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Rounding out the Halloween inspired designs, I’m adding the Silhouette Moon quilt block.

Silhouette Moon Quilt Block Pattern | The Sewing Loft
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This iconic image reminds me of my childhood cat, Grant. She was black as night and completely fearless! She would bring gifts for all of us to gross-out over and even cried to alert my folks of the bat situation. Her indoor/outdoor behavior left much to be desired but she was beyond my buddy.

It was not until years later that I developed an extreme allergic reaction to felines. Even though cats are beyond cute, these allergies force me to do a U-turn every time one crosses my path. Luckily, I love dogs just the same!

Silhouette Moon Quilt Block

The Silhouette Moon quilt block is available in two finished sizes that measure:

  • 6″ x 6″ (15.2 x 15.2 cm)
  • 12″ x 12″ (33 x 33 cm)
Add the Silhouette Moon quilt block to your Halloween themed quilting projects. Easy to make block is available in 2 finished sizes and is a patchwork construction. Designed by The Sewing Loft

Materials & Supplies:

*2 of the prints featured are from past Allison Glass collections.

Add the Silhouette Moon quilt block to your Halloween themed quilting projects. Easy to make, available in 2 finished sizes and includes video assembly.

Overall, this block is pretty easy to make but the 6″ block does have a few smaller pieces. To help keep you on track, I put together a quick assembly video.

You’ll notice right away in the video that I shared a few extra tips to help you streamline your sewing. I know that some of these multi pieced blocks can take time to put together and I wanted to help out.

Silhouette Moon Quilt Block Pattern. Available in 2 sizes, easy construction and includes a video assembly. By The Sewing Loft

The Silhouette Moon quilt pattern is available for free until October 1, 2020, after that it will be available for purchase in the shop. Just click the button below, add the pattern to your cart and follow the prompts for check out.

Spooky Halloween Quilt Blocks from The Sewing Loft

I’m really kinda smitten with the way this spooky little trio turned out. Pictured: Jack O’Lantern, Bat, Silhouette Moon quilt blocks.


Blocks like the Silhouette Moon are great to have in your quilt library so, be sure to take a minute and PIN THIS to your favorite quilting or Halloween board on Pinterest. This way, you can look through your pins for inspiration and remember patterns you already on hand!

Silhouette Moon Quilt Block Pattern. Available in 2 sizes, easy construction and includes a video assembly. By The Sewing Loft #learntoquilt #quiltblock #blocks2quilt

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  1. Judy Russwurm says

    Thank you once again for doing these blocks.

  2. Danette Stankovich says

    Love this block! Thank you so much!

  3. What a cute block!
    Great video!

  4. Crystal Campbell says

    Are you still doing the free quilt blocks? I have not received an email for those all year long?

    • Hello Crystal,
      Thanks for your note. Yes, I have been sharing new blocks throughout the year and sending email reminders to all those on my email list. Perhaps they are caught in your spam folder or you accidentally unsubscribed. Feel free to sign up to be added back to the list.

  5. Thank you for this cute block. Reminds me of one my former cats.

  6. Thank you for all the free patterns, I am planning on doing the 6″ Halloween blocks as mug rugs.

  7. Lori Smanski says

    this is so cute. thank you for sharing.

  8. Marilyn Robichaud says

    Thank you so much for the Cat Silouette pattern. It is great!

  9. Heather, What is Flatter? I clicked on it and it shows a soak. What does it have to do with material?
    Do I really need it? I’ve never heard of it or anyone using it. Please advise.

    • Hello Sharron,
      Yes, the link is correct. Flatter is a flattening spray produced by the brand Soak. It comes in several scents, including unscented and it very helpful in quilting. I use it all the time.

  10. Cute!

  11. I couldn’t find the video you mentioned. Is it still available? Love the blocks!!!

  12. Very cute block! loved it so much, I ordered it, but have been unable to get it to download. Any ideas why on how to get it to open?

    • Hello P.
      Thank you for your note. I am sorry to hear that you are having technical difficulties in downloading and printing on your end. Since every set up is different, it is difficult for me to help pinpoint your area of trouble. Here is a quick search that may help you troubleshoot the issue. I have found it is best to download your patterns from a desktop instead of a mobile device.

      If you are still having trouble, I suggest that you restart your device, and double-check your downloads folder. Thousands of patterns are downloaded from the store weekly and there are currently no issues with the site.

      Keep me posted and share a few pictures of your finished blocks. I’d love to see what fabrics you stitch up!

  13. Kathy in WV says

    Thank you for this block….but I just received the email 7 minutes ago and the pattern is only free today. Sometimes the email comes too late to download them. I missed out on the pumpkin and the bat. I am grateful for this cute block…I’m a cat person.

  14. Kathy in WV says

    …the beautiful Silhouette Moon block showed up today, Oct 1st at 4pm.

    • Hello Kathy,
      Thank you for your note about my latest block. I am happy to hear that you like it. The newsletter provides a gentle reminder for subscribers about the block but it is best to check the site directly.

  15. Maxine Turner says

    Hi I am watching the video for the cat/moon. I hit add to cart by Oct1st to get pattern. However It doesn’t go anywhere any where further,.

  16. Your blocks all look great! I will definitely have to try some! Your Morrison Park Quilt is really nice. Love the color selection!