Dresden Block Sewing Instructions

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Monday was all about sorting our fabrics and cutting those scraps now, it’s time to get stitching! So, let’s take a look at the darling dresden block sewing instructions and wrap up the last quilt block in the Sweet On You mystery quilt.

Darling Dresden Sewing Instructions | Free Quilt Block


Find full cutting instructions and template here.

*Remember, cutting instructions yields 1 block and 14 blocks are needed for the finished quilt.

Darling Dresden Block | Free Quilt Block Pattern

Sewing Instructions:

Fold template patch A right sides together, and stitch along the long top edge. Repeat until all pieces are stitched.

Darling Dresden Sewing Instructions | Free Quilt Block

To help speed things up, I used chain piecing and just zipped through my pile. I just love the way the look hanging together on one long string.

Chain piecing dresden block sewing

Trim the threads between each blade and push the points to the right side piece. Use a point turner as needed and press for a clean shape.

Darling Dresden Sewing Instructions | Free Quilt Block

With, right sides together, join blades with 1/4″ seam allowance. Press and repeat the process with complete a half circle with 8 blades. Be sure to alternate patterns and colors to keep your dresden block playful.

Darling Dresden Sewing Instructions | Free Quilt Block


Dresden Block Sewing Assembly


Once all blades are joined, it is time to assemble to the background fabric.

Darling Dresden Sewing Instructions | Free Quilt Block

Quick Tip: Fold background fabric in half lengthwise and finger press along center. Align blades along fold and pin into position.

Arrange pieces into background fabric as per diagram and stitch into place. Stitching can be down by machine or by hand. It all depends on personal preference.  Once blades are stitched in place, position patch B right side up, iron in place and machine applique.  Trim all blocks to 9 1/2″ to 5″ needed. Complete 14 blocks.

Darling Dresden Sewing Instructions | Free Quilt Block

Additional Dresden Block Sewing Tips:

  • Avoid stopping between each joining section by using the method of chain piecing.
  • The dresden blades can be appliqued in place by machine or by hand.
  • Press all of your blades at one time for efficiency at the ironing board.

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  1. Susan R Jones says

    Do you use a 1/4 inch seam to make the blade point? Thanks.

  2. Which fabrics are you using here?

    • Hello Laura,
      I am using a mix of different fabrics from my scrap basket. They are assorted and some are from past seasons.

  3. WOW 🙂 I cannot wait to try those:)
    My girls are going to be jumping to the moon this weekend! I am soo happy! Today, I have stumbled on a goldmine of ideas and yours just tops the list!
    Thank you 🙂

  4. I’ve just discovered how easy and mesmerizing the dresden is the make. Assembly line is definitely the way to go. Good “pointers” in your tute. I would love to see the finished quilt, though.