11 Nonconventional Sewing Tools

This post contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love. I think it's pretty safe to say that we often pick up standard sewing tools while fabric shopping at our favorite sewing stores but what about the nonconventional sewing tools? These out of the box tools are inexpensive to pick up and will work magic on your next sewing project.   Nonconventional Sewing … [Read more...]

Sewing Machine Pipe Cleaner Brush

It's spring and while the bunnies running around my yard make me smile, the ones multiplying under my machine do not. I've shared to I clean my sewing machine with step by step photo instructions before but now I have another tip to share. Actually, it's a new tool and you can't buy this one in any store. Nope, this sewing machine pipe cleaner brush you can make at home for pennies! Pipe … [Read more...]

Pintucks | Sewing Term

This post may contain affiliate links  to products I love and use.  Pintucks - noun A pattern of ridges in fabric formed by a series of tucks placed at regular intervals in the fabric. Can be made by hand, or by machine. A fabric with a pintuck surface has a series of folds or tucks in it. You can sew these tucks in place by hand, or use your sewing machine. You might find this … [Read more...]

10 Must Have Sewing Tools For Your Studio

This post contains affiliate links to products I own, use and love. It's pretty safe to say that our sewing machines are by far the hardest working tool in our workspace but what about the little gadgets? These little guys can improve our sewing experience, shave down our cutting time and ultimately make us look like ROCK STARS! Here are my top 10 must have sewing tools for your … [Read more...]

Modern Quilt Care Quick Tip

These days, I am in love with the modern quilt movement. I just seem to be drawn it by the simplicity of patterns and contrast of fabrics. You can see that I am smitten with the stark contrast of white & navy's mixed with a pop of color in one of my recent finishes. (This quilt was a gift for my youngest daughter.) It just looks so fresh and clean but the question is, what happens … [Read more...]

Using Pinterest for your sewing addiction

Are you an sewing addict?  Do you start to feel withdrawal if you've not sewn for a few days?  Do you collect sewing patterns like there is to be a zombie apocalypse and you'll need them to save the world?  well don't worry, you are not alone.  You are a member of a large and often quietly covert club of people who love to sew, are fascinated by all-things-sewing and just can't live a normal life … [Read more...]

Hidden Storage Compartment Quick Tip

Does the hidden storage compartment on your sewing machine look like a tangled mess of bobbin threads, needles and pins? Or maybe it's littered with loose presser feet and lint fibers. Mine used to be filled with extra buttons, straight pins, dull needles and bobbins before I discovered this little trick. Like many BabyLock sewing machines, my Destiny came with this cool little treasure … [Read more...]

Narrow Zipper Foot – a MUST have!

This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love.  I can not say it enough, not all zipper feet are created equal! I'm the first to admit that I tend to be lazy and not reach for my treasure chest filled with specialized feet when sewing but the fact remains that the right tools make ALL the difference in the world. The narrow zipper foot is one of those feet! Narrow … [Read more...]

BabyLock Destiny- 5 Favorite Features

During this past year I have been teaching students about the BabyLock Destiny and all its amazing features. Even though this machine is oozing with crazy stuff, it's the little details that I love the most. Here is a line up that I recently shared in class of my favorite features. My Favorite BabyLock Destiny Features   Laser Beam Guideline Marker- Beam me up Scotty! Not … [Read more...]