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This post contains affiliate links to products that I own, use and love. Easy tips for using polar fleece in your sewing projects. This fabric is perfect for garment making and cozy blanket DIY.

Polar Fleece-


  1. type of knit fabric commonly used for making garments and blankets.
  2. the top layer of fabric has been brushed to raise the fibers and create a pile.


Tips for Sewing with Polar Fleece

  • Polar fleece has a right and wrong side. This can be worked in with the pattern adjustments. (When pulled gently along the cross grain, fleece will curl towards the wrong side.)
  • While polar fleece does not fray, a quick pass on the serger will give your finished project a professional outlook.
  • Polar fleece can be bulky so it is important to eliminate bulk wherever possible.
  • Consider using lining materials for facings, under collars and pockets.
  • Polar fleece can be hard on your machine so, I always suggest starting your project with a fresh needle. (Ballpoint & microtex work best.)
  • When finished with project clean your machine. dust and fibers will accumulate in the bobbin basket and inside your machine
  • Use a polyester thread to allow for movement and give on seams.
  • Remember: Overlock is your friend.

Polar Fleece Stats-

  • What to make: Great for cold weather projects like, hats, scarves and blankets. Also a good fit for comfy projects like slippers, pajamas, and stuffed animals.
  • Tools needed: A ballpoint/stretch needle will help separate the fibers without cutting a hole in the fabric while stitching. Polyester thread will give with the movement/stretch of the fabric and will prevent seam breakage.
  • Where to find: Your favorite local fabric shop or your favorite online store.

Click the below pictures to for polar fleece project ideas.

Easy to make fabric covered hangers. These are a great gift idea. The Sewing LoftFlower-Clips-1

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