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Sewing Skill Builder Series

We hope you are enjoying the Skill Builder Series so far! We’ve talked All About Fabric and How to Pick Great Fabrics, and now I am here to show you one of me favorite ways to shop for fabric, online.

Top Tips for Buying Fabric Online

Do you often wonder how and where to buy fabric online? Perhaps you are unsure as to which sources are reputable and will provide quality fabric? Online shopping can save time and mileage but when it comes to buying fabrics from online stores, it can be a little tricky.

Don't have time to head to the store? Learn tips and tricks for buying fabric online. This video class will help you buy with confidence.

In this video episode of Quilt & Sew Tips, I explain key tips which will help you find, coordinate and purchase fabrics online with confidence and without leaving your home.

Tips for Buying Fabric Online

In this video episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your fabrics on fabric-selling websites.
  • Consider fabric pattern size and scale.
  • Coordinate fabrics successfully online.

Now that you know what to look for, be sure to check out our Fabric Shop Resource Guide. It’s filled with all shops from all over the world, selling all sorts of different fabrics. Plus, if you notice your favorite shop is not on the list, be sure to drop me a note so I can add it!

Amazing Fabric Shoppe Resource Guide by The Sewing Loft #fabricresource #sewing

Speaking of shopping, who’s ready to splurge? See what our community had to say.

We asked our community what they would wish for if they had money to spend on a sewing splurge. The answers might surprise you! Find out more on The Sewing Loft
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