, quilt shows, quilt magazines, blogs

  175. Allison Eland says:

    I turn to Facebook where I follow several different pages, some are teachers & some are just quilters like me, all with different ideas on colour & tips on how to make quilting easier & fun.

  176. Kathryn Errante says:

    Much of my inspiration comes from an online group I belong to, as well as books, magazines, and tutorials.

  177. Brenda Ackerman says:

    I get inspiration from magazines, books, tiles, nature and the awesome quilt calendars that I own.

  178. Carla Hundley says:

    I haven’t done a quilt
    yet, but I like looking
    at them on the blogs.
    Carla from Utah

  179. Alice Coddington says:

    I search on line. All the quilt groups are so helpful and more than willing to answer questions, give suggestions and praise when needed

  180. Magazines, blogs, Pinterest, books, photos that others post…too many ideas!

  181. I am inspired by quilting books and magazines, blogs, quilting groups on facebook, many websites, and the internet in general. Nature inspires the colors in my quilts.

  182. From magazines and blogs

  183. Sherry Jagels says:

    Facebook and pinterest give me a lot of inspiration! So does my local quilt guild with its programs, show and tell, etc. thanks.

  184. Janice James says:

    I have tons of books. When I am in the mo to start at new quilt, I good through my books until find the perfect quilt project.

  185. Kathy Luehrs says:

    on the web

  186. I receive inspiration from books, magazines, the web, quilt shows and quilt guild members.

  187. Most inspiration comes from ideas spiked by things around me, art or books and media stories

  188. Lena Hussey says:

    My inspiration comes from the quilting and sewing blogs and videos.

  189. Instagram usually peaks my interest and then Pinterest really gives me inspiration!!

  190. Kitty Kontak says:

    The internet and magaazines

  191. Regina DeCapite says:

    I get my inspiration from my local quilt shop and looking at fabrics!

  192. My inspiration comes from books & patterns! I LOVE quilt books with gorgeous photos & detailed instructions.

  193. All of my quilting inspiration comes from the internet these days.

  194. Linda Murphy says:

    I love modern quilts-our local quilt shows are amazing for inspiration!

  195. Simone Thompson says:

    Ah- this one is easy – books, Pinterest, blogs, and my sisters!!
    Love this nice package and thanks for a chance to win 🙂

  196. Sandy Ross says:

    i get ideas from Pinterest and from magazines I’ve saved over the years.

  197. Maggie Sheer says:

    Friends and blogs!

  198. deanna Plotts says:

    I see quilting inspiration everywhere. My friends, my local guild, my local shop, and all the books and magazines. Oh did I leave out the internet? you know blogs, pinterest and Instagram.

  199. Barb Johnson says:

    I’m a Pinterest girl!

  200. From the Internet!

  201. Deb Pommier says:

    Pinterest and Blogs and magazines

  202. Kelly Gilmore says:

    Pinterest or Instagram.

  203. Lena Hussey says:

    I get a lot of inspiration from the displays in the quilt shop and antique stores that sell quilts. I I take pictures of the ones I really like and then find the pattern from the sites on the internet that give patterns.

  204. Blogs & Magazines & Stores…

  205. Joanne Spence says:

    I have found a couple of awesome bloggers that I follow, Bloglovin, and of course Pinterest

  206. Tonya Flores says:

    I love to watch quilting videos on YouTube. Some of my faves are The Midnight Quilt Show and The Missouri Star Quilt Company.

  207. Teresa Knittingdancer says:


  208. I read a lot of blogs and various webpages. I also look through magazines, and some times just viewing my surroundings.

  209. I just love books. I have a whole room full. So books, magazines, the web, nature. I buy books or borrow from the library. Sewing is my life. I do quilts, bags, clothes and just about anything one can do with patchwork.
    Crazy patchwork! I love that too because I can use all of my scraps from other projects.

  210. These days mostly the internet but I love looking at the real thing in a craft store.

  211. Instagram

  212. From Blogs, magazines and my Quilty Pleasures group

  213. Pinterest!

  214. Stephanie M says:

    Stained Glass & Origami

  215. Jill Auxer says:

    I am inspired by color or fabric collections. Nature and the events going on in my life also inspire me. I also enjoy looking at what others have done and try to reinvent things.

  216. facebook pictures and links

  217. Marge Bowman says:

    Magazines, Pinterest and my sister!! She’s an excellent quilter!

  218. Dawn Hanson says:

    Instagram and Pinterest are my go to places for inspiration.

  219. Cheryl J Hand says:


  220. I look for quilting inspiration everywhere – books, magazines, TV, internet, quilt shops, and sometimes in real life. You never know when a sight or overheard comment will inspire you.

  221. Barbara Wilson says:

    I find a lot of inspiration online and Pinterest.

  222. I get most of my ideas from magazines and from hanging out at my local quilt shop!

  223. I enjoy sitting with a cup of coffee and look8ng through my magazines and pattern books.

  224. My inspiration comes from the objects I see. I’m thinking “can this be a quilt”?

  225. Cheryl Cole says:

    Mostly pinterest or magazines

  226. Lisa Garrett says:

    Pinterest is my inspiration.

  227. Annette Canonica says:

    I love online for quilt inspiration as well as to my quilt chapter members

  228. Vicky Cook says:

    My quilting friends, my guild, nature, my grandkids,.. Inspiation is everywhere if you learn to see it

  229. Judy Sanders says:

    I love quilting.

  230. Magazines and quilting shops

  231. Renea Yarolim says:

    I am always looking for inspiration-blogs, pinterest,facebook,magazines and books. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  232. Magazines and Pinterest provide lots of inspiration for me!

  233. Patricia Hersl says:

    I love my books but lately Facebook has popped up some wonderful things,

  234. Judy Chastain says:

    I get my inspiration from the quilty blogs and magazines.

  235. I look for inspiration on blogs that I follow and also my quilting magazines.

  236. Quilts made by local quilt makers and displayed at monthly meetings. I love hearing the stories about the quilts and having the opportunity to ask questions. Pinterest and blogs also make for great night time searching.

  237. Pinterest

  238. Inspiration comes from my granny, quilting blogs, Facebook pages, and of course Pinterest.

  239. Seeing the beautiful projects on the blogs that I follow is my best source of inspiration. Thanks!

  240. Sandy Rodgers says:

    On line, magazines and books. Also tutorials and EQ software.

  241. Rita Wilson says:

    I love quilt books and magazines. I also find a lot of inspiration on the internet.

  242. I get my inspiration from videos, magazines, books and newsletters.

  243. Blogs and Pintrest are my main sources for inspiration

  244. Members of my ASG.

  245. I get my inspiration at my local quilt shop. So many fun fabrics and ideas.

  246. Nature

  247. Maurine Monson says:

    There are so many sites on the internet that I get ideas from that I would be scared to start naming them and offend one because I forgot to mention them.

  248. I like looking for quilting inspirations on Pinterst

  249. On line is a great place for ideas and then off to what ever site to purchase the pattern

  250. Tara B Rose says:

    Quilting magazines and pinterest.

  251. I subscribe to two quilting magazines where I get much inspiration.

  252. I love to check out sewing blogs to see what everyone is up to

  253. Mostly from quilting blogs.

  254. Linda Sanders says:

    Pinter estate and quilt groups on facebook

  255. I love looking for ideas on Pinterest. Magazines and books are also great!!

  256. I get inspiration from magazines, websites, and even nature.

  257. Ivonne Walters says:

    I am a youtube fan of many quilters and I love quilting magazines. Very inspirational for me.

  258. Nadine Anderson says:

    I get inspiration from pinterest

  259. Carolyn Madren says:

    I gain most of my quilting & sewing inspiration from the internet, magazines, material I see in shops & videos I watch.

  260. Martha Taylor says:

    Inspiration is everywhere; printed, nature, my kids, grandkids, greatgrandkids; all have something that inspires me daily.

  261. My inspiration comes from magazines, blogs , quilt shops, and quilt guild. Sometimes just an art gallery or the fabrics!!!!

  262. Elaine Chamberlain says:

    I get many ideas from Pinterest.

  263. Pinterest.

  264. Jennifer Whitney says:

    Inspiration from pinterest, craftsy, blogs and magazines.

  265. SUSAN MINCKS says:

    I get lots of ideas on Pinterest

  266. Ellen Matthews says:

    My inspiration comes from color, photos, magazines, TV and anything that hit my HOT BUTTON.

  267. Elaine Walker says:

    Mostly quilt mags and blogs. I also use Pinterest.

  268. Everywhere brings new inspiration! Especially the wonders of nature.

  269. Quilt magazines, pinterest, themes.

  270. Pinterest and blogs are where I look for inspiration.

  271. Pinterest.

  272. I think this is very nice and generous gift giving you are doing, thank you.
    Where do I get my inspiration? Currently I say social media. Yes IG, blogs or Facebook. Of all of those blogs would be #1.

  273. I like books for inspiration, but I’ve discovered my favorite quilting books through blogs. The illustrations in the books I read to my kiddos also inspire me…

  274. At the moment I am fascinated with Victorian tiled floors and decorative brickwork! xx

  275. Pinterest, blogs and facebook groups are my main inspiration !

  276. Gail Reyne says:

    I love stores, emails,books, and FB to get ideas

  277. Pinterest and Instagram

  278. Craftsy has a lot.

  279. Instagram! There are so many beautiful blocks!

  280. I love Pinterest ..I go there whenever I need inspiration

  281. I look for inspiration in blogs and magazines.

  282. I get ideas from all over.

  283. Nancy Seitz says:

    I look at magazines and books.

  284. quilting magazines and on line

  285. Pinterest

  286. I look to some of my favorite fabric websites. I also belong to bloglovin. Lastly, my Modern Quilt Guild meetings.

  287. Jean Bonjour says:

    Colors of fabrics when I go the my favorite fabric store

  288. Christina Miller says:

    I look for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest! I love seeing what fellow sewers come up with! Very inspiring.

  289. Pinterest is my favorite place to look for quilt inspiration.

  290. Jayne Dough says:

    I look at Facebook, Pinterest, Quilting mags, general google image searches and store catalogs/websites. 🙂

  291. Books, blogs, Instagram, and quilt stores

  292. I enjoy quilting blogs and a couple Facebook quilting groups.

  293. Regina Earl Arlauckas says:

    Pinterest, quiltmaker magazine and facebook pages or emails from quilt shops and designers I love

  294. Quilting magazines, online blogs, facebook, pinterest, There are ideas everywhere!!

  295. corina c. says:

    I look on Pinterest for inspiration. It’s amazing what you can find on it.

  296. Elaine O'Connell says:

    blogs, pinterest

  297. I get most of my inspiration from Facebook, quilters blogs and email. Pinterest is always fun!

  298. Barb Hovie says:

    I get inspiration from books, magazines and pinterest. So many beautiful quilts!

  299. I get quilting inspiration from reading blogs.

  300. Instagram!

  301. internet blogs

  302. I look in magazines and on Pinterest.

  303. Val Jensen says:

    I find inspiration on Pinterest, blogs, internet, my sister-in-law, etc. There are so many places to look for quilts to make.

  304. Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    For inspiration I study and audition my fabrics. Still stumped? I check my FB ‘friends’ like you and tutorials. I’m seldom stumped beyond that.

  305. Sewingloft.com and sewing expos

  306. Amina Fatima Khan says:

    I love getting ideas from pinterest

  307. susan4cats says:

    I find inspiration in several places. I follow several bloggers who I admire, I eatch several TV shows on quilting, Magazines & books, & items in nature.

  308. Sometimes a group of fabrics is all the inspiration I need, but I also love going through quilt books and magazines.

  309. Joyce Frazier says:

    I get inspiration from quilt books, the Internet, friends,
    and my quilt group.

  310. Pinterest and instagram

  311. I love looking through Pinterst — and I love Bonnie Hunter.

  312. Joyce Stratton says:

    I am inspired by several blogs and looking through the magazines I subscribe to.

  313. Lauren Dalton says:


  314. Heather Short says:


  315. Your projects are very inspiring. I enjoy seeing what is next

  316. Inspiration comes from nature, modern shapes, and from the fabric itself.

  317. Books, magazines, quilt shows, quilt guild, & quilt shops

  318. Patrice Hartung says:

    I look for quilt inspiration in quilting magazines.

  319. Internet, magazines, Pinterest for sure. Love to attend Expos with my bestie.

  320. Shirley Clark says:

    I read blogs and look on Pinterest mostly, but I do follow a lot of quilt shops on FB.

  321. Nancy Hutchinson says:

    I look in several places, on-line, quilting books, my favorite fabric store.

  322. Nancy Loge says:

    I look at quilts online, Pinterest, and look at the fabric and quilt pattern to help figure out what to quilt.

  323. I take online classes, as well as quilt expo and guild classes. Also, books and magazines are great sources.

  324. Not having any Patchwork buddies nearby, I love looking at blogs, Pinterest, books and especially old magazines to put my own twist to all the designs.

  325. Colleen Gonzales says:

    I look at a lot of quilting pages online, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

  326. Dana Charlton says:


  327. L M Price says:

    I am getting so much inspiration here think get Christmas madness out the way and I will be doing some quilting

  328. I look at magazines, the internet, Face Book, and Pinterest

  329. Donna Harrington says:

    Anything that has color combinations/patterns. Could be the colors of sunset, flower garden, etc – anything that catches my eye – incorporated into a pattern seen in a magazine/book.

  330. Pat Svitko says:

    I have so many quilting magazines that I enjoy looking through and bookmarking (Thank you Half Price Books). And of course, Pinterest.

  331. I am forever inspired by the talent on Instagram.

  332. Lorraine Warner says:

    Friends and family.

  333. Nan Jacoby says:

    I love to watch all the quilting videos. Sometimes I take a little for this one and a little from that one and a whole new quilt is born!

  334. Every time I see someone’s work I get inspired

  335. Online! Pinterest, blogs, etc.

  336. Pinterest and blogs are the biggest places I look for quilting inspiration.

  337. I haven’t tried quilting yet but would love to learn.

  338. Inspiration comes from books and the Internet.

  339. Joan C Warlow says:

    I started making baby quilts and have only finished 1 queen size quilt for my granddaughter.

  340. Pouches and totes.

  341. Blogs,Pinterest and the art teachers classroom

  342. I usually look on You tube.

  343. Cindy Shelley says:

    Books and magazines

  344. Sue Nugent says:

    I get my ideas from pinterest

  345. Tammie Miles says:

    I get my inspiration for quilting from outdoors: looking at trees, flowers, grass and the scenery around me.

  346. Lori Nagel says:

    I find inspiration looking at pinrest.

  347. Sandie Cornish says:

    My own head or pinterest!

  348. Linda Colwell says:

    Instagram, Pintrest and magazines.

  349. I’ve only made one quilt, but found alot of ideas online.

  350. Everywhere! From pinterest, Instagram, nature!

  351. Dawn Jones says:

    Pinterest is my go to place for inspiration.

  352. Gail White says:

    I’m inspired by nature

  353. Everywhere.

  354. I find inspiration in the many quilt magazines and on the internet looking at Pinterest and from wonderful bloggers such as yourself who are kind enough to share your many talents.

  355. Denise Inman says:

    I don’t really look for them, I just stumble across one I like on Facebook, Pintrest or from a friend and jump in.

  356. Susan Jaisle says:

    I browse the internet. Mostly Pinterest for inspiration.

  357. Guild members and online posts.

  358. I get my inspiration from blogs that I follow, IG and Pinterest

  359. Mostly reading quilting blogs, but sometimes from books too.

  360. Mary Morrison says:

    Small quilting stores that make up their quilts and hang them up. They are my inspiration

  361. Kathy Davis says:

    My inspiration usually comes from the internet these days, so many ideas on Pintrest and Instagram. Quilt shops are awesome for inspiration too but there are not any in my town.

  362. I find inspiration everywhere blogs mother nature, books and from my own thoughts

  363. Tracy Painter says:

    Pinterest and Instagram

  364. Pinterest!

  365. Evelyn Ware says:

    I get my inspiration from quilt magazines and of course all the great people on the internet who take the time to share their love of sewing.

  366. Laura Brown says:

    I look at Pinterest, quilting blogs, and magazines.

  367. Blogs, Pinterest, FB, my LQS, books, magazines.

  368. I am always finding new things on Pinterest

  369. Look at the sewing/quilting websites I’m subscribed to, and Pinterest!

  370. I usually get quilt inspiration online or from magazines. Thank you again!

  371. Estela Reyes says:


  372. I find inspiration in sewing blogs

  373. Pinterest or bloggers like you!

  374. Patricia Howard says:

    Pinterest, bloggers, magazines, books, nature…isn’t it wonderful there are so many ways and resources for inspiration?

  375. Pinterest, emails I’ve saved from bloggers, my mom, searching sewing blogs

  376. Sharon Crawley says:

    I am a member of lots of Fb sewing groups so there are always lots of inspirational makes to view and get my imagination going.

  377. Local quilt store, blogs and magazines

  378. Outdoors,
    tile floors in old buildings
    Photos in magazines
    Becca G

  379. Sandra L Woerner says:

    Online Pinterest

  380. Cherri Kincaid says:

    I look through magazines, blogs and Pintrest for ideas and then make them my own

  381. Kellie Campbell says:

    I get inspiration from so many places, things and people. For example, quilting magazines, blogs, my family and friends, and just sitting outside looking at nature.

  382. Love the tips. Inspiration is everywhere. I especially love my talented girlfriends.

    • I love to look at quilts anywhere I see them, often it is in magazines or Facebook. However, I sometimes look at tile floors and ceilings and see patterns! I also go to a couple of classes where ideas are shared. Not enough time to do them all!

  383. Magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and blogs provide a lot of interesting projects.

  384. I look for inspiration in newsletters and blog posts.

  385. I like to look through my old quilting magazines and Pinterest for quilting inspiration.

  386. Sue Holman says:

    Nature and always from blogs.

  387. There isn’t one main source of inspiration for me. I look at books, magazines, the work that others in my group do, the internet, quilt shows….

  388. Floor and window patterns… Bloglovin… greeting cards… designs in fabric…magazine ads…

  389. I find my inspiration via posts made to the internet, be it videos, blogs, through groups.

  390. Nature

  391. Laura Major says:

    My go to spot is Pinterest too!! But I also love vintage children’s books!!

  392. Linda Collum says:

    I look on-line for quilting inspiration, especially quilting motifs for specific blocks. Google is great for that.

  393. I see quilting inspiration everywhere. The floors of older buildings sometimes have interesting designs that would quilt beautifully. All the other quilters in my groups bring so many quilts that make my to-do list (yes, it is longer than the time I have left and getting longer).

  394. I get inspiration mainly from other people’s quilts. When a I see a photo of a quilt that catches my eye, I save it to look at when I need some oomph to get back to work on a project that may have frustrated me and I put aside.

  395. Books, Magazines, Pinterest, usually

  396. I look for inspiration in nature.

  397. Darlene Thompson says:

    Mostly from my local quilt shop and Quilt Guild – then I read newsletters and blogs.

  398. Carrie Pippins says:

    Pinterest and blogs are my greatest inspiration.

  399. Mary Landau says:

    My quilting friends provide me with much of my inspiration.

  400. Tina Butler says:

    Old quilt magazines and books, pinterest.

  401. Peggy A Raines says:

    I get inspiration from everywhere. Books, websites, quilt shops, magazines. Whatever catches my eye could inspire me.

  402. I get a lot of my ideas From the comments and the Shi’a site itself. LOve it.

  403. I have really only ever made quilts for specific people so I ask them their likes and dislikes. Then I take that and look on pinterest

  404. Brenda Hulsey says:

    My friends and also online!

  405. At the moment using big holiday and family hobbies for a few.

  406. Judy Prescott says:

    I get my inspiration from quilt magazines and the internet.

  407. NancyB from Many La says:

    Definitely on-line!

  408. Magazines. blogs and quilt guild show and tell.

  409. I find inspiration on Pinterest, Facebook and in quilting magazines

  410. Ideas for quilts and projects from surfing the internet and quilting blogs


  412. Dana Dovel says:

    Quilting tutorials from bloggers and teachers, craftsy, pintrist

  413. Beverly Johnson says:

    I get most of my inspiration from Magazines, books, Pinterest and PBS programs.

  414. Sherri Edwards says:

    I usually look for inspiration in my local quilt shop as well as several quilt related Facebook pages U subscribe too including yours!

  415. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.

  416. Tamrey Davis says:

    MagaInes, books, other quilters, etc.

  417. Cheryl Beck says:


  418. Sherry Jurykovsky says:

    I follow several bloggers on Facebook. I get most of my inspiration from there. And that’s what pointed me here. 🙂

  419. Lisa Sturos says:

    I get my inspiration from magazines, Pinterest, and Facebook groups.

  420. Inspired by the wonderful colorful fabrics.

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