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A few weeks ago I asked a simple question on The Sewing Loft’s Facebook page: What is the one thing you wish you had in YOUR sewing room? The response was amazing. Not only did you come up with a clear-cut list of sewing studio must haves but the add on’s were perfect.

There are a few key things that every sewing studio should have and when asked, you answered! The list & reasons are pretty impressive. The Sewing Loft

So, if you’re on the market for a sewing studio makeover, this list is a MUST read with tons of great things to consider! 

Top 7 Sewing Studio Must Haves


  1.     Space
  2.     Lighting
  3.     Table
  4.     Power Outlets
  5.     Storage
  6.     Assistant
  7.     Wall

About 80% of the people who responded to the question said they need more floor space. I totally agree! That would be the number one thing on my list as well! Passionate sewists just can’t get enough space, with all the equipment, machines, fabrics, and sewing tools! And there’s a tendency to accumulate more and more of these sewing essentials as years go by which means more room is required. One even said she needs another house!   

Floor space is top of my list for Sewing Studio Must Haves. Check out what other key things every sewing studio should have. The Sewing Loft
Good lighting is very important in sewing. No one can argue with that. My preference is LED lights. They are bright and energy-efficient. Others agree that broad spectrum lighting is a great choice.

A cutting table or a sewing table, or should I say a “real” convenient cutting table would be great! Some stitchers said they use their dining table and over time it could be challenging for a bad back, bad knees, and old bones. A standing-height cutting table is what many would want for their studio. Some wish for a fold up/down sewing table to maximize space.

A solid cutting table is pretty high on everyone's list for Sewing Studio Must Haves. Check out what other key things every sewing studio should have. The Sewing Loft

Another thing sewists can’t get enough of is storage space. Many people said they need more drawers (built-in or free-standing), cabinets, shelves, etc. Who would turn away more organizing options in their sewing room? Not me! One reader said she specifically needs a system for storing patterns. Having enough and the right places to store different sewing tools and materials helps to keep a studio neat.

Storage space for more fabric ranked pretty high on the list for Sewing Studio Must Haves. Check out what other key things every sewing studio should have. The Sewing Loft

Lots of power outlets is also a must! One described a very cool and convenient type of power socket. It’s built-in and can be pulled up when used and pushed down and out-of-the-way when not needed. It also includes USB ports for charging or plugging in various types of gadgets, machines, or equipment. If you ever struggle to plug something in under your work spaces or behind units , this kind of power outlet sounds like it would be very handy.

Many said an extra pair of hands would do wonders and the responses are so amusing! Answers varied from an actual person, a Cabana boy, a fairy, or a robot, to do simple, mundane things like cutting, sorting out, and folding fabric; taking measurements; doing some finishing touches etc. Several stressed that they need a “cleaning fairy!” One amusingly said that she needs “about a dozen of those little mice and birds from the Cinderella story that sew and help clean.” Well, I couldn’t agree more! It can be very messy in a studio, and at the end of the day after you’ve worked on certain projects, you’re too tired to clean up, so a great assistant would be wonderful!

A significant number of readers said they need more than four walls! One even said she needs “at least 10 walls!” It’s a bit funny, but when you really think about it, we need the extra wall space for block assembling, viewing, and display. One even suggested a “sliding design wall like the pocket door type walls they use in art galleries!” That would be so cool!  But the best was Jacquie who shared this picture. She is building her own studio…. jealous!

Sewing Studio in the making from Jacquie

Even though the top seven sewing studio must haves are pretty impressive you still had more to share. (seriously, over 90 comments!) Some of your add on ideas were brilliant.

  • A drop-down ironing board (think Murphy bed style- just brilliant!)
  • Built in baseboard vacuum (hello!)
  • An iron plugged into the ceiling (so the cord would swivel and not get in the way)
  • Better air conditioning/heater
  • A mini fridge
  • Larger windows for natural light
  • A platform for models to stand on (this was something every fitting room in the garment industry has. If a platform is not an option, consider having a small wooden box made. It is perfect for smaller spaces and can also double for hidden storage.)
  • A smooth floor surface (no carpet)
  • Magnet strips
  • Folding machine table
  • More tools- Pinking shears, Serger, a good iron
  • Kitchen countertop
  • A good, comfortable chair
  • Step ladder
  • A new sewing machine (a girl can dream)

While many of the responses made me giggle, they really made a lot of sense when you consider comfort and convenience in the sewing area. Some say they need a bed or a fold-out couch to convert into a bed when needed, a TV, a bar and a bartender, a door that hides the mess, a “bias tape maker tool thing”, self hovering carpet, a bobbin that never runs out, a built-in radio, and a patio door or French windows (so she could sneak into the garden to hand finish). And a significant number of people said they need more fabric and time to sew!

A big Thank you to everyone who responded. Know of any additional “must haves” for your perfect sewing studio? Feel free to share them in the comments below.




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  1. Judy Canham says:

    I use a dining room table for my cutting table and add “rack raiser” cones (sold at Bed Bath & Beyond for dorm room storage) under the table legs. This elevates my cutting surface to the perfect height.

  2. I treated myself to a Bernina sewing chair after watching a you-tube video with Alex Anderson describing all the features! Love it! And, my daughter sat on it, & said she wanted one for work (in an office!)

  3. Cliffa Wareing says:

    I am lucky enough to have a handy step-son. Years ago he made me a top for my ironing board. The plan was in a sewing magazine. It is a frame designed to fit over your ironing board then framed out to a larger size. It has expanded metal then batting and extra wide muslin. It is large enough to iron a full width of fabric. It is also great when you have the need to iron a large tablecloth. I love this addition to my sewing room. I use it to cut, iron, layout quilt blocks, layout projects, ect. I have seriously thought of having a platform made for my ironing board to sit on to raise it a bit. I wish I could find the magazine with the plan. I have a few sewing friends that would love to have it.

  4. CABINETS! !!! Lots and lots of cabinets and a couple deep drawers with metal bar to hold patterns. Shelves we cant forget shelves either! There are so many awesome ideas here, Fox is going to be handed a revised list for my sewing room hes still working on but decided a bathroom in the laundry room was more important sheesh…

  5. Linda Jung says:

    We have finally decided to move to the country. I told my Hubby I would love it if we could find one with a “mother-n-law house too. He gave me that, “What are you up to now???”, look. My Mom has been gone since 02, and his Mom will remain in her home being taken by the family. I told him if he can have a garage for his wood working I want a mother-n-law house for my sewing/crafts. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate! Every thing right there at your finger tips. Now, to find it!

  6. My sewing room is in the only room in our second level. I love how big it is but my one wish would be for it to have straight walls. Both side of my room have slanted walls making storage a bit more difficult. So needless to say lots of stairs he things wrap around my room. We took the pole out of the closet and added two more shelves for storing totes. We built a standing shelf to tuck in corner of walk way into the room. So I do have lots of storage it’s just trying to find homes for everything that’s seems to be the issue 🙂

  7. Kathy Baumbusch says:

    I need an elevator to take my stuff up and down from the basement when I go on retreats, classes, guild meetings, etc. Or a studio on the ground floor. Or to be twenty years younger with a better back. I loved the idea of an outlet in the ceiling for the iron!

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