Hidden Storage Compartment Quick Tip

Does the hidden storage compartment on your sewing machine look like a tangled mess of bobbin threads, needles and pins? Or maybe it's littered with loose presser feet and lint fibers. Mine used to be filled with extra buttons, straight pins, dull needles and bobbins before I discovered this little trick. Like many BabyLock sewing machines, my Destiny came with this cool little treasure … [Read more...]

Narrow Zipper Foot – a MUST have!

This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love.  I can not say it enough, not all zipper feet are created equal! I'm the first to admit that I tend to be lazy and not reach for my treasure chest filled with specialized feet when sewing but the fact remains that the right tools make ALL the difference in the world. The narrow zipper foot is one of those feet! Narrow … [Read more...]

BabyLock Destiny- 5 Favorite Features

During this past year I have been teaching students about the BabyLock Destiny and all its amazing features. Even though this machine is oozing with crazy stuff, it's the little details that I love the most. Here is a line up that I recently shared in class of my favorite features. My Favorite BabyLock Destiny Features   Laser Beam Guideline Marker- Beam me up Scotty! Not … [Read more...]

Incredible Summer Giveaway!

Summer is right around the corner and school is almost out! Excitement is in the air and I'm adding more right now with an INCREDIBLE new giveaway for THREE LUCKY WINNERS:) Let me introduce to you a brand new online, Fabric/Notions/Everything-Sewing shop, Fabric Geek! Here's a note they sent just for you...read on! Now for the fun part... Here's what's up for grabs in the … [Read more...]

MakeUp Brush Case Video Class

Today's project is one that I use all the time! The makeup brush case helps keep every thing altogether and tidy, especially when I'm traveling. During class, I will show you how to simple it is to add bias binding in one pass and the best part is the machine will do all the work. That's right, the bias binding foot is pretty amazing and make your work sing! Don't just take my word … [Read more...]

Update your Sewing Tools – New Giveaway!

Sewing is a skill that has the capacity to enhance just about every aspect of your life! From clothing and bags, and pillows to decorations, there truly is no end to the things you can learn and make. But we all quickly learn that without our sewing tools we get nowhere fast! So when is the last time to treated yourself to some sharp new pins or a new rotary blade? Are you about due for a new pair … [Read more...]

Pincushion Wall Art Video Class

I’m excited to share my next project class in the Baby Lock Sew at Home series, Pincushion Wall Art. During the class, I'll be sharing easy tips on how to transform simple artwork into an applique template, demonstrate how to use the braiding foot to add dimension to a project and outline your design with some free motion stitching. Here is a quick clip from class to give you an idea … [Read more...]

Tea Towel Hostess Gift Video Class

If you need a quick hostess gift or want to add to your kitchen line up, today's class is perfect! This tea towel class is the latest installment of the Baby Lock Sew at Home video series. During class I will show you how this funny looking "starship enterprise" looking foot also known as the gathering foot can create the most beautiful ruffles in one pass on the machine. We'll get … [Read more...]

Pintuck Mini Wallet Video Class

Learn how to create a simple pintuck in my new free video class with Baby Lock on Sew at Home. Pintucks are such an easy way to add small details on any project, including the simple ones. In today's addition of the Sew at Home Baby Lock series, I'll be demonstrating just how easy it is create pin tucks to any project, add stability to your fabric and clean finish a seam without stitching. … [Read more...]