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Now, that our fabrics are all cut and it’s time to get stitching and as promised the checkerboard block sewing is going to whiz by in a flash! Let’s dive right into the next step of the Sweet On You mystery quilt and let me show you what I mean.

Checkerboard block | Sweet On You


Find full cutting instructions here.


**Remember, cutting instructions yields all 4 blocks needed for the finished quilt.

Checkerboard block | Sweet On You

Sewing Instructions:

Start by dividing your pile of 56 rectangles into two even piles of 23. Flip one stack wrong side down.

Checkerboard block sewing tips

With right sides together, join two rectangles, along the long edge. Continue until all rectangles are stitched.

Checkerboard block sewing | Sweet On You

To help speed things up, I used chain piecing and just zipped through the entire pile. If I came across two fabrics that I did not LOVE, I shifted the pile around until I was happy. There really are no rules here.

Checkerboard block sewing | Sweet On You


Checkerboard Block Sewing Assembly


Checkerboard block sewing | Sweet On You

Once all rectangles are stitched, clip threads and press seam allowance to one side. Then head over to the cutting table and trim each rectangle down into 3 smaller rectangles 2 3/4″ wide. Repeat the process to complete 86 rectangle units.

Checkerboard block sewing | Sweet On You

Then it’s time to play! Arrange your rectangle units together 3 high by 14 across in an appealing pattern. This will take time. I played with mine, stepped away, made dinner and came back for a final look see before sitting down to sew. Once you are happy, it’s just about joining the units together.

Checkerboard block sewing | Sweet On You

Each rectangle checkerboard block will measure 32″ x  6″ unfinished and 31 1/2″ x 6″ finished. Complete 4 units.

Additional Checkerboard Block Sewing Tips:

  • Avoid stopping between each joining section by using the method of chain piecing.
  • When stitching rectangles with Cuddle®, place the Cuddle® on the bottom and let the feed-dogs do all the heavy lifting.
  • Press all of your rectangles at one time for efficiency at the ironing board.
  • Note- I allowed additional waste in rectangle for “squaring” your smaller cuts.
  • Flat head pins are your friends when matching seams.
  • It is important to nest seams. Doing so will produce a flat quilt top and allow for easier topstitching.

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