Transitions Between Projects

TJ is here talking about those in between transition projects. The Sewing Loft

Hello Friends of First Fridays! It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to update you on my year-long journey with denim. Can you believe October has rolled around already?  As it gets dark earlier and earlier I can't help but think that it's nature's way of telling me to get sewing.  If this isn't the perfect time of year to start a project that requires some handwork in front of the TV at night, I … [Read more...]

TJ Celebrates National Sewing Month

marbled paper machine sewn

Hello everybody!  It's your old friend TJ here from Studio Mailbox tuning in for the first Friday post of September.  I have appreciated all the support and tips from TSL readers as I've undergone my work with my denim quilt project.  This month we're interrupting the regularly scheduled program to celebrate national sewing month! Sewing means different things to different people.  As a mixed … [Read more...]

Snippety Doo Dah

Sewing Large Quilt Pieces

Hello Lofty Sewers!  It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here bringing you an update on my quilt project this fine first Friday in August. Snip, snip, snip.  I am so proud to report that all the sewing is done.  Snip, snip.  And now all I have to do is go around - snip, snip - with these clippers - snip, snip - and cut these little lines - snip, snip - around more than 300 of these squares!  Argh.  … [Read more...]

Like Sewing Water

Minky, Soft and Cuddly fabric cutting

Hello Friends of First Fridays and a Happy 4th of July to my US peeps!  It's your old friend TJ from Studio Mailbox here to share with you where I'm at on my quilt project.  Can you believe it's July and officially more than half way through the year?  *Gulp* Last month I posted about the backside of the quilt and how I chose the softest cuddliest fabric imaginable to finish this baby off.  As … [Read more...]

The Backside Story

Sewing Cartoon

Hello friends of First Friday's!  It's your friend TJ here to fill you in on the what's been happening with my quilt project. Last month we left off with my layout decisions made and my rows neatly stacked like proud soldiers.  I strutted around completely and utterly proud of myself until one tiny nagging detail crept in: the backside. OMG this thing needs a backside. Susan had suggested … [Read more...]

Quilt Puzzle

This denim quilt puzzle needs a layout.

Hello friends of first Fridays!  It's your old pal TJ here to update you on my Quilt project. Last month we left off as I was trying to figure out which colors to use.  I need to start out by saying how much I appreciate all the advice, help and feedback.  You guys have offered up so many good tips that my head's been spinning.   The latest idea that I just can't shake came from Heidi who … [Read more...]

Quilt of Many Colors

Vintage Denim

Hello Friends of First Friday!  It's TJ from Studio Mailbox here to share with you where I'm at on my denim quilt project.  Thanks to everybody who piped up and took the time to comment on this project sew far.  *cymbal crash* Now that I'm finally working through my hoarded stash I have quickly realized a few key things: 1) Some of this stuff is O-L-D (can you say acid wash?) 2) Some of … [Read more...]

Start with a Clean Slate

Start with a clean slate. Studio Mailbox via The Sewing Loft

Hello faithful friends of First Fridays at The Sewing Loft! Last month I popped in to announce that I would be sharing the story of my denim quilt project.  And during this process something funny happened that made me realize I needed to come clean and be honest about the way any big project gets undertaken around here. It usually starts with a mass cleanup. It struck home when I took in … [Read more...]

Quilt in a Year

Quilt in a Year | The Sewing Loft

It's the first Friday of the month and I'm back as promised. Therefore I am here to proudly unveil what I will be bringing to you this year, and I'm going to type it out like a wedding vow so that you know just how serious I am about it. I, TJ. Do solemnly swear. To share the progress I make as I embark on this journey of sewing my very first quilt. Maybe this proclamation doesn't … [Read more...]