Get Pattern Happy | Giving Day 5

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Okay, let’s dive right in. Today is day 5 in the 12 Days of Giving. There is something about sewing just makes me happy and today’s package is meant to kick that into overdrive. Let’s just say you’ll be pattern happy when you receive it! Let’s take a look.

Days of Giving - 12 Days of Giveaways

You are not alone if you’ve ever looked at your fabric and wondered what to make. This feeling of wonder plagues most of us. I’m not sure what the reasons are for others but for me it’s the endless possibilities. Sometimes I go to my pattern drawer and just stare.

The thought of making something twice does not interest me since there are so many different patterns on the market today. Especially when so many of the designers out there are friends.


'Tis the season and it is better to give than receive. Today's giveaway gift is packed with sewing inspiration. Be sure to see all of the prize packages being offered during The Sewing Loft's 12 Days of Giving. Over $1200 in prizes.

Many of these patterns have been designed by personal friends and I thought you would love them too.

'Tis the season and it is better to give than receive. Today's giveaway gift is packed with sewing inspiration. Be sure to see all of the prize packages being offered during The Sewing Loft's 12 Days of Giving. Over $1200 in prizes.

Pattern Happy Giveaway


Gift package includes:

This gift package is valued at approximately $95.00.

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Now for a little brush up on the knowledge and basic skills to keep your machine embroidery looking fantastic!

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Now your ready to start that new project and make it a success! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below and share the holiday cheer with a friend.

Pattern Happy Giveaway


Day 5 Giving

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Remember, ’tis the season for giving and this is only one of the gift boxes being giving away. Be sure to visit Day 1 and enter to win each of the fantastic prize packages being offered. There are over $1200  in sewing treats being giving away this season and I can’t wait to see you stitch up!







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  1. My favorite sewing patterns are baby blankets – so fun to sew.

  2. kathy Persons says:

    I love making baby quilts and little girls dresses

  3. What an awesome giveaway! My favorite sewing project so far is my Ultraviolet Tee by Seamstress Erin.

  4. Katie Wink says:

    I love sewing blocks by Lori Holt! You can do anything with them.

  5. I like to make bags 🙂

  6. NevadaJane says:

    I love to do blankets and dresses for my little girl.

  7. Elaine H. says:

    I like making pouches.

  8. K'Lynn Wait says:

    My favorites are quick easy projects like pillow cases, pin cushions and pot holders.

  9. I enjoy patterns for quilted items and zippered pouches.

  10. I love making pouches of all kinds!! So so cute!

  11. Wonderful giveaway! My favorite patterns are usually applique quilts. I enjoy using the machine and stitching raw edge method.

  12. I enjoy making quilts! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  13. My favourite sewing project are cribquilts and wall hangings.

  14. Jennifer W says:

    I have no idea….I had fun making travel jewelry holders, a wedding dress….and quilts…I like almost everything that I make.

  15. I have a “Cutting Line” by Louise perfect shirt that I have made at least 4 times for myself !!!!. Great pattern

  16. Debbie Brewster says:

    My favorite sewing projects are table runners with free motion quilting.

  17. I love to sew bags.

  18. I always love making cute pillows and clutch bags.

  19. Maggie Sheer says:

    I love table runners.

  20. i alternate between small gifty projects (bags, table runners, book covers etc) and quilts either baby or lap quilt size.

  21. my favorite sewing project would be the one I am working on currently – it changes all the time. I love to experiment with different methods, fabrics, and patterns. I am drawn to just about anything that uses the hex n more rulers.

  22. My favorite sewing project is making quilts.

  23. Pillowcases, because they are so easy!

  24. Susan Shaw says:

    I love to sew bed sized quilts.

  25. I am enjoying making mini panels. I have 3 so far and aim to make one to represent each month of the year

  26. Leslie Marling says:

    Pieced items: quilts, baby quilts , table runners.

  27. making tote bags or quilts

  28. Carla Hundley says:

    I love making
    zippered bags
    and tote bags.
    Carla from Utah

  29. Andrea Larsen says:

    Seasonal tablerunmers and wool table toppers

  30. Anything Quick!

  31. My favorite are the small projects. It is so hard to finish the big ones 😅 Thanks for the chance.

  32. Lynnelle Hite says:

    I love sewing sweet ruffled outfits for my adorable granddaughters.

  33. I love sewing clothes for my daughter…especially Oliver + S patterns

  34. I love to sew tops/shirts for myself – I find a pattern that I really like & make 2 or 3 different variations! Thank you for another wonderful giveaway, Susan

  35. Small quilting projects and bags.

  36. Esther A Robison says:

    I love to make gowns when I was young , now quilting . I just finished a log cabin for my DH .

  37. Stephanie Stavert says:

    I love to make rag dolls – they’re all so different.

  38. I love sewing lap quilts and outfits!

  39. Gina Stout says:

    My favorite sewing project are baby quilts.

  40. Cindy Zink says:

    Anything as long as its not clothing.

  41. Quilts and bags.

  42. My favorite sewing projects are dresses and skirts.

  43. Victoria Hensley says:

    I am a purse fanatic, but I love to garment sew, too.

  44. Sarah Moore says:

    I’m new to sewing so I only know how to make reusable paper towels. haha

  45. Angela J Short says:

    My favorite sewing project is quilts! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  46. Bags! I love them so much I found a job making them.

  47. Cheryl Beck says:

    My favorite projects are baby quilts or piecing quilt tops. I am still learning how to quilt though I have been sewing since I was 8 years old. It is good therapy.

  48. Lori Smanski says:

    I love making baby quilts and table runners and pillows

  49. Karen Miller says:

    I love making teddy bear rag quilts!

  50. I like making embroidered pillowcases.

  51. Tonya Flores says:

    I like making LuLaRoe knock-off Carly dresses. For me and my girls! Shhhh…don’t tell!!! 😉

  52. Susan R Jones says:

    Stuffies, stuffed animal toys

  53. Jean Bonjour says:

    Holiday/decorative small quilts

  54. I enjoy making pillows & wristlets..

  55. I love any kind of handwork! Love hand sewing a quilt that has some embroidery included as well.

    Super giveaway!

    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. My favorite sewing project is usually the one I am currently working on. I love working on things that I think someone else is going to enjoy!

  57. Debra White says:

    Quilts for my family.

  58. Bags, quilts, and table runners, as well as pouches and other small projects

  59. Christina Miller says:

    My favorite thing to sew is wallets! But mini quilts are a close second!

  60. Nancy Baker says:

    It’s like trying to pick a favorite pie…it’s the one in front of me at the time! I truly love doing all kinds of things from little pincushions to wedding dresses and large quilts. Well, maybe not the wedding dresses. ;-

  61. Jayne Dough says:

    I’m currently in a sewing dresses for my daughter kick. But have lots of mini quilts to finish and bags on my to-do-wish-list.

  62. Favorite sewing project… anything with straight lines. 😀 I really enjoy quilting and making quick little projects for friends (little bags, pincushions, etc.)

  63. Maurine Monson says:

    Quilts, its what I do to unwind

  64. Jan Sutter says:

    What fun! Thanks for having a giveaway.

  65. Margaret Wellstead says:

    Patchwork mostly scrappy quilts, bags etc

  66. I love sewing purses and wallets, and also quilts of course! Thanks!

  67. I love bag and pouch patterns

  68. right now it’s sewing bags and pouches

  69. corina c. says:

    I love to make bags and lap quilts.

  70. My favorite sewing projects are making clothes for little girls.

  71. My two favorite quilts have been all EPP out of Kaffe fabrics, but I’m on a Tula Pink jag now. So many choices!

  72. Depends on what I need or want at the time.

  73. Simone Thompson says:

    Probably either tote bags or table toppers.

  74. I love making my dish drying mats. They are great gifts.

  75. Linda Sanders says:

    I love to make scrappy projects

  76. Kellie Campbell says:

    My favorite type of sewing is doing blocks for quilts. I also like to sew my own clothes

  77. Dana Charlton says:

    I love to make stuffed animals and clothes for my dog. Lol. And I just have to add that if I were to win any of these, I think this one would be the most helpful.

  78. Judy Sanders says:

    I make purses.

  79. Linda Kernodle says:

    I really like to do raw edge quilting with free-Motion quilting.

  80. My favorite sewing project is making clothes and doing machine embroidery for my grandchildren.

  81. My favorite sewing project was a baby blanket.

  82. NancyB from Many La says:

    Something fast!

  83. Lorraine Warner says:

    I love to sew PJ pants for my kids and grands every Christmas.

  84. I love to embroider on fleece and make it into a baby blanket!

  85. I like quilting best.

  86. Candias Chalker says:

    Bags, bags and more bags!

  87. Linda Menkes says:

    I️ enjoy piecing little projects.

  88. I am a beginner, so maxi skirts;)

  89. DeeDee Johnson says:

    my best sewing projects are awlays something I am making for my grandies..

  90. amy tanner says:

    i love throws or smaller. the smaller the better. i love them.

  91. Joan C Warlow says:

    I really like baby quilts! The fabrics they have now are so precious.

  92. Cindy Jones Bechinski says:

    I love sewing crafty items, especially at Christmas time.

  93. Helen Glover says:

    My favorite project is the one I just finished!! And, also the one I plan to make at some point. I love making quilts to give to family and friends for gifts. Hard to pick a fav one of those….all are favs! Thanks for the giveaway!

  94. I like to make clothes and gifts for my grandchildren.

  95. Angela Bowling says:

    I like to quilt and I also like to make dolls and stuffed animals.

  96. Hope Mitchner says:

    My favorite sewing projects are quilts but I’m willing to try all patterns

  97. Christine Rodriguez says:

    The baby quilt I made for my youngest.

  98. My very favorite thing to sew are dresses.

  99. Pouches and totes. Of course quilts too.

  100. I like to make pillowcases for the grandchildren.

  101. Aprons at this time

  102. My favorite sewing project right now is making clothes line baskets
    I just love them all around the house

  103. I used to make a lot of clothing, but now I mostly quilt.

  104. Sommerville says:

    I must say, my favourite sewing project thus far was making my daughter’s wedding dress! She had a very specific dress in mind…one that she had been dreaming about for ages! It was a top and skirt made to look like a dress. The top was a heavily beaded, halter top with a lace up back. The skirt was hand embroidered with flowers…LOTS of flowers! The main flowers were fantasy lily-like flowers in flame colours, the colours of her bridal bouquet. Making her veil though, was what really brought home to me that my baby girl was going to become a married woman…a very emotional realisation for me! The veil too, was very specific, and was edged with red satin ribbon….this was to match her 3 brides maids dresses…each different design, but same red satin. Those I made too.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process….which took many months to complete, and feel privileged to have been able to deliver my daughter’s dream wedding dress..

  105. Lena Hussey says:

    I enjoy making quilts, embroidered tea towels, pot holders and pillowcases. My favorite project right nowis making stockings for each member of the family.

  106. Cindy Shelley says:

    Favorite sewing project is piecing quilts.

  107. I’m still learning and experimenting by trying a lot of different things: quilts, toys, table runners, wall hangings, pouches, ornaments. I like things that don’t take a huge time commitment since I have very limited free time.

  108. LueAnna Bracha says:

    Handbags and softies!

  109. Bunny Wilson says:

    I love to quilt and am learning to sew clothes.

  110. Sue Nugent says:

    I enjoy making quilts and

  111. My favorite is whatever I just finished!

  112. I love making simple drawstring bags. They’re so useful for so many things.

  113. Jennifer Essad says:

    I enjoy making children’s clothes, frilly dresses especially

  114. I love making clothes.

  115. Lori Nagel says:

    I love making quilt blocks.

  116. Sandie Cornish says:

    Kids clothing, soft toys and quilts!

  117. I am working on rag dolls and they are turning out so cute!

  118. Quilts and adult costumes.

  119. Jean Palionis says:

    I really enjoy making rag dolls. I made my first Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls for my little girls and as they got older I still made rag dolls that thry kept on their beds even after getting married.

  120. My favorite thing to sew is a bag I think. But only bags is boring 😆so in the end I love almost everything.

  121. I love making baby quilts! xx

  122. I truly don’t have a favorite I just love seeing everything!

  123. I love piecing small quilted projects!

  124. I like home decor projects and simple clothing construction. I’d like to branch out into even more projects!

  125. Marilyn Garcia says:

    Love sewing with independent designers patterns, they are usually very edgy and I like to try new things.

  126. neena simmons says:

    I love to make lap quilts and kennel rugs

  127. lewisnancy54 says:

    My favorite sewing project is throw size quilts. I love decorating with them.

  128. I love quilting—especially piecing.

  129. I’m pure quilt maker all the way!

  130. Dawn Jones says:

    I love handbags.

  131. Linda Wright says:

    My favorite things to sew: things for my home, gifts for family and friends. I am doing Christmas gifts now.

  132. Sandra L Woerner says:

    Currently I am working on cushions for my daughters rocking chair, but I love to sew tops and pants.

  133. Andrea Letourneau says:

    I enjoy sewing dresses

  134. Love to make quilts

  135. I really enjoy making anything to help me in my sewing room or with sewing, sewing on the go bags, pincushions, thread catchers, sewing kits, and then, of course, quilt tops!

  136. Marti Meadows says:

    The quilt I am working on at the moment:)

  137. Although I spend more time behind my sewing machine, I really enjoy hand applique.

  138. Susan Jaisle says:

    I’m a quilter❤️

  139. I enjoy anything that I can complete in a few days … instead of a quilt that takes me forever.

  140. I love experimenting with bag patterns. It’s fun to compare paper patterns to online PDF patterns. My fav online pattern so far is by Craftsy instructor, Don Moran. I found a duffle bag pattern at his blog bagntell.Wordpress.

  141. My favourite sewing project is something for my boys, it is always made with live and seeing their faces light up, makes me sooohappy 😍

  142. Half apron

  143. Mary Morrison says:

    I sew a lot of purses and totes but I’ve become interested in clothing and quilts. I also love ways to use up my scraps.

  144. Kathy Davis says:

    My favorite sewing project is anything I make for my 5 year old granddaughter from making curtains and crib quilts to now making doll clothes, it just makes me happy.

  145. I have sew many things I like to make purses, Christmas stockings, mini quilts I guess my favorite is paper piecing can be frustrating but well worth it

  146. Aprons

  147. sewncreations says:

    I love sewing for my grandchildren

  148. Leslie Marling says:

    I really enjoy making baby quilts for gifts and I make table runners to sell.

  149. Tracy Painter says:

    I love making bags and pouches!

  150. Sharon Louise crawley says:

    Hi what fantastic giveaways, I love making bags & wallets, also love to upcycle old clothes. Merry Christmas xx

  151. My favorite sewing project is always the next project! I get so excited about starting a new project and when start it, I will see another project that I want to create! But I am disciplined enough to finish the one I started. I don’t like too many WIP’s on my to do list.

  152. Laura Brown says:

    I love quilts and dresses for my girls!

  153. My favorite sewing projects are quilts

  154. My favorite things to do are Free Standing Lace, Rag Quilts and things for the great-grandchildren.

  155. My current favorite is making burp cloths for all the new babies!

  156. Barbara Takemoto says:

    I like to do quick sewing projects. I like the sense of accomplishment they give me

  157. I like sewing smaller projects, like mug rugs!

  158. I like to make purses and clothes.

  159. PJ Pants and Pillowcases (personalized)

  160. Linda Colwell says:

    I’m currently enjoying making zipper pouches, eyeglass cases and baby or throw size quilts.

  161. Sharon Crawley says:

    I love all of my projects so far, but my favourite was an upcycled denim bag, I made it from an old pair of jeans & my sons shirt that he had grown out if. Love the end result and really chuffed that I managed to make the pattern up myself.😀😀

  162. The quilt I made for my bed is my favorite 🙂

  163. Cherri Kincaid says:

    I love making Mini quilts!

  164. Linda Menkes says:

    I love sewing quilts!

  165. Lately I love making “Pillowcase” dresses and Pillowcases for charity.

  166. Currently I’m learning to make bags, so that’s my favorite at this moment 😉

  167. I love making leggings because they are so fast. Twenty minutes and I have a cute new pair.

  168. Vicki Formby says:

    Piecing quilts.

  169. My current favorite project is making pouches and tote bags

  170. I love making bags and small accessories, especially for pets.

  171. My favorite sewing project was a sleeveless summer dress with pin tucks on the bodice.

  172. Quilts quilts and more quilts

  173. Throw sized quilts

  174. quilting, quilting is my passion. Be it a wall hanging or a queen sized quilt and everything in between.

  175. Donna Stellway says:

    My passion right now is making quilts. It was making purses, bags and wallets.

  176. Bags

  177. My current Christmas presents that I’m making for my quilting group

  178. Wendy A Engelmann says:

    My favorite sewing project is sewing for a local charity. We cloth over 5,000 children each year.

  179. Right now I’m sewing bags, bags and more bags. Making quilt tops is my go to.

  180. Laura Major says:

    I like making toys and stuffies!

  181. Jeannie Zimmerman says:

    My favorite quilting projects are baby and lap quilts. Pillowcases are useful gifts I like to make. Now to try out new quilting blocks, I like to make placemat. Useful and pretty.

  182. Darlene Thompson says:

    I like making quick projects, bags, mug rugs, tea towels – only successfully completed 2 quilts.

  183. Quilting

  184. Tina Butler says:

    My favorite is always what I’m working on at the moment.

  185. Bags, using handwoven fabric

  186. I love making christmas jammies for the little kids in my family every year

  187. Jennifer Boone says:

    I love making quilts – hand or machine

  188. Sewing anything as I’m beginning to get my mojo back after having a career break from work. Sewing is what is helping most.

  189. Quilts and quilted items for gifts.

  190. I have made several oversized hobo bags that I was very proud of

  191. Dana Dovel says:

    Bags, zippered pouches, dog harnesses, etc.

  192. Barbara Selvage says:

    Sewing dresses for my Granddaughter

  193. LEANNE Lindsay says:

    Right now I am loving making blankets and quilts.


  195. I love making clothing and blankets the most, but I also enjoy patterns for smaller projects that you can whip up in a few hours. Great giveaway!

  196. Judy Prescott says:

    Making a quilt is my favorite kind of sewing.

  197. Carolyn Johnson I love making clothes for my Grandaughters.

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