50+ Sewing Tips Round Up

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I think that every seasoned sticher has a sewing tip or two up their sleeve. Well, I am realizing that I have several tucked away and have been sharing them on a regular basics.

Sewing Tips


Here is a quick snap shot of some of the tips shared on The Sewing Loft. Click the photo to see the full list of sewing tips.


Easy Sewing Tips | The Sewing Loft

Sewing Tips


Sewing Tips: By my definition are  little nuggets of information that help you complete your project while maintaing your level of sanity. Or think of them as helpful tidbits that encourage you to tackle your biggest sewing challenge.  These little snippets of goodness are so helpful during the wee hours of sewing and when you are under pressure  to finish that outfit to wear tomorrow.

You can find sewing tips on all sorts of things here. Everything from sewing needles to serger machines and a ton of in-between!  There something there for every type of stitcher. Plus, the good news is that this page is ALWAYS growing! That’s right, since I am always sharing new tips and tricks to help keep you stitching in style this page will forever be under construction.  It’s a book marker for sure… or if Pinterest is your thing… pin away!

The Sewing Loft


ps- Do you have any sewing tips you would like to share? Or maybe something that you need help with?  Just leave me a note in the comment section below and it could be our next Tuesday Tip.


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  1. kathleen babbitt says

    Here is a tip that I use all the time. I hate threading elastic through a casing. solution: I pin ,with a safety pin, to the back of the pattern. then I fold the elastic over the elastic and sew the casing with the elastic inside. ! You do have to be careful not to catch the elastic while sewing. If you do u will just have to rip out a small section and release the elastic. It saves so much time. I also buy 10 yards of the elastic at a time.when Jo-ann’s notion wall is on sale. I don’t cut it until it is in the casing and I try it on and adjust the elastic.. this way I never have a lot of little pieces of elastic that I don’t know what to do with!

  2. Information on smocking please. Thank you.