Rolled Hem Basics & How To

Basic rolled hem is perfect for napkins. The Sewing Loft

A rolled hem uses a special foot on your sewing machine - called the rolled hem foot, appropriately enough - to roll the edge of the fabric onto itself and stitch it in place. You can also create this type of hem by hand if you don’t have a rolled hem foot for your machine or if the type of fabric you’re sewing is very delicate. The rolled hem is ideal for lightweight fabrics, knits, and any … [Read more...]

Teflon Presser Foot – Secret Weapon of Leather

The Teflon Coated Foot will make sewing on leather, vinyl and suede a dream. The Sewing Loft

Using alternative fabrics such as leather, vinyl and plastic are sometimes scary.  We often worry about putting holes in the fabric, getting it "stuck" or even worse, chewed up by our machine.  Another big hurdle is how to pin it.  Well, I'm here to share my secret weapon and take the "scary" out of these speciality fabrics.  Behold, the Teflon Presser Foot.  (*Insert sounds of praise in the … [Read more...]

100+ Pincushion Patterns

100 plus pincushion projects. All patterns are free with step by step instructions. The Sewing Loft #sewing #fatquarter

Okay, I know, I've said it before but I have an obsession for pincushions.  So, to help bring you over to my side of the line, I have surfed the wide and gathered up some of the most Ah-Maz-Ing free pincushion patterns.  That's right, they are all free! From toadstools to eyeballs, I am confident that there is a pincushion pattern on this list just waiting to be added to your sewing space.   … [Read more...]

Clean Your Sewing Machine

Keep your machine in working order with these simple steps. The Sewing Loft

Do you ever wonder how and when to clean your sewing machine?  If the answer is a big fat NO than now is the time!  The amount of dust and fibers that accumulate under that little cover is crazy!! Let's walk through the steps. I promise, it's really easy! How To Clean Your Sewing Machine   This tutorial will be a guideline since there are so many different make and model machines on … [Read more...]

Different types of marking tools

Different types of Marking Tools on The Sewing Loft

Marking your fabric is a standard part of sewing but understanding the different types of marking tools on the market is a totally different ballgame. Let's explore our options and helpful tips on when to use. Whether you’re tracing a template or transferring pattern markings, the type of tool that works best will depend on the type of fabric you’re using and the purpose you need it to fill. … [Read more...]

To Starch or Not to Starch

Do you use spray starch when you sew? The good the bad and the.....The Sewing Loft

Who would’ve thought that one little question on Facebook would spark such an amazing conversation? We had a simple question that yielded big results! Do you use spray starch when sewing?     A few months back, we posted a question to the Sewing Loft Facebook page - We wanted to know how many of you out there like to use spray starch for your sewing projects, and how many of you don’t. … [Read more...]

True Colors Blog Tour + Giveaway

True Colors Blog Tour & Giveaway | The Sewing Loft #lovefabricfreespirit

I am so excited to be today's stop on the True Colors Blog Tour.  Last week I shared that a sneak peek of the True Colors Fabric Collection.  That fabric was on my cutting table for most of the day staring at me before I got the nerve to make the 1st cut. Does that moment of hesitation ever happen to you?  It's not often for me but these fabrics are just so pretty and perfect that I did not … [Read more...]