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Use trims and notions to add character to your sewing projects. The Sewing Loft

Notions –


  1. An umbrella term that refers to a variety of small articles used for sewing and haberdashery.  They can include items like buttons, snaps, thread, and ribbon, or sewing helps like pins, thread, and seam rippers. Notions are found grouped together in the same section of a retail store.

In sewing, notions are small items that can be grouped into two categories: embellishments or helps.

Embellishments are a great way to customize any project. Because of the amazing variety available in the marketplace, the sky is the limit when personalizing an item to make it your own. For example, when adding closures to a garment or bag, you can choose from notions like buttons and zippers. Or when looking for the perfect trim for your new quilt, a colorful binding can be the perfect notion to add just the right touch.

For finishing a project, small trims come in handy by making the process easier. For example, when starting a project you may need to use notions like rulers to measure fabric and scissors to cut out your fabric and patterns. During the project, you may need notions like seam rippers to correct errors or tailor’s chalk to mark your fabric. Finally, to finish a project you may need a notion like thread for topstitching.

In fabric and sewing shops you can usually find notions grouped together on one wall or in one area of the store.

Basic Stats-

  • Description: Because notions can include a variety of items with each item having multiple categories, they can be found in not only different shapes, colors and textures, but also in an expansive size range as well. ( eg. You can find buttons a small 1/4″ or as large as 4″ or larger.)
  • Make your own: While most are manufactured, there are some like ceramic buttons that can be made.
  • Where to use: Notions can be sewn on or attached to a finished item. Or for sewing helps, like seam rippers, they can be used in every phase of a project from beginning to end.
  • Where to buy: You can find a variety of notions to suit your needs at your local quilt and fabric stores or through a variety of outlets online.

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